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Who is Ciara engaged to?

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Um.......the last I knew she was engaged to 50 cent!

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Was bow wow and ciara engaged?


Does lil Wayne and ciara go together?

No. Ciara is pregnant by Future & is actually engaged to him.

Who did ciara marry?

Singer Ciara is not married, but she is engaged to Future, who is a rapper. The couple have a child together, who was born in 2014.

Is Bow Wow and Ciara married?

No they aren' t, they are still engaged.

Are Ciara and Bow Wow engaged?

It is uncertain. There are different opinions: No * No Ciara and Bow Wow are not engaged according to * Bow wow and Ciara are not engaged it is just a friendship ring. He said it himself on the radio. * I don't think they are engaged because they just started going out and when the time comes if they want everyone to know their business then they will tell the media. * Rigt now, Bow Wow and Ciara can't be engaged because they broke up. Bow Wow was seen with another girl in Los Angelos. Yes * Ciara and Bow Wow are engaged. I read it on MTV.COM! They were interviewed. * He said all it takes is one girl to make him happy and he said Ciara might be the one. * Yes they're getting married, they look good together, I think they`ll make a good couple.

Are Bow Wow and Ciara married together?

Ciara and Bow WowCiara and Bow Wow do not appear to be appeared. Some opinions:No, you don't see a ring on Ciara's finger.N. Ciara & Bowwow are NOT MARRIED! They not even engaged it is just a friendship ring!There is a ring on Ciara's wedding finger. And no Ciara isn't a man.Some people say they are and some say they're not but the only ones that really know are Bow Wow and Ciara.Bow Wow and Ciara are not married, not engaged, or have any kids or about to have any. They realize that they can love each other but they don't have to show it.

Will Bow Wow stop making videos when he gets engaged to Ciara?

no because they lov music.

Does Ciara have a boyfriend?

She was rumored to be with 50 cent. It was never confirmed or denied. She was engaged to Future but they broke up.

Does Chris Brown like Jordan Sparks or Ciara Harris?

Chris Brown does not like Jordan Sparks or Ciara Harris. All three of these artists are in other long term relationships. Chris is with Karrueche Tran, Jordan is Jason Derulo, and Ciara is engaged to the rapper Future.

Do 50cent go out with cirra?

nope its fake ciara is going out with bow wow and are engaged....50cent is single but has 1 kid

What does the name Ciara come from?

Ciara comes from a singer and her name is Ciara.

Does Ciara have a girlfriend?

Ciara is straight.

How do you spell ciara in Spanish?


Is ciara 3months pregnant?

No ciara is not.

What name rhymes with ciara?

Kiara rhymes with Ciara. Also Tiara rhymes with Ciara.

Who did ciara fight?

did ciara fight rihanna

What ciara Twitter?

Is ciara alive?

Yes, Ciara is alive.

Is Ciara Haitian?

Ciara is American, yes.

What race is Ciara?

Ciara is African American

How tall is the singer Ciara?

Ciara is 5'9 .

What is ciara Facebook?

ciara bravo dah

Does ciara have kidz?

No, Ciara doesn't have children.

How do you ssay ciara in hawaiian?

Ciara = Kiala

What colors is ciara?

ciara is a brown color