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Who is Cody Rhodes girlfriend?

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Cody Does Not Have A Girlfriend, But He Does Like Someone!

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Does Cody Rhodes have a girlfriend?

Cody Rhodes Does Have A Girlfriend Called Abby Zamorano.

Cody Rhodes has a girl frend?

No Cody Rhodes has not got a girlfriend at the moment.

What is Cody Rhodes sexual orientation?

Cody Rhodes isn't gay he has a beautiful/ sweet girlfriend

Cody Rhodes girlfriend?

Cody Rhodes is an actor and professional wrestler from Georgia, US. He was born on June 30, 1985. Cody does not have a girlfriend but he is married to Brandi Reed.

Is Cody Rhodes girlfriend black?


What is the name of Cody Rhodes Girlfriend or his he single?

his girlfriend is allison moller

HHas Cody Rhodes got a girlfriend WWE?


Does Cody Rhodes really have a girlfriend?

No he's single.

Does WWE superstar cody rhodes have a girlfriend?

yes her names is Brandi Reed

Is Dusty Rhodes the father of Cody Rhodes?

Yes. Dusty Rhodes is the father of Cody Rhodes !:-)

See some pictures of Cody Rhodes girlfriend?

well Cody's ex girlfriend maybe Beth Phoenix Cody has never dated Beth! He has dated layla.

Who is Cody Rhodes gilfriend or is is single?

Cody Rhodes is single -don't listen to people on this site they're crazy hormonal teenage girls, they'll make you think that Cody's girlfriend is them.

Is Cody rhodes dusty rhodes son?

Yes, Cody Rhodes is the son of Dusty Rhodes.

Is Kim Rhodes son Cody Rhodes?

No. Cody "Rhodes" is the son of Dusty "Rhodes" Runnels and Michelle Rubio. his birth name is actually Cody Runnels.

Is kim Rhodes related to Cody Rhodes?

No Kim Rhodes is married and Cody Rhodes father Dusty Rhodes is married also to Jonna Rhodes

How much does Cody Rhodes way?

cody runnels cody rhodes real name but cody ways in at 98kg

Cody Rhodes engaged?

yes he is engaged with his 2010 girlfriend, but you guys think im wrong

Cody Rhodes has a girlfriend?

no & it's definitley NOT abby zamorano who is just an overzealous fan with no life

Will Cody Rhodes turn face?

Will Cody Rhodes turn face

Why is Cody Rhodes not coming to WWE?

he is already there. "Dashing" Cody Rhodes.

Is Cody Rhodes dating Layla?

No, Cody Rhodes is not dating Layla.

Is Cody Rhodes a christian?

Cody Rhodes religion is not known. Cody Rhodes is most known for wrestling in the WWE. His wrestling name was Stardust.

Is Cody Rhodes married?

Cody Rhodes is not married.

When was Cody Rhodes born?

Cody Rhodes was born on June 30, 1985.

What did rey mysterio do to Cody Rhodes?

Rey Mysterio did nothing to Cody Rhodes...