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Who is Adam Sandler?


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Adam Sandler is a comedian and actor who began his career first as a stand-up comedian but rose to fame as a regular on Saturday Night Live. His most notable recuring rolls on SNL was his brilliant 'Oprah Man' and his lovable Cajun Man.

Leaving SNL for the big screen, Sandler has starred in many box office hits like Big Daddy, Billy Madison, Little Nicky and Click. Although comedy is Sandler's first love, he does not shy away from heavier roles such as the long suffering husband in Spanglish.

Sandler's appeal is his 'every man' attitude, and his endearing parts such as his remake of the Mr. Deeds character first played by Jimmy Stewart. After 20 plus years as an entertainer, Sandler has become one of the most beloved entertainers of our time.


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