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Who is Akiva Goldsman's talent agency and agent?

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What talent agency does Jim Caviezel belong to?

His agent is Pamela Cole with United Talent Agency.

Who is Selena Gomez's talent agent?

Selena Gomez's talent agent, or agency, is Creative Artists Agency and Jamie Freed of Nine Yards Entertainment.

What talent agency did Josh Hutcherson go to?

Lynn Heyman is his talent agent

Demi Lovato's talent agent?

Demi Lovato is represented by the Kim Dawson Talent Agency

Is adcast talent agency a licensed agency?

yes a licensed casting agency and agent for tv and print projects

Who is Zendaya Coleman's agent?

Mitchell Gossett is her agent...also she is signed to united talent agency

How do you get an agent from united talent agency?

i can tell you now you can't get a agent you have to impress them so you will get one.

Who is Bailee Madison's agent?

her agency is: coast to coast talent group

How much does it cost to get a talent agent?

You won't have to pay anything to get into a talent agency you will have to pay 10% of what your payed when they get you a job. If they want you to pay them just to get into their agency you are getting ripped of and should not do it because that means that the place your in Isn't really a talent agency

Would the stage coach agency provide you with an talent agent?

The Stage Coach Agency helps assist people in finding a talent agency but they cannot guarantee or provide you with a talent agency right away. They act more as the middleman to help you get connected to the right people and give you the right exposure.

Who is Demi Lovato's agent?

The Talent Agency she works with is KD Studios. (KD, standing for Kim Dawson)

What acting school does CESD talent agency work with If your agent works at Cesd pleaz answer ASAP Thanxx?

They don't really work with any school. Their just a talent agency that's really popular to DisneyChannel!

Who is William Moseley's agent?

APA talent agency is actor William Moseley's agent. William Moseley is most known for starring in The Chronicles of Narnia.

Who is Miley Cyrus' agent?

Agent: Mitchell Gassett. Worked for CESD (talent agency) but moved to UTA taking Miley and Billy Ray along.

How do you become an independent talent agent and work for yourself?

I would suggest you begin by learning the business from an all ready working agent and then start your own agency.

What does a talent agent lead to?

A talent agent serves are your direct link to national clients and well paying gigs. They will give you the exposure and get you auditions and castings with big time names and companies that you would not have access to otherwise. The talent agency helps you launch your career and build your demand.

How much money is it t get into Seattle Talent agency?

Based on searches online, there is no "Seattle Talent Agency." If you are asking about how much it costs to join any talent agency in Seattle, the short answer is that legitimate talent agencies are not allowed to charge any upfront fees. So it should be essentially free to sign with an agency. Later on you may need to pay for acting classes as well as any photoshoots you need to do, unless your agent allows you to do free test shoots with photographers.

Who is Johnny Depp's representative?

Depp's Talent Agent is Tracey Jacobs United Talent Agency 9560 Wilshire Blvd. Beverly Hills, CA 90212 310-273-6700

Who is Dakota Fanning's Agent?

Osbrink Talent Agency 4343 Lankershim Blvd. Suite 100 Universal City, CA 91602.

How do you get a agent?

have talent

Who is naya rivera's talent agent?

JLA Talent

How much money does it cost to hire a talent agent?

I'm a talent agent and I charge $50,000 a year

Where do you send a letter to a Movie director thanking him for an excellent movie?

ANSWER: His agent or google his home address. Worst case, you send it to the talent agency that represents him.

How much does a talent agent assistant make?

Depending on the size of the agency and where abouts in the country it can range from 15 - 27k with the average being around 20k.

Who is Elizabeth Gillies's agent?

Paradigm Talent Agency 360 North Crescent Dr. North Bldg. Beverly Hills, CA 90210. USA