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Craig Patterson (Knoxville, TN) is a widely recognized integrator of Asset Control technologies like RFID and Anti-Theft devices that are commonly integrated into consumer packaged goods in a process called "Source Tagging". In related applications, Mr. Patterson was one of the earliest to introduce RFID into (not on) retail merchandise. This provides major retailers and consumer goods manufacturers alike the ability to "read & write" information into merchandise, enhancing the consumer's benefit, as well as improving retail productivity and profitability. He also specializes in Asset Control products like: Vision systems/CCTV, Access Control and patient/infant wandering equipment.

In 2001 Mr. Patterson was presented with the "Pioneering" award from Sensormatic Electronics for his work in RFID integration. He also applied the use of RFID as a way to track equipment and personnel in medical/hospital environments and entertainment/athletic venues. Remote monitoring of fuel levels in static tanks or mobil (fuel truck) tanks was initially proposed by Mr. Patterson as a labor and cost savings suggestion that proved to be more accurate than the status quo "stick in the tank" fuel level check.

Mr. Patterson also has a patent pending on a household convenience and safety device being introduced to mass retail.

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Q: Who is Craig Patterson of Knoxville TN?
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