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Charlie Brown is the main character in the comic strip, Peanuts.

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Q: Who is Charlie Brown?
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Who did the voice of Charlie Brown in A Charlie Brown Christmas?

In the 1965 film A Charlie Brown Christmas, Peter Robbins is the voice of Charlie Brown.

What do the adults say in charlie brown?

they say charlie brown because charlie brown a peanut

What is a Charlie Brown tree?

A Charlie Brown Tree is a small pathetic looking tree. Like the one Charlie Brown finds in A Charlie Brown Christmas.

What does Charlie Brown stand for?

It means charlie brown!

What breed of dog is Charlie Brown?

Charlie Brown is not a dog. Charlie Brown is the owner of Snoopy, who is supposed to be a beagle.

Which Charlie Brown cartoons was chad webber the voice of Charlie Brown on?

"Snoopy Come Home", "You're Not Elected, Charlie Brown", and "There's No Time for Love, Charlie Brown"

What are 5 episodes of charlie brown?

it's the great pumkin charlie brown 2. a charlie brown thanksgiving 3. a charlie bown christmas 4. happy new year charlie brown 5. charlie says goodby

Who directs the play A Charlie Brown Christmas?

charlie brown

Who is more famous Snoopy or Charlie Brown?

charlie brown

What is The First Charlie Brown Movie?

a charlie brown christmas, made in 1965, i think is the oldest film of charlie brown

Who is in love with Charlie Brown?

Peppermint Patty is in love with Charlie Brown.

Who was the voice of Charlie Brown in a Charlie Brown Christmas?

Peter Robbins

How do say charlie brown in Hawaiian?

Charlie Brown = Kale Palauna

What is pantafhobia?

pantafhobia is from charlie brown. Lucy asks charlie brown a kind of disease he has. charlie brown did not have pantafhobia because he was not afraid of cats.

What was the first Charlie Brown movie ever?

A Charlie Brown Christmas in 1965

What is the Charlie Brown movie when they go rafting?

Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown

In a Charlie Brown Christmas where did Charlie Brown say his Grandmother lived?

In A Condominium

Who was the voice of Charlie Brown in A Boy Name Charlie Brown?

Peter Robbins

What did Charlie Brown get when trick or treating in Its the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown?

A rock.

When was A Charlie Brown Christmas released?

A Charlie Brown Christmas was released in 1965.

What did Lucy call Charlie Brown?

Lucy called Charlie Brown a blockhead.

What are the names of the Charlie Brown movies?

There have been many Charlie Brown movies released. Some titles of these movies include "A Boy Named Charlie Brown", "Snoopy, Come Home", and "Race For Your Life, Charlie Brown".

Who is Charlie Brown and Snoopy?

Charlie Brown and Snoopy are two cartoon characters invented by Charles.M.Schulz.Snoopy is Charlie Browns pet dog and Charlie Brown is his owner.Charles M. Schulz .

Is charlie brown a cartoon for kids?

Yes, Charlie Brown was made in the 1950's for kids. yes charlie brown is perfect characther for the childrens... snoopy characther... ex:snoopy , charlie ,linus ...

Is A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving on Netflix?

Yes, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is on Netflix. See the Related Links below for the link to A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving on Netflix.