Who is Charles Banting?

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there is no such person as Charles banting. you are probably getting confused by Fredrick banting and his assistant DR. Charles. its a common mistake. RETARD


i believe you are wrong, there IS a Charles Banting

in fact, he exists in this generation

if you don't believe me, go on facebook and search the name Charles Banting

i will prove you wrong!

if you are still in denial after searching for this person, YOU SIR are the retard!

i don't know the dude, but i heard he is a pretty cool guy

talk to the dude, because after seeing your answer, i talked to the guy.

how you ask??? well i know him from a friend who has been telling me stories about the dude, ive talked to him but not for a long time,

during our short conversation, i found that he IS a nice guy

if you don't have facebook, please make one for the sake of your research

or probably you have no friends...

Good Day to You Sir


lmfao wow


i am not lying

i can give you a link to the dudes facebook if you want


I KNOW this person. In fact, I'm talking to him on skype right now. Therefore Charles Banting does indeed exist.

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โˆ™ 2011-12-18 15:58:42
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Q: Who is Charles Banting?
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