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Her name was Klara Hitler.

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Q: Who is Adolf Hitlers mom?
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What was adolf hitlers mom and dads last name?


Who was Adolf Hitlers mom and dad?

there names were alois and klara Hitler

What was the exact time Adolf Hitlers mom died?

time for you to get a watch

What was Hitlers mothers name?

Before Adolf's mom got married she was Klara Polzl. Then, when she got married to Adolf's Dad she became Klara Hitler.

What was Hitlers mom's name?

Hitlers mom was Klara Hitler (????-1905)

Adolf Hitlers full name?

His full name is Adolf Hitler.

What is Hitlers name?

Adolf Hitler

What was hitlers reall name?


What was adolf hitlers focus in his early life?

An education.

What were Adolf Hitlers consequences?

he committed suicide

Adolf Hitlers mother was what German?

She was Austrian.

What was Hitlers name?

His name is Adolf Hitler

What is Adolf Hitlers weight and height?


When was adolf hitlers rain?

From 1933 to 1945.

What was Adolf Hitlers favorite foods?


What was Hitlers christian name?

Adolf Hitler

What was adolf hitlers responsibilities?

To rule germany

What is adolf hitlers autographical?

Mein kampf

Adolf Hitlers Christian names?

His full name and Christian name is Adolf Hitler.

Was Adolf Hitlers regime was called the third Reich?

was Adolf Hitler regime called the third reich

What was adolf hitlers family background like?

Hitlers family background was dull and scary he was beat from his father. Hitlers father even beat his mother

What was adolf hitlers name?

You answered the question in your question, his name is Adolf Hitler, and btw he was evil

What is Adolf Hitlers sisters name?

Adolf Hitler had three sisters, Paula, Angela Hitler.

What colors were Adolf Hitler's Eyes?

adolf hitlers eyes were a dark shade of brown and green.......

What is adolf hitlers hair color?

Dark brown