Adolf Hitler

Who is Adolf Hitlers mom?


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Her name was Klara Hitler.

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there names were alois and klara Hitler

Teppichfresser or Carpet-ChewerAnswerhitlers nickname was Geffory

His full name is Adolf Hitler.

His name is Adolf Hitler

His full name and Christian name is Adolf Hitler.

i think he was a tauraus

Hitlers mom was Klara Hitler (????-1905)

Hitlers mom was Klara Hitler (????-1905)

You answered the question in your question, his name is Adolf Hitler, and btw he was evil

adolf hitlers eyes were a dark shade of brown and green.......

Adolf Hitler had three sisters, Paula, Angela Hitler.

Hitlers family background was dull and scary he was beat from his father. Hitlers father even beat his mother

from hitlers legacy my family's men have always joined the army since WW2

Hitlers whole name is Adolf Hitler He had no middle name did not deserve a middle name.

He was the German leader or Fuhrer.

His full name was Adolf Hitler.

His real name is Adolf Hitler.

His name was Alois Hitler.

i think it was an actress i read somewhere that he invited her to germany and she said if the war hadnt started she would have gone and brought a gun in her purse and killed him

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