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Aimee Allen is a singer and song-writer from LA. She sings for the band the Interrupters. She has recorded songs for many film soundtracks, including Birds of Prey, Two for the Money, Hairspray, Pretty Ugly People, Prom Night, Step Up 2: The Streets, Sorority Row, Lucky, and 22 Jump Street.

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When was Andy Williams Sings Steve Allen created?

Andy Williams Sings Steve Allen was created in 1956.

What 80's hairspray band sings drfeelgood?

Motley Crue

Who sings the fear?

Lily Allen

Who sings LDN the song?

Lily Allen sings the song "LDN". Regards, Ryan S. :)

Who sings the mountains of Mourne?

Foster and Allen, Irishmen.

Who sings Lucy in the sky with diamonds?

The beatles and elton john and aimee mannIt is a Beetles song, from the movie Yellow Submarine.

Who sings the song in episode 6 of Devil May Cry?

Future in my hands - Aimee B and it is not that hard to just youtube the devil may cry episode song to find out the name and who sings it.

Who sings the song on the Coco Chanel website?

not fair lily Allen

What are some songs called that lily Allen sings?

"The Fear" is the best!

Who sings song in Target Christmas 2010 commercial?

Bishop Allen.

Who sings the Stanley Cup song Back to the Start?

Lily Allen.

Who sings the national anthem before the Buffalo Sabres games?

Doug Allen

Who originally sings You Never Even Called Me by My Name?

David Allen Coe

Which oak ridge boy sings lead on I'll be true to you?

Duane Allen

What songs does John Travolta sing in hairspray?

He sings in Welcome To The 60s, the one with Christopher Walken, and You Can't Stop the Beat (last song)

Who sings the song in the chocolate axe commercial?

Sweet Touch of Love by Allen Toussaint

Who sings sweet touch of love?

Artist: Allen Toussaint Album: From a Whisper to a Scream

Who sings Making love with the preacher?

Vick Allen- Forbidden love affair! Enjoy!

Who sings the song the idols first sing on the finally of American idol?

kriss Allen

Who sings 5 oclock with T-Pain?

lily allen and wiz kalifa

Who sings the song Songs about rain.?

Gary Allen Milli vanilli Oran Juice Jones

Who else sings heartless?

Kanye West's "Heartless" has been covered by The Fray and Kris Allen.

Who sings the song no boundaries?

Kris Allen From: Girl U don't kno7w (the 7 is silent;)

Who sings no boundaries adam lambert or Kris allen?

Both. They have their own versions that they had to do for American Idol.

Who sings country song with the chorus lyrics today?

The country song "Today" is sang by Gary Allen

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