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Cartman's mother is called Liane Cartman. Note that while an early episode revealed that she was a hermaphrodite and Cartman's biological father, in a later episode this turned out to be false due to someone tampering with the paternity test.

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Q: Who is Cartman's mother?
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no his mother is his futher just like cartmans mom no his mother is his futher just like cartmans mom

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How did Eric cartmans father die?

Scott Tennormans mother and father (which is also Cartmans dad) decided to go to this ranch and save a horse on this ranchers farm as the farmer shoots on sight.. later Cartman would feed Scott his parents all because he wanted his money back. A satire on the movie Hannibal released around the same year.

What is the name of cartmans mom?


The name of cartmans pig in southpark?


What is Eric cartmans birthday?

July 1

Is it cartmans pig?

yes it is, its name is fluffy

What does Eric cartmans like?

Cheesy poofs ;)

Who is Eric cartmans mother?

Who is his mother? His real mother is Butters mom. She use to be a lesbian. Don't you notice that some how Butters and Eric always agree on each other. Or be partners. And stuff like that. That is the answer.

Who would win in a fight out of Mario and cartman?

mario. cartmans fat

Who is cartmans dad?

OK this might be a little crazy and since you did not watch episode 201 but it turns out Scott tenorman father was cartmans dad! which means Scott is his half brother! AND cartman killed his own father then grounded him into chili! how sad lol hope this helps! :)

Which episode of south park does kenny's soul get traped in cartmans body?

the episode is called ladder to heaven.

Is Joe rauh a loser?

Yes, and mason wants to be like Eric cartmans mom. And as for Alex... He can sucky dick

In southpark who is cartmans dad?

Have you seen the episode Scott Tennorman must die? well apparently Scotts dad Jack Tennormen is Cartmans dad. But Cartman fed him to Scott in a chilli that's why we don't see him. If you don't believe me, watch season 14 '201'

What happened to cartmans cat?

Nothing. He's still there. He just hasn't been a lot but hopefully there will be a "Major Boobage" comeback for him soon :)

How did having central authority rest with a single person benefit the King in medieval Africa?

It benefited when the king played sonic cd and ate cheetos and cartmans dog

What happens to cartman in the episode with Cesar Milan?

The school are fed up of cartmans behaviour so advises Cartmans mom to put cartman on a reality TV show to control Children behaviour. Cartman makes one nanny on Nanny 911 break down, and makes Super nanny go to a mental institution. As a last resort, Liane hires the dog whisperer to help discipline Cartman, and which to some extent, it works.

Who is Eric cartmans father?

In the first few seasons, it was thought to be Eric's mom, but then in 200, it was revealed that Eric's real father is Scott Tenorman's father, making Scott Tenorman his brother.

On south park cartman comes from a poverty stricken family?

False. Kenny does, cartmans the exact opposite , his whole families fat and he rips on Kenny for being poor allll the time.

Who is cartmans dad on south park?

Cartman's dad is his mom, she's a hermaphrodite. Later in the series it was Scott Tatermans dad who was Cartman's Dad. He killed his own Father. He made him into chili.

Why does cartman hate gingers?

he said that people who have red hair, freckles, and pale skin-are disgusting, inhuman, and inherently dumb, have no souls, are very short, and are unable to survive in sunlight Cartmans words not mine,

Where do i go for Free downloads of south parks cartmans songs?

You can also download from South Park Studios, they have a bunch of sound bites and songs on just have to look around :) Go under "Fans" then "Downloads" then "Sounds"

In which episode of south park does cartman tell kyle he loves him?

um... never.... why would cartman say he loves a filthy Jew (<<cartmans words not mine)? "Cartman finds love" season 16 episode 7

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