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Carlos Bernier was a puertorrican baseball player. He was born in the south coast of the Island. He played for a few baseball teams in P.R. and also played in the minor leagues in the USA. He played outfield and was one of the fastest runners in P.R. His arm was fearfull, taking out players from far field. He retired at the end of the 60's. I found him in 1967 working for a steel mill in New Jersey, usa. A while after that, we met again in a social club in N.Y. He came back to his home town around the eighties and died of self inflicted asphyxiation. (it was recorded as a suicide, When I was 14 I was the batboy for the San Juan Senators, and he became one of my best friends on the team. I used his number 8 on my shirt as a batboy. When I went into the US ARMY, I played ball with his number 8 also. He is remembered as one of the BB glories of P.R.. Carlos was nicknamed "La Vieja" (the old lady) because of his years playing baseball. He played with Roberto Clemente and then managed by Clemente in the San Juan roster. Rest in peace my dear Carlos.