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Who is Amelia Earhart that US government search for?

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Amelia Earhart was a world famous aviatrix of the 1920's and 30's. She created many flying records and long solo flights, and finally went missing in the Pacific Ocean in 1937 during an attempted round the world flight.

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There have been rumors that Amerlia Earhart was a spy for the US government to watch the Japanese.

Amelia Earhart was born in Kansas City, Kansas. She lived in that city for a while.

She inspired many women

Amelia went over most of US and to Hawaii and to Britain

Amelia lived all over the US at different times.

Amelia Earhart (1897-1937) was born in Kansas and lived in the US for practically all of her life. She did fly frequently to international locations in her aviation career.

In the middle in the pacific and the US navy searched for her.

She lived principally in Kansas, California and Massachusetts.

Amelia flew all over US and to Hawaii and finally almost all around the world.

Amelia used her red Lockheed Vega for this flight.

Amelia Earhart inspired us in many ways, she was an incredible person who died doing what she loved. One of the ways that she she impacted us is that these days apart from little children you will almost never hear you can't do it, you're a women/girl. That is because of people like Amelia Earhart who changed the world. She inspires us to follow our dreams no matter what challenges you face.

The last radio transmission from Amelia Earhart was at 8:45am on 3rd July 1937 at an abandoned island; the search was called off on 19th July when the US Navy pronounced her 'lost at sea'. ("Great Unsolved Mysteries" John Canning 1984 p.165, 168)

A magazine article with this very theme appeared in AIR CLASSICS in l987 under the title- a nice color cover of Amelia and the title: Spies for Roosevelt?

Amelia flew to so many places across US and the world it is impossible to list them all.

Amelia Earhart was either one of the greatest or THEgreatest female pilot ever known to the US and other countries.

She was a role model for women. 16th women to get her pilot's license.

Because she was famous and it would have seemed mean not to.

Amelia Earhart showed the world that women can fly too. She led the way to a new career that women can try if they desire. She showed us to follow our dreams and try harder if you fail. "Women, like men, should try to do the impossible. And when they fail, their failure should be a challenge to others." - Amelia Earhart

She was the first woman to fly solo from Hawaii to the US mainland.

Amelia Earhart's biggest contribution to the USA was when she was announced for being the first women to fly over the Bermuda triangle.

she taught women to not be afraid and do what they set their minds to like she was the first female pilot!:)

Amelia flew in many places in the US, across the Atlantic to Britain, from Hawaii to US mainland, and finally almost all the way around the world on her tragic, final flight.

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