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Who is Adanech Zekiros?

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Age: 26 (March 26, 1982)

Hometown: Tigray region

Residence: Addis Ababa

Affiliation: Adidas

Coach: Dr. Yilma Berta

Event: Marathon (2:27:38 PB, 2006) BackgroundAs a child, Zekiros started off as a sprinter and high jumper. She was so excited to run that in her first high school race, she didn't warm up or even change out of her dress. When she was about 15, she won a major inter-high school competition at 200 meters and 400 meters, but also soon won a regional 3000 and traveled to Addis Ababa for the championships. While there, she was selected to stay and train. In 2001 she joined the Prison Police Club, and has been competing for the national team ever since.

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