Who is Cece Financiers?

I am not sure who CeCe Fananciers is but that have been associated with the International WorldWide Lotto, a Scam operation that swindles mostly Americans out of their money. the scam is the following:

You receive a letter stating that you have won money from the International Worldwide lotto; but in order to receive your winnings you must forward a sum/fees to the lotto to receive your, money. IWL proivdes the victim with a bogus check and requests that they deposit it to aid in the payment of the fees and the victim can reimburse them. the victims is then encouraged to expedite the process and not tell anyone for security reasons. the victim, under pressure from IWL forwards IWl money to pay fees to receive their winnings; ultimately the check that IWL provided is no good, and unfortunatley the victim as already forwarded their money to IWL in Canada or some other foreign country where American Law enforcement can't touch them. CeCe Fananciers and Kenneth Campbell are mentioned as the contact person in this scamm!!!! be wise, Lottorys don't require you to forward any money to accept winnings and further more, if you did'NT play the lotto you don't win; none of the victims of this scam even played the IWF lotto (it dosnet exist) but greed compelled them to be separated from their funds.