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Q: Who is Ariana Grande voting for on Americas next top model?
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Was Ariana Grande on America's next top model?

yes she was :D

What is the model name in new amul flaavyo add?

Ariana Grande

Who is airana grande?

Ariana Grande is an actress, singer, song writer, and a role model to MANY people

Is Ariana Grande a model?

While she has done photo shoots, she is an actress and singer, but not a professional model.

How did Ariana Grande become a model?

she isnt a model but she does photoshoots fro victorious and fro herself

Are Ariana Grande's parents in Cuba?

No. They are not in Cuba. Her father is in Boca Raton, her mother is with Ariana supporting her and helping her though her successful life as a model, a singer, and an actress.

Is Ariana Grande a singer?

Yes, she is also a model and actress!She is a very good singer! I beleive that. If you don't you have problems!

How long has Ariana Grande and model Raven Handrich known each other?

a little over 6 years

Who is your celebrity role model and why?

Either Ariana Grande or Taylor Swift Because they're both really good songwriters and have beautiful voices and are very confident woman

What will Americas next top model win?

I want to know what does the Americas next top model win? I want to know what does the Americas next top model win? I want to know what does the Americas next top model win?

What is Ariana Grande's favorite tv show?

Her favourite TV shows are America's Next Top Model, Life Series, and of course, Victorious!!lol she mostly likes to watch gossip girl,america's next top model and family guy with frankie

Who won Americas next top model cycle 14?

it was Krista who on americas nest top model cycle 14

How do you make a model at home?


Why is Victoria Justice a role model?

Because Victoria Justice is nice, inspiring, sweet, and just as amazing as Ariana Grande:) She loves doing what Victoria does. Victoria REALLY shows YOLO! (You Only Live Once) Hope this helped! ~LiveitLoveitAK~

Who was the first Americas top model?

Adrianne Curry

How old do you have to be on Americas next top model?


Was rihanna Americas next top model?


What was banned in Americas next top model?


How can you make working model of electronic voting machine?


Who is the most successful model from Americas next top model?

Eva from cycle 3

Who is the youngest winner of Americas next top model?


When is the next Americas next top model?

Next Wednesday.

What day is America's next top model on?

in Americas its on wendsday

Who is the host of Americas next top model?

tyra banks

When did Americas next top model start?

May 2003.