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Cheryl Cole (nee Tweedy) is a band member of The English pop group Girls aloud. The band was formed through a reality show in 2002 called "Popstars: The Rivals".

She was married to the Chelsea and England football player Ashley Cole but they are now divorced following revelations that he cheated on her with 7 other women.

She is a judge on The X Factor and has won twice with Alexandra Burke and Joe Mcelderry. (2008-2009)

Whilst Girls Aloud are on a break, she has had a very successful solo career in the UK as well as in Europe. Her singles include "Fight For This Love", "Parachute" and "Promise This". She has two best-selling albums entitled "3 Words" and "Messy Little Raindrops".

Cheryl is also the face of L'oreal.

In 2011 she revealed a shoe collection for