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otherwise known as setanta, cu chulainn means "hound of culann" a title he got after slaying the great guard dog of the king of ulster. he then took on the duties himself. a great folk hero, credited with many feats of bravery and strength. died tragically fighting his friend ferdia. New Answer Actually he wasn't killed by Ferdia.CuChulainn killed Ferdia with his spear called the Gae Bolg (which means 'belly spear') during a two day battle at a river during the invasion of Ulster buy Queen Medb. CuChulainn was killed after the invasion when he was stapped with his own spear by Lugaid Mac ConRoi who was the son of the king of Muster, CuRoi, who was also killed by CuChulainn.

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Q: Who is Cuchulain?
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What has the author Cuchulain written?

Cuchulain. has written: 'Cuchulain'

Where is the statue of cuchulain?

The General Post Office in Dublin.

In the Tain why did cuchulain killed his son?

Cuchulain serves to act as Ireland's 'Hercules' or 'Achilles' he is a representation of the perfect warrior and one trait that was and still is very prominent among the Irish is a stubborn sensibility and a refusal to back down regardless (the Northern Irish problems are a precise example). The episode with Connla is created to signify Cuchulain's brutal stubborn nature. It is a common theme throughout Ultonian mythology that Cuchulain will never turn down a fight (except in the instance with Fergus' whereby master and pupil make an agreement).

How do you say bird in Irish?

Correct Answer: The Irish word for bird is éan. Cuchulain was a legendary Irish hero.

What was the name of the novel and TV film that featured Robert Lindsey as an RC priest and terrorist with the code name cuchulain?

"Confessional" from 1989!

Who is the hero of the Cattle raid of Cooley?

The hero is a young man named Cuchulain....although, you'll want to check my spelling, I'm sure I got it wrong. Anyway, he took up arms because of a prophecy given by a druid, who was an adviser to the King of Ulster. And so he took up arms, and began to fight. When the cattle raid began, the men of Ulster were besieged by an ancient curse, weakened to the point that they couldn't fight. However, Cuchulain, who wasn't born in Ulster, still could fight. His very presence kept the entire enemy army at bay.

What does cuchulain mean?

Cuchulainn is a hero of irish legend. There are several celtic ballads composed in his honor. An unbeatable warrior who went into a rage that transformed him during battle. Also, he is written about in depth in what is called the "Ulster Cycle" which is a collection of legends about The rule of King Ulster. These legends are said to have given birth to the Arthurian Legends from England later on.

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Is it pagan to worship a dead man on a cross?

Well that would really depend on who the dead man on the cross is. If it's Jesus, then it's probably not pagan(though some pagans incorporate Christianity into their religion.) I can't think of any pagan figures that would be on a cross, but there are many sacred figures who are bound, tortured and/or dead(such as Prometheus, who was bound to a stone, or Cu Cuchulain who tied himself upright to a stone when he died so he would be on his feet.)

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What actors and actresses appeared in Deeply - 2000?

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Chi also known as?

"Prana" in India, "Pneuma" among ancient Greek mystics, and the "Fiorscharch" among the Cymry Druids of Britain. Chi is not unique to China; ancient mystics all across the globe, spoke of an "invisible force." People forget that the Celts had an order of people known as the Druids; mystics, who spent the entire day engaged in meditation. Druidic orders exist only in the British isles now, and true Druids, I'm not talking New Age whack jobs here I am talking men who take the discipline seriously, are very rare. The most famous Druids in the western world are Merlin, and Taliesin, the latter being more well known in Britain. Between Merlin and Taliesin, the latter was more powerful; the reason Taliesin is a darling of the mystically minded British people, and for a long time the darling of the Catholic and later Anglican Church of Britain, is because Taliesin predicted the birth of Jesus. Nevertheless just letting you know, "chi" is not exclusive to the Chinese; that life energy, according to Celtic belief, is what made some Celtic warriors such as the Irish Cuchulain, so powerful. Additionally, the ancient Celts believed that gender did not matter PRECISELY because of this life energy. Even a woman was dangerous in battle, if she was afflicted by the "fiorscharch." The Romans engaged in a campaign of extermination, the Germanic peoples too actually, when Rome fell, because both those people were terrified of the Celts; not "scared," TERRIFIED.

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What does Excalibur symbolizes?

Arthur's sword, symbol of divine kingship, is as much a character in the legend as any human or supernatural being. Excalibur is a symbol of the responsibility of power. In Tennyson's Idylls of the King, one side of Arthur's sword is engraved " in the oldest tongue of all this world,/ 'Take me, but turn the blade and ye shall see,/And written in the speech ye speak yourself,/'Cast me away!'" Tennyson describes Arthur's face as sad as he receives the sword, though Merlin counsels, "'Take thou and strike! the time to cast away/Is yet far-off.'" From the very words etched on the sword, we immediately see the cyclical nature of kingship. "Take me" becomes a call-to-arms for Arthur. By grasping the sword, Arthur accepts responsibility that leadership entails, his sadness an acknowledgement that his power will inevitably wane. According to legend, Arthur also possessed a lance, Ron, and a shield, Pridwen, on the back of which was painted a portrait of the Virgin Mary. The origins of the sword date back to Celtic mythology, but are found in British, Welsh, and Irish epics. The Welsh name for the sword was Caledvwlch. Irish stories call it Caladbolg, the fairy sword of the hero Cuchulain. In various British Arthur stories, Excalibur is often referred to as "Caliburn." Loomis comments the "ex-" or "es-" prefix that was later added was a "peculiar tendency" of the time period (424). There are two explanations of the way in which Arthur acquires Excalibur. Contemporary story-tellers are fond of "the sword in the stone" narrative in which young Arthur pulls the magical sword from a rock and anvil bearing this inscription: "Whoso pulleth out this sword of this stone and anvil is likewise King of all England." This is, for example, the main dramatic action in Disney's Sword in the Stone. Arthur's ability to pull the sword from the stone proves his worthiness as King. A second version describes Arthur and Merlin riding to a lake. Here they "see an arm clothed in white samite, rising from the water and holding a sword. Presently a damsel rides rapidly toward them, and at Merlin's bidding dismounts and walks with dry feet over the water. She takes the sword, the arm vanishes,and the damsel brings the coveted weapon back to Arthur. " Here we see the commingling of Christian and pagan motifs, the Christ-like walking on water with the fairy quality of Excalibur and the mythic making of a King. This version of the story is spoofed in Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975) when the peasant Dennis, working on a Marxist commune, meets King Arthur. His companion, a warty old woman, asks Arthur how he came to be king, and Arthur, looking skyward, says he received kingship through the supernatural sanction of "the Lady of the Lake, her arm clad in shining samite" who lifted Excalibur "aloft from the bosom of the lake" to bestow it upon him, this description setting up Dennis's rejoinder: "Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government. You can't expect to wield supreme power just because some watery tart threw a sword at you!"

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What are the names of some pagan gods and goddesses?

I suggest going to the website and browsing their book of shadows. They have an extensive listing of deities from around the world and their associations. There are well over a thousand different deities to choose from. To get you started though here are the Celtic Deities, as pulled from's free Book of Shadows:AbartaLocation: Ireland.Description: A God of the Tuatha De Danann. "Performer of feats."Rules Over: Understanding the destructive nature of jealousy, teamwork.AccasbelLocation: Ireland.Description: A Partholan who is credited with making the first tavern (pub) in Ireland. Most likely was an early God of wine or meade.Rules Over: Mabon vine harvest, Beltane's blessing of the meade.AchtlandDescription: Goddess queen who no mortal man could sexually satisfy, so she took a giant from the faery realm as her mate.Rules Over: Sex magick.AddancOther Names: Affanc.Location: Wales.Description: Primordial Giant/God who created and rode the crest of the flood near his home on the Lake of Waves. Was once a deity worshipped by the people of the lake region but who is now reduced to faery or evil demi-god. In modern times the word Addanc is used to describe any evil fresh water-dwelling faery of Wales.Rules Over: Erasing an event/person/etc from your mind, erasing unwanted thoughts so you can have a fresh start.AdsullataLocation: Britain.Description: Goddess of hot springs who came to Brittany from Celtic Gaul. A minor sun Goddess in her own right before the time when the Celts relegated the majority of their sun images to male deities and their moon images to female ones.Rules Over: Purification, solar magick.AertenOther Names: Aerfen, Aeron.Location: Wales, Cornish.Description: Goddess of Fate who presided over the outcome of war between several Celtic clans. She had a shrine at Glyndyfrdwy on the banks of the River Dee, where legend has it that three human sacrifices had to be made every three years to ensure success in future battles. Her symbol was the double-bladed axe.Rules Over: Peace, overcoming enemies.AesunLocation: Ireland.Description: Early Irish God whose name means "to be." Most likely part of a lost creation myth. Aesun was also known by the Persians and Umbria and Scandinavia.AevalOther Names: Aebhel.Location: Ireland.Description: Goddess who in popular legend is a faery, who held a midnight court to hear the debate on whether the men of her province were keeping their women sexually satisfied or not. She commanded that the men bow to the women's sexual wishes.Rules Over: Lust, sex magick, wisdom in making judgments.AgronaLocation: Wales.Description: Slaughter goddess often equated with the Morrigu.Rules Over: War, slaughter.AibellLocation: Ireland.Description: Goddess of Munster whose legends were almost lost until she was 'demoted' to a faery queen. She had in her possession a magickal harp which did her bidding, but which human ears could not hear or else the eavesdropper would soon die. She was associated with stones and leaves.Rules Over: Protection, music, earth magick, ecological magick.AibheaogLocation: Ireland.Description: Fire goddess who had a magick well that contained mighty healing powers, especially effective against toothache so long as the petitioner left a small white stone at the well to represent the decayed tooth. She is associated with wells and the number 5.Rules Over: Healing, Midsummer well rituals.AifeOther Names: Aoife.Location: Ireland, Scotland.Description: Goddess and queen of the Isle of Shadow. She ran a school for warriors, but her school was less successful than her sister, Scathach's, school. Aife was not vulnerable to magick, and commanded a legion of fierce horsewomen. She stole an alphabet of knowledge from the deities to give to humankind. For that infraction, she was transformed into a crane by the elder deities. Supposedly, she was accidently killed by hunters but yet others say she still haunts the countryside in this form today. She is associated with the three fold law and the crane.Rules Over: Protection, general knowledge, teaching, path working, lessons of the threefold law.AimendLocation: Ireland, Scotland.Description: Minor Sun Goddess who is thought to be the daughter of the king of the region known as Corco Loidhe.Aine of KnockaineLocation: Ireland.Description: Moon Goddess who was connected with the Summer Solstice.Rules Over: Crops and cattle.AirmidLocation: Ireland.Description: Goddess of medicine and all healing arts to the Tuatha De Danann. She was looked upon as a magician and herbalist of great reputation. She was also a craftswoman.Rules Over: Magick, healing, learning, herbalism, understanding family loyalty, inspiration to craftspeople.AlbionDescription: Son of a forgotten Sea God who may have been part of a lost creation myth. Was once said to rule the Celtic world. His name became the poetic name for Britain.AlisanosDescription: Gaulish God of stones about whom very little is known. Probably a deity of the standing stones of Brittany.Rules Over: Fertility.AlmhaLocation: Ireland.Description: Basically all her myths are lost to us today. What is known about her is that she was a Goddess of the Tuatha De Danann and that a hill in southern Ireland was named for her.AmbisagrusOther Names: Bussumarus.Location: Britain.Description: Originally from Gaul, where his Celtic identity was lost during the Roman takeover where he took all the characteristics of the Roman God Jupiter. Weather deity who controlled the rain, wind, hail and fog.Rules Over: Weather magick, leadership.AncastaDescription: A Goddess who survives only in her name through an inscription on a stone in Hampshire. It is a possibility she is related to Andraste.AndrasteLocation: Britain.Description: War Goddess who was evoked on the eve of the battle to bring favor, and possibly ritual sacrifices were given to her. Queen Boadicea of the Iceni offered sacrifices to Andraste in a sacred grove before fighting the Romans on her many campaigns against them.Rules Over: Overcoming enemies.Angus Mac OgOther Names: Angus of the Brugh, Oengus of the Bruig, Angus Mac Oc, Aengus MacOg.Location: Ireland.Description: One of the Tuatha De Dannan who had a golden harp that could create incredibly sweet music. He had a brugh (fairy palace) on the banks of the Boyne.Rules Over: Youth, love, music magick, protection of lovers, dream work, creativity and beauty.AnuOther Names: Anann, Dana, Catana.Location: Ireland.Description: Mother Earth, Great Goddess. The fertility Goddess. Her priestesses comforted and taught the dying. Fires were lit for her on Midsummer. Guardian of cattle and health.Rules Over: Fertility, prosperity, comfort, health, cattle.ArawnOther Names: Arawyn, Arrawn, Arawen.Location: Wales.Description: King of Hell, God of Annwn. Ruled the underground kingdom of the dead.Rules Over: Revenge, terror, war, spirit contact, picking magickal names, strengthening friendships, reincarnation.Ard GreimmeLocation: Ireland, Scotland.Description: Father of the famed warrioress sister Aife and Scathach. Once a Sun God.Rules Over: Fire magick.ArdwinnaOther Names: Dea Arduinna.Location: Britain.Description: Woodland and animal Goddess who haunted the forests of Ardennes riding a wild boar. She commanded a fine for any animal killed on her land, yet asked for animal sacrifices on her feast day.Rules over: Animals, familiars, woodlands.AriadneDescription: The only Greek Goddess known to have been worshipped in Celtic Gaul. Her name is derived from the word arachnid. Ariadne spun the universe from the primordial darkness like a spider spins her web, a theme with echoes in the creation myths of many other cultures. She is thought to be very 'unceltic' and to have been brought with the Celts on their long journey across the European continent. She is associated with spider web, sulphur, thread, yarn.Rules Over: Protection, magick, manifestation, time.ArianrhodLocation: Wales.Description: Keeper of the circling Silver Wheel of Stars, a symbol of time and karma. Mother aspect of the Triple Goddess. Honored at the Full Moon.Rules Over: Beauty, fertility, reincarnation.ArnamentiaDescription: Goddess of spring waters who was once a minor solar deity.Rules Over: Healing and purification.ArtaiusDescription: God of sheep and cattle herders from Celtic Gaul. Later, the Romans identified him with Mercury.Rules Over: Sheep, cattle.King ArthurLocation: Wales, Cornwall.Description: Most likely based on a seventh-century king named Artorius who led the fight to drive the Saxons from Britain, and later his legend was merged with that of a now-forgotten father/sacrificial God. Because of the strength of his legends, some consider him a God (even if only archetypically), father figure, warrior, leader, sacrificial king, protector and defender of justice and mercy. Son of King Uther Pendragon and Igraine, the Duchess of Cornwall. Taught and protected by the magician/Druid Merlin, married Guinevere, and was mortally wounded in battle by his son Modred (Morgan LeFay's child). Arthur's body was carried to Avalon to sleep and await the time when he is needed. He is a sacrificial God/king in the purest sense. The oldest legends surrounding him are found in The Black Book of Caermarthen.Rules Over: Nearly anything is said to be able to be helped by King Arthur.ArtioDescription: Bear Goddess whose shrine once stood in what is now Berne, Switzerland. She is usually depicted as being surrounded by full baskets and animals. Goddess of fertility and wildlife. She is associated with the bear, claws and teeth, geode stones.Rules Over: Fertility, animals, strength, courage.BadbOther Names: Badhbh, Badb Catha, Bellona, Cauth Bodva.Location: Ireland.Description: The cauldron of ever-producing life. War Goddess and wife of Net. Mother aspect of Triple Goddess. Associated with the cauldron, crows and ravens.Rules Over: Life, wisdom, inspiration, enlightenment.Baile of the Honeyed SpeechLocation: Ireland.Description: God of Blarney, the speech valued in Irish culture.Rules Over: Quick and clear thinking, speeches, ideas, impressing someone, mental activity, speaking, love magick, protection for lovers, blessing magickal wands.Ban-Chuideachaidh MoireLocation: Ireland.Description: Old Goddess who appears in modern Irish legends as the midwife who assisted the Christian Virgin Mary with her birth, and was also a title applied to St. Bridget (very obviously referring to the goddess Brigit). A once forgotten goddess of childbirth.Rules Over: Childbirth.BanbaLocation: Ireland.Description: Part of a triad with Fotia and Eriu. They used magick to repel invaders.Rules Over: Repulsion of invaders.BarinthusLocation: Wales.Description: Charioteer to the residents of the Otherworld who was most likely once a Sea or Sun God.BechoilLocation: Ireland.Description: Goddess whose legends have been lost. Perhaps an early version of Dana.BecumaLocation: Ireland.Description: Tuatha Goddess who ruled over magickal boats and had a weakness for sleeping with High Kings at Tara. At that time, kings ruled by permission of their consorts and thus the act of her sleeping with them gave these human men permission to rule over the divine Tuatha De Danann. Becuma was an outcast among her own people because of her behavior and eventually the Milesians took over Ireland, supplanting the Tuatha altogether. She was also banished to the human world for having a torrid romance with Gaiar, a son of Manann. She married Conn of the Hundred Battles. She was fiercely jealous of his pride in his son, Art, and sought to banish him from Conn's kingdom but her plans failed and she left. She now resides in the Otherworld.Rules Over: Overcoming jealousy.BelOther Names: Belenus, Belinos, Beli Mawr, Beli, Bile, Beltene.Location: Ireland.Description: Closely connected with the Druids. His name was seen in festivals of Beltane/Beltain. Cattles were also driven through the bonfires for purification and fertility.Rules Over: Science, healing, hot springs, fire, success, prosperity, purification, crops vegetation, fertility, cattle.BelisamaDescription: Goddess of the Mersey River.BerecyntiaDescription: An Earth Goddess, perhaps a Gaulish version of Brid.Rules Over: Elemental earth magick, fertility.BladudLocation: Wales.Description: Sun God who is associated with the sacred English hot spring known as Aquae Sulis. Depicted as a very virile male figure with flaming hair.Rules Over: Protection, employment, any endeavors governed by the Sun.BlaiLocation: Ireland.Description: A Faery Queen with a burgh of her own Drumberg. Represents a personal or mascot deity to Ossian.Rules Over: Faery contact.BlathnatLocation: Ireland.Description: Probably a form of the more popular Welsh Goddess, Blodeuwedd. She traveled the island with three cows tied to her cauldron and commanded that warriors perform feats of superhuman proportions for her amusement. Associated with Roses, cauldron and cow trinities.Rules Over: Abundance, fertility.BlodeuweddOther Names: Wlodwin, Blancheflor.Location: Wales.Description: Lily maid of Celtic initiation ceremonies. Known as the Ninefold Goddess of the Western Isles of Paradise. Created by Math and Gwydion as a wife for Lleu. The Maiden form of the Triple Goddess, her symbol was the owl.Rules Over: Flowers, wisdom, lunar mysteries, initiations.Bo DhuLocation: Ireland.Description: Black cow Goddess who helped bring fertility to barren Ireland.Rules Over: Fertility, anti-hunger, prosperity.Bo FindLocation: Ireland.Description: "White cow." this is how she manifested long, long ago on the barren and fruitless mass that would become green Ireland. She came from the Western Sea with her sisters, the Red Cow Goddess (Bo Ruadh), and the black cow Goddess (Bo Dhu). These colors are also those of the Celtic Triple Goddess, which they obviously represent. The black cow went to the south of Ireland and the red traveled to the north while Bo Find came to the center. When Bo Find came to the site which is thought to be near modern-day Tara, she gave birth to twin calves, a male and female who would feed her people forever and ever. Then she and her sisters returned to the sea. They are honored at Mabon.Rules Over: Fertility, anti-hunger, prosperity.Bo RuadhLocation: Ireland.Description: Red cow Goddess who helped bring fertility to barren Ireland.Rules Over: Fertility, anti-hunger, prosperity.BoannOther Names: Boannan, Boyne.Location: Ireland.Description: Goddess of the river Boyne.Rules Over: Healing, fertility, water magick.BoduaDescription: War Goddess much like the Irish Badb.Rules Over: War.BormanusDescription: Thought to be one of the earliest Celtic Gods. Nothing is known about him today though he may have later surfaced as Borvo, a Breton God of hot springs. His name appears in cameo in old manuscripts and carvings.BorvoLocation: Britain.Description: God of hot springs who replaced his mother, Sirona, in this function when her story was patriarchalized. The spring he ruled had great healing powers.Rules Over: Healing.Bran The BlessedOther Names: Benedigeidfran, Bran, Bran MacFebal.Location: Wales.Description: A giant associated with ravens.Rules Over: Prophecy, the arts, leaders, war, the sun, music, writing.BranwenOther Names: Branwyn.Location: Manx, Wales.Description: Venus of the Northern Seas, of the the three matriarchs of Britain. Lady of the Lake.Rules Over: Love, beauty.BreasalLocation: Wales, Cornwall.Description: High King of the entire planet who made his home in the Otherworld which is sometimes called Hy- or I-Breasal in his honor. Some believe Breasal and his mystical western island might not have been the legendary continent of Atlantis. His world is visible to humans on only one night every seven years. When Portuguese explorers reached South America they mistakenly thought they had landed on Breasal's world and named the land they discovered "Brazil" in his honor.Rules Over: Namespirit contact, guidance and protection for travelers and explorers.BregonLocation: Ireland.Description: Minor Celtic figure who plays a role as either the human son of Milesius or the divine father of Bile and Ith.BrenosDescription: War God to whom the victories at Allia and Delphi were attributed.BriantDescription: Goddess of the river which holds her name.Rules Over: Water magick.BrigantiaOther Names: Britannia.Location: Britain.Description: A Goddess of sovereignty and often thought of as the Brigit of England. In 1667 Charles I had her face placed on the coinage where it remains today, reviving an old custom, first instated by the Romans who adopted her as their own.Rules Over: Sovereignty, self-control, leadership, protection of your land, prosperity.BrigitOther Names: Brid, Brig, Brigid, Brighid, Brigindo.Location: Ireland, Wales, Spain, France.Description: Associated with Imbolc. She had an exclusive female priesthood at Kildare and an ever-burning fire. She had 19 priestesses representing the 19-year cycle of the Celtic "Great Year."Rules Over: Fire, fertility, the hearth, all feminine arts and crafts, martial arts, healing, physicians, agriculture, inspiration, learning, poetry, divination, prophecy, smith craft, animal husbandry, love, witchcraft, occult knowledge.BronachLocation: Ireland.Description: Crone Goddess linked to forgotten Samhain rituals. Reclaim this forgotten Samhain Goddess at your own seasonal rites.Caer IbormeithLocation: Ireland.Description: Usually thought of as a Goddess of sleep and dreams and a less violent version of Mare. She usually took the form of a swan who lived on a lake called Dragon's Mouth and she wore a golden chain with one hundred and thirty golden balls on a silver chain worn around her neck. Aengus MacOg fell in love with her in a dream and sought her when he awoke. When he found her he, too, became a swan and they flew to Bruigh na Boinne to Aengus' megalithic site north of Tara where they sang the most beautiful song which put all of Ireland into a peaceful slumber for three days and three nights. She is connected to the horse and the moon.Rules Over: Dreams, prophetic dreams, falling asleep, music magick.CaillechOther Names: Cailleach, Carlin, Mala Liath.Location: Ireland, Scotland, Manx.Description: Goddess in her Destroyer aspect.Rules Over: Disease, plague, cursing, wisdom, seasonal rites, weather magick.CaireenLocation: Ireland.Description: Once a protective Mother Goddess, a defender of you and patron of children. Associated with holly leaves.Rules Over: Children, protection.Cally BerryLocation: Ireland.Description: Often equated with the Caillech Bheur of Scotland although in northern Irish legends she appears as a maiden Goddess, representation of spring, the hunt and guardian of animals. It is thought that she might be a derivative of Artemis/Diana and that the crone images were later slapped onto her at a later date when the churchmen were attempting to purge her image. She sometimes took the form of a crane to fly about and predict storms. She is credited with being the creatrix of the Irish mountains, traditionally seen as the crone's earthly home.Rules Over: Weather forecasting, animal magick, ecological magick.CampestresDescription: Campestres is the Roman name of a lost Goddess of fields that was probably a fertility or harvest Goddess in Celtic Gaul.Rules Over: Fertility.CamulosDescription: War God from the region of Colchester which was once called by the Latin name Camulodunum in his honor.Rules Over: War.CanolaLocation: Ireland.Description: Believed to be one of the oldest of the Irish deities, Canola was the inventor of Ireland's long loved symbol, the harp. Lore has it that she fell asleep outdoors one day while listening to beautiful music and that upon waking she realized the music was being made by the wind beating upon the sinews of a gutted whale. She was then inspired to craft the instrument and recreate that wondrous sound.Rules Over: Music magick, dream work, inspiration.CaolainnLocation: Ireland.Description: Goddess who was the guardian/queen of a magickal well in County Roscommon in western Ireland. She helped grant wishes, usually ones which taught the wishers that they didn't really want what they thought they did. Her myth is the origin of the well known 'wishing well' which is an image taken from the birth canal of the great mother earth from which all existence is created. She is associated with wishing wells and falling stars.Rules Over: Wisdom, healing, fertility.CarmanLocation: Ireland.Description: Goddess of County Wexford and source name for Loch Garman, who was once honored at Lughnasadh. It is believed she has roots in the Greek grain Goddess, Demeter. Modern legend portrays her as a Goddess of black magick, one who can destroy anything by thrice chanting a spell. This is also the way that the Morrigu, particularly Badb, can destroy. However, this is not a manifestation of evil intent, but an end of the world prophecy common to many cultures.Rules Over: Banishing magick.CarneLocation: Britain, Cornwall.Description: Most likely another version of Herne. See Cernunnos.CarravogueOther Names: Garbhog, Gheareagain.Location: Ireland, Britain.Description: Local Crone Goddess from County Meath who was transformed into a huge snake for eating forbidden berries. Her original purpose is basically lost in modern times because her stories became so absorbed by Christian legends which attempt to make her a Celtic Eve. It is believed St. Patrick tampered with her legends, which show that St. Patrick killed her with holy water that melted her, but from which she will arise from again. One of the many legends St. Patrick tampered with was that she was originally a virgin Goddess of spring who banished each year the crone she would eventually become in order to further his own aims. She is associated with the number 9.Rules Over: Self-responsibility, reincarnation, earth magick.CathubodiaDescription: Occasionally seen as a a Breton version of the Irish earth Goddess Banbha, most likely with origins in Gaul. Thought to be a war Goddess who shares Badb's energies.Rules Over: War, earth magick.CebhfhionnLocation: Ireland.Description: Goddess of inspiration who was usually found next to the legendary Well of Knowledge from which she filled an endless vessel. She kept this sacred water from humans, feeling they could not handle its power. To merely taste of the waters meant to instantly possess great knowledge, wisdom and divine inspiration.Rules Over: healing, mental powers, knowledge.CernunnosOther Names: Cernowain, Cernenus, Herne The Hunter, Hu Gadarn, Belatucadros, Vitiris.Location: Known to all the Celtic areas in one form or another.Description: The Horned God, God of Nature, God of the Underworld. The Druids knew him as Hu Gadarn, the Horned God of Fertility. Usually depicted as sitting in a lotus position with horns/antlers on his head, a beard, naked except for a neck torque and sometimes holding a shield and spear. His symbols included the stag, ram, bull and horned serpent.Rules Over: Virility, fertility, animals, physical love, Nature, woodlands, reincarnation, crossroads, wealth, commerce, warriors, hunt, magick, sacrifice.CerridwenOther Names: Caridwen, Ceridwen.Location: Wales, Scotland.Description: Moon Goddess, Grain Goddess. Welsh Bards called themselves Cerddorion (sons of Cerridwen). The Bard, Taliesin, founder of their craft was said to be born of Cerridwen and to have tasted a potent from her magick cauldron of inspiration. In her magickal cauldron, she made a potion called greal (from which the word Grail most likely came from). The potion was made from six plants for inspiration and knowledge. Her symbol was a white sow.Rules Over: Death, fertility, regeneration, inspiration, magick, astrology, herbs, science, poetry, spells, knowledge, wisdom, past lives, divination.CessairLocation: Ireland.Description: Of the race known as the Partholans who were among the first to occupy Ireland, she is the first ruler of Ireland. Well known pre-Celtic Mother Goddess figure much like Dana. She led a journey of Partholans to the "western edge of the world" forty days before the great flood. Among her were her husband and one hundred and fifty mothers of the world. This legend shows how Pagans saw the Mother Goddess as a source of regeneration and life renewel. Cessair's "I was here first" image was so strong among Irish Pagans that when the Christians could not eliminate her; they made her the granddaughter of their flood savior, Noah. Because the native myths say Ireland was spared by the ravages of the great flood, Cessair perhaps was once seen as a water deity who had the power to save Ireland from the flood. She is associated with the rising sun and the cauldron.Rules Over: Strength, perseverance, leadership, foresight, water magick, new beginnings.CethlionOther Names: Cetnenn.Location: Ireland.Description: Goddess of the Formorians who was called "crooked teeth." She prophesied the fall of her people to the Tuatha De Danann.Rules Over: Prophecy, divination.Chlaus HaisticLocation: Ireland.Description: Ancient Goddess of unknown function who came down to earth as a powerful witch. Probably a crone Goddess.Rules Over: Magick, druids.CianLocation: Ireland.Description: God of medicine who went to retrieve a cow which had been stolen by Balor. Father of Lugh. Son of Diancecht. Husband of Ethne.Rules Over: Love magick.CliodnaOther Names: Cleena, Cliodhna, Cliodna of the Fair Hair.Location: Ireland, Scotland.Description: Tuatha De Danann Sea and Otherworld Goddess who usually took the form of a sea bird and therefore symbolized the Celtic afterlife. As a Goddess of the waves, she was believed to be embodied in every ninth wave that broke on the shore. This wave was believed to break higher and stronger than any other.Rules Over: Spirit contact, appreciation, beauty, water magick.ClotaOther Names: Clud, Cludoita, Clwyd.Location: Scotland, England, Wales.Description: Well-known Goddess and namesake of the River Clyde. The waters in which she governed were believed to be especially useful in controlling seizures.Rules Over: Water magick.CoinchendDescription: A semi-divine warrioress whose home was in the Otherworld.Rules Over: Spirit contact.CondatisDescription: God of confluence whose sacred places were wherever two rivers or bodies of water met.Rules Over: Water magick.CondwiramurLocation: Wales.Description: Goddess of sovereignty who appears shortly in the Grail legends as the wife of Sir Percival in which she is wedded and then bedded by Percival who then immediately sets off for the Grail castle to which he is finally admitted.Rules Over: Discovering your own feminine power, help in discovering the ancient grail mysteries, sovereignty.CorchenLocation: Ireland, Manx.Description: Ancient snake Goddess in which very little is known. She was probably once a regional mother earth Goddess, or Goddess of rebirth. Others conceive that her lost legends were once part of forgotten creation legends.Rules Over: Past lives, earth magick, reincarnation.CorraLocation: Scotland.Description: Prophecy Goddess who regularly appeared in the form of a crane. She symbolizes transcendent knowledge and transitions to the Otherworld.Rules Over: Divination, prophecy.CoventinaLocation: Scotland.Description: One of the most potent of the Celtic river Goddesses. Most likely Roman in origin. She was also the Goddess of featherless flying creatures which may have symbolized some type of blockage to passing into the Otherworld. There is evidence she was worshipped in Celtic Gaul where reliefs have been found showing her reclining on a floating leaf.Rules Over: Time, new beginnings, life cycles, wishes, protection of birds, divination, inspiration of self.CredOther Names: Creide.Location: Ireland, Scotland.Description: Faery Queen Goddess who is associated with Dana's mountains, the Paps of Anu. She vowed never to sleep until she found a man who could create for her the most majestic poem ever penned. It not only had to be perfectly crafted, but describe in vivid detail her home and all its contents. The catch 22 was that no man was allowed within her dwelling's guarded walls (possibly a reference to one of the Otherworld realms known as The Land of Women). Coll, a warrior of the Fianna, succeeded and Cred married him. She is associated with Yew, rose oil, the color pink.Rules Over: Love magick, searching for the perfect mate, keeping secrets, spirit contact.CredneLocation: Ireland.Description: God of metallurgy and smiting who worked in bronze. He created all the Tuatha's weapons with the goldsmith Goibniu and the woodworker Luchtain.Rules Over: Self-defense, inspiration of artistic endeavors, blessing tools.CreiddyladOther Names: Creudylad, Cordelia.Location: Wales.Description: Connected with Beltane and often called the May Queen. Goddess of summer flowers.Rules Over: Love, courage, strength of will and flowers.Crobh DeargOther Names: Crove Dairg.Location: Ireland.Description: "the red claw." War Goddess who is possibly a form of the crone Goddess of battle Badb. A Leinster fortress was named for her.Cromm CruaichLocation: Ireland.Description: Ancient deity about which little is known about today. Seen as a harvest, death and sacrificial God. It is thought human sacrifices were once made to him at Samhain. The Dinnshenchas tells that once at Meg Slecht, a standing stone of pure gold was erected to him with twelve stone idols surrounding him (13 is still the traditional number for members in a Celtic coven). King Tigernmas led the worship at this site.Rules Over: Harvest, dark festivals, death, passing over rituals, otherworld contact.The CroneDescription: Third aspect of the Triple Goddess. She signifies old age or death, winter, the end of all things, the waning moon, post-menstrual phases of women's lives, all destruction that comes before regeneration through her cauldron of rebirth. Crows and other black creatures are sacred animals to her. Dogs accompanied her usually and guarded the gates of her after-world, helping her to receive the dead. It was thought that true curses could be cast with a dog's help.CronosDescription: Minor harvest and Sun God with Greek roots who was imprisoned with his subordinate deities on a western island which could have been a Land of the Dead. He seems to have no connection to the Greek God of time who has the same name.CyhiraethLocation: Wales.Description: Goddess of streams who later became thought of as a faery spirit who was a portent of death, very similar to Ireland's Beansidhe or Cornwall's Washer at the Ford.Rules Over: Water magick, passing over (death), faery contact, inner-transformation.Cymidei CymeinfollLocation: Wales.Description: War Goddess who is always paired in stories with her husband, Llasar Llaesyfnewid. They own a magickal cauldron into which they would cast warriors killed in battle. From the cauldron these deceased soldiers would come forth to life again, but minus their power of speech. She is one half of the creative principle. As Wales' prime War Goddess she gave birth to its warriors, one every six weeks.Rules Over: Strength, war, past-lives, creative magick.Dahud-AhesOther Names: Dahut.Location: Britain.Description: Goddess of "debauchery" by her detractors, while some recent legends go so far as to make her the destroyer of her own realm through her excesses and her worship of "idols." By her followers, she is hailed as a Goddess of earthly pleasure. Fishermen of Britain claim to occasionally see her city beneath the French seas, and believe that she will indeed return someday.Rules Over: Pleasure, courage, water magick, sex magick, sea faery contact.The DagdaOther Names: Daghdha, Eochaidh Ollathair.Location: Ireland.Description: High King of the Tuatha De Danann. God of death and rebirth, master of all trades, lord of perfect knowledge. He had a cauldron called the Undry which gave unlimited food. He also had a living oak harp which caused the seasons to change in their order. He was usually pictured wearing a brown, low-necked tunic which just reached his hips and a hooded cape that barely covered his shoulders. On his feet he wore horse-hide boots. Behind him he pulls his massive 8-pronged warclub on a wheel.Rules Over: Protection, warriors, knowledge, magick, fire, prophecy, weather, reincarnation, the arts, initiation, patron of priests, the Sun, healing, regeneration, prosperity, plenty, music, harps, magicians, artisans, all knowledge.DamaraLocation: England.Description: Fertility Goddess associated with Beltane.Rules Over: Fertility.DamonaDescription: Cow Goddess which little is known about.Rules Over: Fertility, abundance.DanuOther Names: Danann, Dana.Location: Ireland.Description: Major Mother Goddess, ancestress of the Tuatha De Danann. She gave her name to the Tuatha De Dannan (People of the Goddess Danu).Rules Over: Wizards, rivers, water, wells, prosperity, abundance, magick, wisdom.DaronwyLocation: Wales.Description: In The Book of Taliesin, The "Song of Daronwy," relates adventures of this God who does not appear elsewhere in Celtic mythology. Many think Daronwy is actually Ossian.Deae MatresLocation: Britain.Description: "mother Goddesses." A triune of earth Goddesses given this singular Latin name on the continent. None of the legends about her survive though there are many inscriptions and sculptures which attest to the strength of her worship. It is believed her following was destroyed by the Romans when they took Gaul. The Trio is shown as robed figures bearing baskets of flowers, fruit, and grain, items which represent the bounty of three non-winter seasons.Rules Over: Harvest, fertility, prosperity.DechtereOther Names: Dechtire.Location: Ireland.Description: A triplicity unto herself, this Goddess throughout her myth say she alternately takes on the images of maiden, mother and crone. She is one of three women in myth who is credited with being the mother of Cuchulain, an honor usually only given to Taillte by Celtic Pagans. A stray mayfly, containing the "soul" of Lugh, fell into her wine glass. When she drank it she became impregnated with Cuchulain. However, she birthed Cuchulain by throwing him up and therefore always remains a "maiden." Described as a woman of "large proportions," a detail which reveals she had attributes of a mother, fertility and abundance Goddess. She could shape-shift herself and her followers into birds for swift travel and, predictably, they could fly to the Otherworld and back in this form. However, wherever they stopped to feed they nearly destroyed the land, and this links her to the darker side of the Goddess of abundance, that of the devourer.DevonaDescription: Goddess of the rivers of Devon.DiancechtOther Names: Dian Cecht.Location: Ireland.Description: Physician-magician of the Tuatha.Rules Over: Healing, medicine, regeneration, magick, silver-working.DilLocation: Ireland.Description: Very old cattle Goddess about whom nothing is known about today. She could possibly be a derivative of the nearly forgotten Damona of Gaul.Rules Over: Fertility.DispaterOther Names: Dis Pater.Description: Gaulish God, whose name means "the father," was a primordial God of creation who later merged with both Don and Cernunnos. The Gauls all believed they themselves to be descended from him.Rules Over: Fertility magick, magick.DomnuLocation: Ireland.Description: Goddess of the Formorians, who are sometimes referred to as the Fir Domnann (Men of Domnu) in her honor. The Formorian race was one of the occupiers in the five-fold Invasion cycle of Irish mythos. Her name means "the deep," making sense because the Formorians were banished by the Tuatha De Danann to become grotesque sea monsters off the Irish coast.Rules Over: Leadership, sea faery contact.DonOther Names: Donn, Dhonn.Location: Ireland, Wales.Description: Sometimes called a Goddess and sometimes called a God. Ruled over the land of the dead.Rules Over: Control of the elements, eloquence.DruantiaDescription: "Queen of the Druids." Fir Goddess.Rules Over: Fertility, passion, sexual activities, trees, protection, knowledge, creativity.Dubh LachaLocation: Ireland.Description: Early Irish Goddess of the sea which little is known about. Possibly another version of the Druidess Dubh.DunatisDescription: Gaulish Celtic God of fortifications. Protector of sacred spaces.Rules Over: Protection of sacred places and hiding places during rituals.DylanOther Names: Dyonas.Location: Wales, Britain.Description: Guardian deity of the mouth of the River Conway. Symbol was a silver fish, son of Gwydion and Arianrhod.EadonLocation: Ireland.Description: Goddess of poetry who may have also been a bard.Rules Over: Creativity.EasalLocation: Ireland, Manx.Description: God of abundance and prosperity who came into legend as King of the Golden Pillars. He gave the sons of Tuirrean seven magickal pigs, which would reappear the day after they were eaten.Rules Over: Prosperity, abundance.EbhlinneLocation: Ireland.Description: Goddess of Munster who was until recent times honored at the Midsummer Sabbat in her mountain home in County Tipperary. Since all her legends have been lost except for a few minor references, she was probably once a sun or fire Goddess.Rules Over: Fire magick.EchtgheOther Names: Aughty.Location: Ireland.Description: Believed to be another form of Dana by some, the first Great Mother Goddess of Ireland. Her lover gave her the hills which bear her name to this day: The Slaibh na Echtghe. She was the daughter of Nuada of the Silver Hand.EibhirLocation: Ireland, Manx.Description: First wife of Ossian who is described as being a yellow-haired "stranger from another land." She is most likely a forgotten Sun Goddess.EithneOther Names: Ethleen, Ethlinn, Ethniu.Location: Ireland.Description: Old Goddess whose original form likely traveled with the Celts across the continent over many generations from the Middle East. It is said she lived off nothing but the milk of a sacred Indian cow and was protected by a spirit who chased away all would-be suitors. Some tend to think she is the same as the Goddess Ethne, who is one of the several women credited with being the mother of Lugh. Her last pregnancy was ended along with her life when she was drowned by her jealous sister, Clothru. A minor fertility and moon Goddess.Rules Over: Beauty, fertility, reincarnation.ElaineLocation: Wales, Britain.Description: Maiden aspect of the Goddess.Queen of ElphameOther Names: Elphlane, Elphane.Location: Scotland.Description: Goddess of death and disease who is often equated with the Greek Goddess Hecate. More recently, in the past few hundred years, she has been seen as a Faery Queen and associated with Beltane. Thomas and Rhymer always maintained that she appeared to him on a May Eve dressed in green silks and riding a white horse with fifty-nine silver bells tied in its mane (odd association since Celtic faeries have always been thought to shun the ringing of bells).Rules Over: Death, destruction, plague, battle, Otherworld, rebirth, faery contact.EostreDescription: Goddess for whom the Ostara Sabbat is named for a.k.a. Easter. She is viewed as spring personified. The word for animal menstruation, "estrus," meaning "fertile period," is derived from her name, and therefore she is a Goddess of animal reproduction.Rules Over: Ostara, Great Rite, Fertility of pets/livestock, new ventures, reincarnation, new life.EponaLocation: Britain, Gaul.Description: "Divine Horse." Goddess of horses, Mother Goddess, Mare.Rules Over: Fertility, maternity, protectress of horses, horse-breeding, prosperity, dogs, healing springs, crops.Epos OlloatirDescription: Horse God often seen as either a male form of Epona or as her consort.Rules Over: Night, dream magick, horses.ErceDescription: Earth Mother and Harvest Goddess represented by a womb or over-flowing Horn of Plenty who is believed to be Basque in origin.Rules Over: Harvest festivals, earth magick.Eri of the Golden HairLocation: Ireland.Description: Virgin Goddess of the Tuatha De Danann. In one legend, Eri was at the bank of a river when a man in a silver boat floated down to her on a beaming ray of the sun. She was so overcome with emotion at the sight that the two of them fell into the boat and made love right there and then. The man, most likely an unnamed sun God, left Eri impregnated with Bres. He also left her a golden ring (a sun symbol) to remember him by.Rules over: Creation, moon.EriuOther Names: Erin, Eire.Location: Ireland.Description: One of the three queens of the Tuatha De Danann and daughter of the Dagda.EssusOther Names: Esus.Location: Britain.Description: Harvest God worshipped in Brittany and in Gaul by the people known as the Essuvi. He died by being hung on one of his sacred trees like the Norse God Odin with whom he is often compared to. His own legends are lost.Rules Over: Fertility, harvest, spirit contact, passing over rites.FacheaLocation: Ireland.Description: Goddess of poetry and patron of bards.Rules Over: Creativity.FeaLocation: Ireland.Description: War Goddess whose root name means "the hateful one." She is a subordinate deity of the Morrigu. Daughter of Brugh and Elcmar.Rules Over: War.FinncaevLocation: Ireland.Description: Minor Princess among the Tuatha De Danann. Thought to be a Goddess of love and beauty.Rules Over: Love and beauty.FinvarraOther Names: Fionnbharr.Location: Ireland.Description: A strong God who became known as a faery king of the Tuatha De Danann.Rules Over: Competitions, mental powers, faery contact.Fionn MacCumhalOther Names: Finn MacCool, Finn McCual, Fin on the Isle of Man, Fingal, Demna (original name).Location: Ireland, Manx, Scotland.Description: Legendary giant God/Warrior of Ireland who foresaw the coming of the Milesians and banished an invading giant from Scotland.Rules Over: Wisdom, overcoming enemies, creation, protection, knowledge, divination.FlandLocation: Ireland.Description: Daughter of woodland Goddess Flidais. A lake Goddess who is viewed in modern folklore as an evil water faery who lures swimmers to their death.Rules Over: Water magick, lakes.FlidaisLocation: Ireland.Description: She rode in a chariot drawn by deer. Ruler of wild beasts, forests, woodlands.Rules Over: Forests, woodlands, wild things, wild beasts, shape-shifting.Garbh OghLocation: Ireland.Description: Giantess and Goddess of the hunt whose chariot was drawn by elks. This Goddess built herself a triple cairn of stone and heather, and went inside to die. Her names means "rough youth."Rules Over: Ecological magick, seasonal rites involving the sacrificial God.GarmangabisLocation: Britain.Description: Goddess who was brought to Britain with the Romans and survives only through cryptic inscriptions. She was worshipped in the Lancashire region of northwestern England, though her function is now unknown.GavidaLocation: Ireland.Description: Minor God of the forge.GoewinOther Names: Goewyn.Location: Wales.Description: Goddess of sovereignty who held the feet of Math while he reigned. She was only exempt from doing this when he went to war. In old northern and western European cultures kings were often seen as semi-divine beings having need to rest their feet in the lap of a queen by whose grace they ruled. When Goewin was kidnapped by Gilfaethwy, he also captured the means of stealing the throne. A May Queen.Rules Over: Sovereignty.GogDescription: Consort of Magog.Rules Over: Fertility.GoidniuOther Names: Gofannon, Govannon.Location: Ireland, Wales.Description: One of a triad of crafsmen with Luchtaine the wright and Creidne the brazier. He forged all of the Tuatha De Danann's weapons which always hit their mark and every wound created by the weapons were fatal. His ale gave the Tuatha invulnerability.Rules Over: Blacksmiths, weapon-makers, jewelry making, brewing, fire, metal-working.GoleuddyddLocation: Wales.Description: Sow Goddess, mother of Culwch who ran in an insane rush to the deep woodlands to give him birth. Aunt of King Arthur.Rules Over: Family ties, independence.GrainneLocation: Ireland, Manx, Scotland.Description: Master herbalist and sun Goddess who was the daughter of King Cormac and who married Fionn MacCumhal.Rules Over: Herbs, knowledge, sun, fire magick.Great FatherDescription: The Horned God, The Lord. Lord of the winter, harvest, land of the dead, the sky, animals, mountains, lust, powers of destruction, regeneration. Represents the male principle of creation.Great MotherDescription: The Lady. Represents the female principle of creation. Goddess of fertility, the Moon, summer, flowers, love, healing, the seas, water.The Green ManOther Names: Arddhu (The Dark One), Atho, Horned God.Description: See Cernunnos.GrianLocation: Ireland.Description: Faery Goddess from County Tipperary is still thought to live in a burgh beneath Pallas Green Hill. Her name means "sunny" and was most assuredly at one time a long past potent regional sun deity. Though her legends have been lost, some think she is a twin of Aine who represented the waning year, while Grian was queen of the waxing year.Rules Over: Seasonal rites, sun.GuaireOther Names: Guary.Location: Ireland.Description: Guardian God/spirit of Bruigh na Boinne and father of Ebhlinne.Rules Over: Protection.Gwawl Ap CludOther Names: Gwawn.Location: Wales.Description: Son of the Goddess Clug. Thought to be a minor sun God.Rules Over: Solar magick.GwenLocation: Wales.Description: A young female who was so beautiful that almost no one could live if they gazed upon her for long. She was perhaps a minor sun or moon Goddess or a Goddess of light.GwydionOther Names: Gwyddion.Location: Wales.Description: Druid of the mainland gods, son of Don. Brother of Govannon, Arianrhod and Amaethon. Wizard and Bard of North Wales. A many-skilled god. Prince of the Powers of Air, a shape-shifter. His symbol was a white horse. Greatest of the enchanters. A warrior-magician. Brought pigs to humankind.Rules Over: Illusion, changes, magick, the sky, healing, music magick, help, learning, mental powers.GwyddnoLocation: Wales.Description: At one time was a sea God. Came down in legend as a monster or faery of the ocean.Rules Over: Water magick.Gwynn Ap NuddLocation: Wales.Description: King of the Fairies and the underworld. Later became Plant Annwn (subterranean fairies).Rules Over: Spirit contact, strength, passing over rituals, seasonal rites.GwethyrOther Names: Gwyrthur Ap Gwreidawl.Location: Wales.Description: Opposite of Gwynn Ap Nudd. King of the Upperworld.HabetrotDescription: A "spinning" Goddess who is thought to either be a goddess of spell casting or the wheel of the year since "spinning" refers to them both. She is best known for her powers of healing which were linked to her skills with weaving fiber. All who wore her clothes never became ill.Rules Over: Healing, seasonal rites, commemoration.HabondiaOther Names: Abondia, Abunciada, Habonde.Description: Goddess of abundance and prosperity who was later demoted to a mere witch in medieval English lore in order to strip her of her great power in the minds of the rural folk who depended upon her benevolence for their crops and herds. She is descended from a Germanic Goddess of the Earth.Rules Over: Seasonal harvest rites, fertility, prosperity, earth magick.HarimellaOther Names: Viradechthis.Location: Scotland.Description: Goddess of Tungrain origin who used to be worshipped in Dunfriesshire. Most likely a Goddess of protection.Rules Over: Protection.HenwenDescription: Sow Goddess much like her Welsh counterpart, Cerridwen. She is the deity who brought abundance to the land by giving birth to an array of "litters" throughout England. For example she left a litter of bees in one spot, wheat in another, barley in another, etc. She produced everything except dogs, pigs or other animals thought to be the sole possession of the Otherworld inhabitants.Rules Over: Fertility, childbirth, prosperity.Hevydd HenLocation: Wales.Description: Father of Rhiannon. Once part of a very old oral tradition which has been lost.Holly King and Oak KingDescription: Two sacrificial Gods who, in the manner of such deities, are two aspects of the same being. Holly King represents the waning year, and battles the Oak King at Midsummer (probably at Beltane sometime in the past) for ruler ship. The Oak King is the God of the waxing year and fights the Holly King at Yule (perhaps at one time Samhain) for the same honor. Today most Celtic witches see these two as faeries or spiritual energies rather than as divine beings since only pieces of folklore and custom, rather than mythology, define them.The Horned GodDescription: Opener of the Gates of Life and Death. Known by many names, Herne the hunter, Cernunnos, green man, lord of the wild hunt. The masculine, active side of Nature. Earth Father. Animals sacred to him were the stag, bull, goat, bear.Rules Over: Growing things, the forest, Nature, wild animals, alertness, annihilation, fertility, panic, desire, terror, flocks, agriculture, beer and ale.IalonusDescription: Fertility God who governed over all cultivated fields.Rules Over: Fertility, gardens.IbathLocation: IrelandDescription: A Nemed who is believed to be a Tuatha ancestor/father God.Inghean BhuidheOther Names: Crobh Dearg.Location: Ireland.Description: Her name means "yellow-haired girl." Much of her story has been lost, however, we do know that she was the middle girl of three sisters who made up a Triple Goddess. She represented the coming of summer, or Beltane, and for many years was honored with rituals involving a sacred well on May 6, the original date of the Sabbat. Her younger sister was named Latiaran. Her elder sister is named Lassair.Rules Over: Beltane, flower festivals, spring planting.Iubdan of the FaylinnLocation: Ireland.Description: An Ulster God usually known in popular legend as the king of the Ulster faeries.Rules Over: Faery contact, wisdom.Keevan of the Curling HairOther Names: Cebhain.Description: Lover of Cliodna who may have been a God of fertility and of the hunt. All myths aside the ones of Cliodna have been lost.Rules Over: Fertility, hunting.Kele-DeOther Names: Ceile De.Location: Ireland.Description: Very old Goddess whose early all-female following was allowed to flourish by the early church. They were known as Kelles. Their High Priestess reserved the right to take any and all lovers they chose. Strangely enough, she was probably a crone image in Ireland and linked in popular mind as a counterpart to the male creation concept. Some even believe she is a corruption of the Indian Goddess, Kali. In an effort to destroy her memory, an early sect of Irish and Scottish monks adopted her name.Rules over: Feminine power and sex magick.The Lady Of the LakeLocation: Wales, BritainDescription: To some she is a faery woman, to others she is a potent deity of life, death and regeneration. She was the possessor of the sword Excalibur (called Caliburn in Brittany), the magickal blade given to King Arthur. A Sovereign Goddess, it is this act of taking the offered sword which grants Arthur the right to rule, and it is she who claims the blade again, when his role as sacrificial king must be fulfilled. The Bretons claim she was a Breton addition to the Arthurian legends and that she never appeared in the original Welsh versions of the myths. Contradictory to the "sword in the churchyard stone" stories, the Breton version tells us that Merlin and Arthur rowed out to the center of the Dosmary Lake in Cornwall and that it was there that Excalibur was presented to him, the sword embedded in a floating stone. When he pulled it out, it was an act of reversal of the Great Rite, separating the female and male concepts of creation which were not to be united again until Arthur's death. The Lady of the Lake is also said to have been the foster mother of Sir Lancelot, one of Arthurs knights, also a Breton addition to the tale. She is pictured as sitting on a throne of reeds in the center of the lake's depths. Among her MANY magickal credits is that of a healer. She is associated with the crane, water lilies and marble.Rules Over: Purification, healing, Great Rite, any other magickal acts associated with the feminine elements.LassairLocation: Ireland.Description: Goddess of Midsummer, part of a triune with her sisters Latiaran and Inghean Bhuidhe. Her name means "flame."Rules Over: Seasonal rites.LatiaranLocation: Ireland.Description: The youngest of the three sisters who made up a Triune Goddess. Latiaran represented the first harvest of Lughnasadh. The only surviving story about Latiaran tells us that her apron caught fire and she melted into the ground, her place marked by a heart-shaped stone.Rules Over: Seasonal rites, fire magick.LatisLocation: England.Description: Lake Goddess who later became a Goddess of ale and meade. Evidence of her worship still remains at Birdsowald, England. Latis fell in love with a salmon, which represents knowledge, and out of pity for her, the other deities turned him into a warrior. However, each winter he must submit to becoming a salmon again until spring.Rules Over: Understanding the wheel of the year, samhain rites, mourning.LeFayLocation: Wales.Description: Goddess of the sea and of the Isle of Avalon. She was an excellent healer and drinking water blessed by her provided an instant cure for all illnesses.Rules Over: Healing.LeucetiosDescription: Thunder and storm God.Rules Over: Weather MagickLitavisLocation: Britain.Description: God of the forge.Rules Over: See Goibniu.Llasar LlaesgyfnewidLocation: Wales.Description: Battle God who is always paired with Cymidei Cymeinfoll, his wife.Rules Over: Strength, past-lives, creativity.LlyrOther Names: Lear, Lir.Location: Ireland, Wales.Description: God of the sea and water.Rules Over: Water, sea.LogiaLocation: Ireland.Description: Goddess of the Lagan River.Rules Over: Water magick.LotLocation: Ireland.Description: Hideous Formorian War Goddess. She is said to have lips on her breasts and four eyes on her back. She often led the Formorians into battle.Luaths LurgannDescription: Warrior Goddess whose name means "the speedy-footed one," and she was known to be the fastest runner of all Ireland. She is associated with the Thistle.Rules Over: Overcoming enemies, family, loyalty, teaching, physical fitness, astral projection.LuchtainOther Names: Luchtar.Location: Ireland.Description: Minor war and death god.Rules Over: Creativity, spirit contact, energy, magickal tools.LudOther Names: Llud, Llud Llaw Ereint, Llud of the Silver Hand, Nuada, Nudd, Nodons, Nodens, Lludd.Location: Ireland, Wales.Description: Chieftain God. He had an invincible sword, one of the four great treasures of the Tuatha De Danann.Rules Over: Healing, water, ocean, fishing, the Sun, sailing, childbirth, dogs, youth, beauty, spears, slings, smiths, carpenters, harpers, poets, historians, sorcerers, writing, magick, warfare, incantations.LughOther Names: Lugh Lamhfada, Llew, Lug, Lugus, Lug Samildananch, Lleu Llaw Gyffes, Lleu, Lugos, Llew, Llew Llaw Gyffes, Lugus, Ioldanach, Samhioldananach, Lamhfada.Location: Ireland, Wales.Description: A hero God. His feast is Lughnassadh, a harvest festival. He is associated with ravens. His symbol is a white stag in Wales. Lugh had a magick spear and rod-sling. One of his magick hounds was obtained from the sons of Tuirenn as part of the blood-fine for killing his father Cian. He was a carpenter, mason, smith, harper, poet, Druid, physician and goldsmith.Rules Over: War, magick, commerce, reincarnation, lightning, water, arts and crafts, manual arts, journeys, martial arts, blacksmiths, poets, harpers, musicians, historians, sorcerers, healing, revenge, initiation, prophecy.MabbLocation: Wales.Description: Warrioress believed to be a Welsh version of Ireland's Queen Maeve. Today in Welsh folklore she is a faery who brings nightmares and is a midwife to the Welsh faery folk, the Twlwwyth Tegs.MabonOther Names: Maponos, Maponus.Description: Minor sun got who also ironically represents. Some traditions view him as the original being, the first God, first life carved out of the primal void of the divine womb.Rules Over: Any endeavor, seasonal rites, fertility rites, the hunt, death, spirit contact.MacCechtLocation: Ireland.Description: Son of Oghma. God of the plough for the Tuatha.Rules Over: Fertility, crops, protection magick.MacCuillLocation: Ireland.Description: Minor sea God of the Tuatha De Danann.Rules Over: Water magick.MacGreineLocation: Ireland.Desscription: Son of Oghma, minor sun God of the Tuatha De Danann and husband of Eire.Rules Over: Sun, prosperity.MachaOther Names: Mania, Mana, Mene, Minne.Location: Ireland.Description: One of the aspects of the triple Morrigu. Associated with ravens and crows. She is honored at Lughnassadh. Protectress in war as in peace. Goddess of war and death.Rules Over: Cunning, sheer physical force, sexuality, fertility, dominance over males, childbirth, wisdom, overcoming enemies, past-lives.MacKayLocation: Scotland.Description: MacKay's legend is possibly a reworking of an old story about a fire God.Rules Over: Faery contact, sun.Queen MaeveOther Names: Medb, Medhbh, Madb.Location: Ireland.Description: Queen of Connacht who personifies the heights of feminine power. No doubt, she was once a powerful Goddess who merged with a later historical figure. Her name means "intoxicated woman," and she was known for her long golden hair, fiery temper and strong will. She boasted that she could sexually exhaust thirty men each night. As evidence of her feminine power, battles would pause while she menstruated. Ancient peoples believed this time to be the peak of a woman's power. She was not only a powerful leader, but also an expert warrioress, huntress and horsewoman. Usually animals, especially horses, are often depicted with her.Rules Over: Sex magick, leadership, perseverance, strength, warding off enemies, feminine power.Magh MorLocation: Ireland.Description: A FirBolg princess/Goddess. Grandmother of Lugh.MagogDescription: Mountain Deity of which her consort was Gog. She was the more important. Britain's Megg's Hills are named for her, and several hillside chalk effigies portray her. She is usually depicted as a four-breasted woman astride a horse. It is thought her name may mean "mother deity," and that she was once a fertility and mother Goddess. In patriarchal times she became England's St. Margaret.Rules over: Fertility, couples, earth spells.MalLocation: Ireland.Description: Hag's Headland is the most famous of Ireland's jagged cliffs along the western coast. Mal was the Goddess who ruled over them, deciding the fate of all who ventured there.Manannan MacLirOther Names: Manawydan Ap Llyr, Manawydden, Manann, Oirbsen.Location: Ireland, Wales.Description: He dressed in a green cloak and gold headband. He was a shape-shifter. Chief Irish sea God. His swine magically renewed themselves, were the chief food of the Tuatha De Danann and kept them from aging. He had famous weapons that included two spears called Yellow Shaft and Red Javelin; swords called the Retaliator, Great Fury and Little Furty. He had magick armor that prevented wounds and could make the Tuatha invisible at will.Rules Over: Sea, navigators, storms, weather at sea, fertility, sailing, weather-forecasting, magick, arts, merchants and commerce, rebirth.Marcia ProbaLocation: England.Description: Celtic Warrior queen Goddess who lived around the third century B.C.E. Her laws, known as the Marcian Statutes were similar to Ireland's Brehon Laws in that they were very fair and gave equal status to women.Rules Over: Judgment, justice, fairness, equality.MargawseLocation: Wales, Britain.Description: Mother aspect of the Goddess.Math MathonwyOther Names: Mathu, Math Ap Mathonwy.Location: Wales.Rules Over: Sorcery, magick, enchantment.MathonwyLocation: Wales.Description: Father God who became the single being from whom the family of the great Welsh mother Goddess Don was descended.Rules Over: Prosperity.MatronaOther Names: Modron.Description: Goddess of the Marne River. "Divine mother." Early name of Modron.Rules Over: Water magick.MelusineOther Names: Melsuline.Location: Britain, Scotland.Description: Serpent Goddess brought to common awareness though the writing of French author Rabelais. She and her sisters, Melior and Palatina, are a triplicity.Rules Over: Compassion, knowledge of when vengeance is not right or just or just none of your business.MelwasOther Names: Meleagant.Location: Cornwall.Description: A Dark God who lay in wait for an entire year to carry of Guinevere to his palace in Avalon. God of the Summerland (Otherworld).Rules Over: Spirit contact, passing over rituals.MerlinOther Names: Merddin, Myrddin, Merlyn, Emrys.Location: Wales, Britain.Description: Great sorcerer, druid, magician. Associated with the fairy religion of the Goddess. A wild man of the woods with prophetic skills, according to the Old Welsh traditions. It is said he learned all his magick from the Goddess under her many names of Morgan, Viviane, Nimue, Fairy Queen and Lady of the Lake. He is thought to sleep in a hidden crystal cave.Rules Over: Illusion, shape-shifting, herbs, healing, woodlands, Nature, protection, counseling, prophecy, divination, psychic abilities, foreseeing, crystal reading, tarot, magick, rituals, spells, incantations, artisans and smiths.King MidhirOther Names: Mider, Midir, Midhir of Bri Leith.Location: Otherworld/faery God/king, Son of the Dagda and Boann. Owned 3 birds, the Cranes of Denial, Despair and Churlishness, which refused hospitality to travelers, a definite breach of the Celtic rules of social intercourse. He had a magick cauldron which his daughter Blathnat helped Cuchulain steal from him. Today is viewed as both an Otherworld God and a faery God compared to Pluto.Rules Over: Faery contact, prosperity spells.MoccusLocation: Britain.Description: Pig God of the continental standing stones who had his cloudy origins in Celtic Gaul. Perhaps a masculine version of or consort to the popular goddess known as Cerridwen. He had his own feast day in Celtic Gaul.Rules Over: Sacred Spaces.ModronLocation: Wales.Description: "Great Mother," she is one of the most powerful of the Celtic mother goddesses. She is also a fertility and harvest deity. She was the Mother of Mabon who was stolen away from her when he was three days old and rescued later by King Arthur.Rules Over: Mother Goddess Magick & Ritual, Harvest rites, childbirth beds, sex magick.MomuLocation: Scotland.Description: A Goddess of wells and hillsides.Morgan LeFayOther Names: Morgause.Location: Wales, Britain.Description: Daughter of LeFay, half-sister of King Arthur, possibly was once a Goddess of Glastonbury Tor, a sacred Pagan site. Today she is generally thought of as a Death Goddess, equated with The Morrigu. As a Goddess of sovereignty, she backed the Green Knight to take over the kingdom of Camelot.Rules Over: Music magick, sovereignty, passing over rituals, spirit contact, water spells, gossip, bigotry.MorgayLocation: Scotland, England.Description: Harvest Goddess from the Scottish/English border region.Rules Over: Seasonal Rites.The MorriguOther Names: Morrigan, Morrighan, Morgan.Location: Ireland, Wales, Britain.Description: Reigned over the war-field, helping with her magick, but did not join in battles. Associated with crows and ravens. The Crone aspect of the Goddess. In her dark aspect, she is the goddess of war, fate and death. The carrion crow is her favorite disguise. With her, Fea (hateful), Nemon (Battle) encouraged fighters to battle-madness.Rules Over: Rivers, lakes, fresh water, priestesses, witches, revenge, night, magick, prophecy, banishing magick, passing over rites, overcoming enemies, battles, warriors, service wo/men, violence.MuireartachLocation: Ireland, Scotland.Description: Battle Goddess whose name means "eastern sea," and she personified the storm-tossed seas between Ireland and Scotland. In modern times an entire race of unpleasant Scottish sea faeries bears her name. She is depicted as a one-eyed crone with a black and blue face and a scaled body. The Fianna said she would occasionally fly in from over the sea and fight on their side in battle.Rules Over: See The Morrigu.MulloLocation: Britain.Description: Patron Deity of teamsters. He is associated with jack assess and with the Roman God Mars.Rules Over: Protection in travel, animals.MurigenLocation: Ireland, Scotland, Manx.Description: Lake Goddess associated with the deluge legends.Rules Over: Water magick.NaasLocation: Ireland.Description: Goddess. Wife of Lugh, she died in County Kildare at a site which still bears her name.NairLocation: Ireland.Description: This Goddess is best-known for escorting High King Crebhan to the Otherworld where she gave him great treasures. Her name means "modesty."Rules Over: Spirit contact, Samhain rites, prosperity.NehalenniaLocation: Britain.Description: Dog Goddess who was the patron deity of sea traders, perhaps an image derived from Sirius (The Dog Star, which was once an important navigational star.Rules Over: Protection on the water.NeitOther Names: Net.Location: Ireland.Description: Tuatha De Danann War God who is seen as both the husband of Nemain and of the entire Morrigu triune.Rules Over: Fertility rites.NemainOther Names: Neman, Nemhain, Nemontona, Nemona.Location: Ireland.Description: "Venomous one." She is one of the triune crone Goddesses of battle and strife which make up The Morrigu.Rules Over: See The Morrigu.NemetonaLocation: England.Description: Guardian Goddess of all sacred places such as circles or magickal groves. A shrine to her was created at Bath, England, where she was shown as seated and surrounded by three hooded figures and a ram. The three figures symbolize the Triple Goddess and the ram is a male fertility representation linked to Cernunnos.Rules Over: Protection of circles/groves/sacred grounds.NemglanLocation: Ireland.Description: Bird God who fathered Conaire Mor.Rules Over: Divination, fertility, spirit contact.NiamhLocation: Ireland.Description: An aspect of Badb who helps heroes at death.Rules Over: Naming rites, spirit contact, love magick, passing over rituals.NicevennLocation: Scotland.Description: Crone Goddess associated with Samhain. In modern times she is called a "witch" or "evil faery."Rules Over: Samhain rituals.NoctilucaLocation: Gaul.Description: Goddess of Magick from Celtic Gaul about whom nothing else is known. It is a possibility she was originally Roman.Rules Over: Magick.NwyrveLocation: Wales.Description: Husband of Arianrhod about whom nothing is known aside his name. Most likely a father sky god at one time.OanuavaLocation: Britain.Description: Very old Earth Goddess from Celtic Gaul. A Mother Goddess who was regionally worshipped as the source from which all life flowed.OgmaOther Names: Oghma, Ogmios, Grianainech, Cermait.Location: Ireland.Description: A champion of the Tuatha who carried a huge club. He invented the Ogam script alphabet.Rules Over: Eloquence, poets, writers, physical strength, inspiration, language, literature, magick, spells, the arts, music, reincarnation.PwyllOther Names: Pwyll Pen Annwn.Location: Wales.Description: Sometimes the ruler of the underworld.Rules Over: Cunning, loyalty, fraternal love, spirit contact.RatisDescription: Goddess of protective fortifications whose name means "of the fortress." Ratis' most notable worship sites were near the towns of Birdoswald and Chesters.Rules Over: Defenses, protection.RhiannonLocation: Ireland.Description: "The Great Queen." Goddess of birds and horses. She rides a swift white horse.Rules Over: Horses, enchantments, fertility and the Underworld, overcoming enemies, patience, magick, moon rituals, dream work.RosmertaLocation: Celtic Gaul and Roman Gaul.Description: Goddess of both Celtic and Roman Gaul. After Rome conquered the region, Rosmerta was taken into the local Roman pantheon where she became a consort of their God Mercury. She is depicted carrying a caduceus wand, which indicates she was adept in the healing arts. In Celtic Gaul her images are confused, and she is considered to be a Goddess of either water or the sun, which is indicative that she may have been associated with hot springs.Rules Over: Healing, communication.SaitadaDescription: She is known only from one inscription in the Tyne Valley. It is thought she was a Goddess of mourning.Rules over: Passing Over rites, mourning.ScathachOther Names: Scota, Scatha, Scath, Scathach nUanaind, Scathach Buanand, Skatha.Location: Ireland, Scotland.Description: Underworld Goddess, Goddess in her Destroyer aspect. A warrior woman and prophetess who lived in Albion, most likely on the Isle of Skye and taught the martial arts.Rules Over: Blacksmiths, healing, magick, prophecy, martial arts, protection, teaching.SegomoDescription: War God called by the name Cocidius. His image is always seen with birds of prey such as the hawk or falcon.SequanaOther Names: Sequena.Location: Britain.Description: Earth Goddess who lived beneath the rivers of Britain and could only be seen if the rivers were drained or low from drought. Goddess of the many other River Goddesses.Rules Over: Prosperity, earth magick, water magick, purification.Sheila-Na-GigLocation: Ireland.Description: Not much is known about this deity aside the fact that she was most likely a protective or blessing deity. She has been found on the doors of early Irish convents. The nuns adorned the doors with her figure. When the churchmen found this, they were horrified and broke them off. She is depicted as a woman holding wide her vulva in a triangular pattern. Today she is viewed by the Celtic Pagans as a Goddess of regeneration.Rules Over: Feminine power, past/future-lives.ShoneyLocation: Scotland, Ireland, Manx.Description: Today, the Shoney are now though to be sea faeries living off the coast of Scotland and northern Ireland, but were originally a single God of the North Sea.Rules Over: Faery contact, sea.SinLocation: Ireland.Description: At one time she was a Patron Goddess of warriors who has been reduced to being a minor faery who feeds on battle. The very oldest legends about her portray her as a potent Goddess who could make wine from water and swine from leaves in order to feed and fortify her fighting legions.Rules Over: Stamina, strength, legal matters, overcoming enemies, protection, prosperity, hunger, homelessness.SionnanLocation: Ireland.Description: Goddess of the River Shannon. Queen of the well spirits of Ireland.Rules Over: Faery contact, well rituals.SironaOther Names: Dirona.Location: Britain.Description: "Star." Goddess of many of the beneficial hot springs in southern France from which her few legends came. Also a Sky Goddess and most likely deity of the Sun. Mother of Borvo, who took her position in patriarchal times.Rules Over: Healing, purification.SlaineLocation: Ireland.Description: Thought to be a deity of healing and the medical arts. Son of Partholan.Rules Over: Healing.SomhlthLocation: Ireland, Scotland, Manx.Description: God who had no corporeal incarnation. Symbolizes pure masculinity, divine energy.Rules Over: Masculine powers.SucellosDescription: A river and death God about whom nothing but his name is known about. However, some claim he was the consort of Nantosuelta, whose name means "of the meandering stream." Others see him as a representation of death.Rules Over: Water, death.SulOther Names: Sulla, Sulis, Sulevia.Description: Goddess of hot springs whose sacred waters always were hot. Prince Bladud built a shrine to her near Aquae Sulis where the popular modern-day spa is located. The waters were once thought to hold powerful healing magick, and a perpetual fire was burned near them in her honor. She is depicted in bas-reliefs with a foot of an owl, and wearing a hat made of the head of a bear. Later, the Romans adopted her and called her Sul Minerva, a deity later associated with Imbolg and Ireland's Brigit.Rules over: Imbolg rites and healing rituals.TaillteOther Names: Taultiu, Tailtu, Telta.Location: Ireland.Description: Goddess of Lughnasadh associated with the harvest of the first grains, especially wheat. It is cryptically said she is the foster mother of light. Perhaps in reference to Lugh). But it also may be in reference to an old creation myth in which the Goddess gives birth to the Sun. This Goddess lived at Tara and was revered there as an earth deity and patron Goddess of competition. Annual games festivals were held at Plain of Oenach Taillten (which was cleared at her behest for a playing field), now called Teltown, until 1169. Many consider these to be the Irish Olympics (Though many others think it was associated with Passing Over rites). These games were revived in the late nineteenth century when a renewed interest in Irish culture flourished. Trial marriages, for a duration of a year and a day, were held on her sacred site to promote fertility.Rules Over: Seasonal and harvest rites, fertility magick, enhancing strength for competitive games.TaliesinLocation: Wales.Description: A poet, Prince of Song. Chief of the Bards of the West. Patron of Druids, bards and minstrels. A shape-shifter.Rules Over: Writing, poetry, wisdom, wizards, bards, music, knowledge, magick.TaliesinLocation: Wales.Description: Minor barley God worshipped through the 16th century. Do not confuse him with the bard, Taliesin, though some of the famous bard's attributes were grafted onto him.Rules Over: Fertility, Barley.TamaraDescription: Goddess of the River Tamar which divides the Duchy of Cornwall from the rest of England. Most likely as much a protective force as she was a water deity.Rules Over: Creation or fortification of boundaries.TamesisDescription: Goddess of the River Thames, later replaced in patriarchal times by Llud, for whom Ludgate Hill in London is named.Rules Over: Water magick.TannusOther Names: Tinnus, Taranus.Location: Britain.Description: Thunder God. In early Gaul human sacrifices were offered to him to influence the weather. He was also God of the wheel as well as God of Fertility and a Sky God.Rules Over: Seasonal rites, weather magick, fertility spells.TaranisDescription: Death Goddess to whom human sacrifices were offered.Rules Over: Passing Over rituals.TethraLocation: Ireland.Description: King of the FirBolgs after they were banished into the sea. He is now seen as a minor death God.Rules Over: Water magick, faery contact, weather magick, sea.TlachtgaLocation: Ireland.Description: Goddess of sacrifice. She died giving birth to triplets fathered by three different men. Associated with Samhain, and her rites were once held on her sacred hill in County Meade, a site which held her name. Today it is known as the Hill of Ward.Rules Over: Samhain rituals, Croneage rites of passage.TriduanaLocation: Scotland.Description: Goddess of Edinburgh who plucked out her eyes to eradicate her own beauty rather than submit to the advances of Nechtan, King of the Picts. Some believe she is an eastern Scottish version of the Irish Goddess brrid.The Triple GoddessDescription: The Triple Goddess is known and worshiped in Pagan cultures all over the world. She is eternal, yet always in a state of change. Her colors are white for the maiden, red for the mother and black for the crone. The Symbol of the Triple Goddess is the Waxing, Full and Waning Moons.Tuan MacCarellOther Names: MacCairill.Location: Ireland.Description: Nephew of Partholan was a hero who was created a God of animals and the woodlands by the mother Goddess Dana.Rules Over: Past-lives, shape-shifting, animals, ecological magick, woodlands.TurreanOther Names: Tureann.Location: Ireland.Description: Beautiful Goddess who was transformed into the first large, shaggy Irish Wolfhound by a jealous faery queen named Uchtdealbh. The spell had a flaw. Not only did it turn Turrean into a dog, but quite literally, she became the most beautiful dog ever seen on earth. She was kept prisoner at Uchtdealbh's home in Galway Bay until her brother, the warrior chief Fionn MacCumhal, saved her and her two sons, Bran and Sgeolan, who stayed in the shape of the dogs for the rest of their lives. (The sons are often depicted as guard dogs seated near Fionn.)Rules Over: Making the best of bad situations, dog, dog familiars, New Year rites.UairebhuidheLocation: Ireland.Description: Bird Goddess whom little is known about today. Most likely a goddess of death or Otherworld. Maybe even a consort of the better-known bird God Nemglan.UathachLocation: Ireland, Scotland.Description: Goddess who trained warriors to fight. One of the many mistresses Cuchulain had over his life.Rules Over: Protection and strength.VagaDescription: Goddess of the River Wye.VerbeiaDescription: Goddess of the Wharfe and Avon Rivers.WachiltDescription: Minor sea Goddess later called a "witch" in English mythology. Mother of Wayland the Smith who is a German God honored in England.White LadyLocation: Known to all Celtic countries.Description: Dryad of Death. Queen of the Dead. The crone form of the Goddess.Rules Over: Death, destruction, annihilation.

Is there a list of immortal comic book characters?

The definition of the term immortality in comics may be debatable. For instance, some immortals seem to have died at least once but often reappear momentarily in a new revitalized incarnation; especially common amongst mythological characters (gods, goddesses, angels, demons, etc.). Deities, in fact, tend to be consistently immortal and are completely resistant to death and deterioration (e.g., Marvel Comics' Thor, Greek Gods, etc.). These beings are both functionally immortal and invulnerable and merely give the appearance of being slain for a temporary time before rematerializing. Such immortals undergo an apparent dissolution rather than death, a corporeal rather than essential destruction, while others do retain their physical form albeit in a diminished capacity (e.g., Sandman's Orpheus existing as a talking head, Image's Immortal Man's decapitation). These entities can be considered "true immortals," as they were created in that state and have very little chance of changing. Still, even some of these true immortals do seem to be dependent on belief or worship to remain extant (e.g., the gods and goddesses in Vertigo's Sandman--the existence of Vertigo's Fables may operate similarly, to some extent), yet even these deities may not be definitively dead should faith in their existence be renewed (e.g., Kid Eternity's Gods of Olympus).Other entities are conditionally immortal, in the sense that they are immune to aging and all disease, but have an existence dependent on some exterior component and are not invulnerable. Robots have the potential to exist indefinitely if able to avoid damage or transfer their consciousness into new shells. Similarly, vampires are immortal if they avoid known vulnerabilities, such as sunlight. Those using magic means to extend their longevity also possess this conditional immortality (e.g., DC Comics' Circe, Mordru, etc.), an especially tenuous segment of them only being immortal through the possession of mystical objects or talismans (e.g., DC Comics' Super-Chief, Ra's Al Ghul, etc.). Those achieving their sort of immortality through technological means may also fall into that latter category (e.g., Perry Rhodan, DC Comics' Resurrection Man). At the same time, some may argue that these groups should not be considered immortal for the fact that once they are destroyed through an exploitation of their vulnerabilities, they will not self-resurrect themselves.It may also be possible to argue that all comic characters are immortal as they never seem to stay dead for long, leading to the popular claim: "No one stays dead except Bucky, Jason Todd and Uncle Ben." Even this has been called into question lately, based on recent retroactive continuity (retcon) changes. Alternatively, immortality has been known to be renounced by the one possessing the attribute (e.g., DC Comics' Hermes) or revoked by a superior power (e.g., Marvel Comics' Hercules, DC Comics' Element Girl), allowing nearly every known immortal the opportunity to become merely mortal. This list will ignore the possibility of these two arguments occurring in the future and will instead consist only of those that currently could be considered immortal without requiring any future retcon or reversal. # The ability of beings to resurrect themselves with no intervention can be seen as a variation of immortality as the death they experience is temporary and resolved autonomously (e.g., Solomon Grundy), whereas any dead being may be resurrected by another but upon death will remain permanently dead in absence of further external intervention (e.g., Oliver Queen): given time, immortals will return to life while most will suffer the ordinary mortal fate. # Reincarnation differs from resurrection in that the sense of identity tends to by lost between incarnations, whereas resurrections typically involve the same identity being retained to some extent (perhaps not so with zombies) and the host bodies tend to be susceptible to age and disease (e.g., Valiant's Immortal Enemy) meaning they most likely cannot be described as immortal.# This list disregards the status and quality of life possessed by the individual, meaning that it includes in the "immortal" category both those that are still technically alive andthose that cannot be or were never considered living, whether as the undead (e.g., DC's Frankenstein, Dracula), maintaining a mechanical existence (e.g., Robotman), or being composed of a form incompatible with our definition of "life" (e.g., Wildfire, Metamorpho). While not alive, these entities can be expected to ecist for an extremely long time, possess a clear identity, and are not subject to age ot disease. # Ghosts and spirits have only been included when they both maintain a physical presence in the material world, possess a clear identity, and consistently interact with the living (e.g., The Gentleman Ghost, Deadman). Other deceased beings may continue in an eternal existence of sorts in an afterlife, but forego any further participation or representation in the physical world. # Immortals that appear to currently be deceased are listed as (presumed dead).# Near immortals (e.g., Martian Manhunter), virtual immortals (e.g., Grandmaster, The Kherubim), and questionable immortals (e.g., Superman, Wolverine) have their arguable status indicated by a (?) symbol.* Vampires and the Undead: Doll (Veronica "Ronnie" Briggs; vampire)---- === === * Vampires and the Undead: Johnny Copperhead === === * Vampires and the Undead: Eve (Jessica Evelyn Murphy) * Angels and Demons: Abaddon, Apollyon, The Fallen* Supernatural: Children of the Black Sun (Ezra, Kade)---- * Vampires and the Undead: Dracula (vampire), Son of Dracula (Adam Lucard; vampire)---- == == == == * God* Judeo-Christian mythology: The Anti-Christ (Danny Wormwood), Jesus Christ, Saint Peter * Angels and Demons:The Devil* Aliens and Cosmic Entities: Anubis (?)----== == * Vampires and the Undead: Florence Stoker (vampire, cured), Oscar Wilde (vampire, cured) (see also: Marvel UK, Tundra Punlishing, TV Comic)---- * Aliens and Cosmic Entities: The C'tan (Deceiver, Nightbringer, Outsider, Void Dragon), The Gods of Chaos (Khorne, Nurgle, Slaanesh, Tzeentch), The Necrons (?) * Altered Mortals: The God Emperor of Mankind----* Angels and Demons: Lady Death, Lords of Hell, Lucifer * Vampires and the Undead:* Vampires: Chastity Marks, The Countess, Farley, Oblivia, Purgatori---- * Vampires and the Undead: The Deadbeats (Dodger, Martine, Colleen, Mickey), King Hermano, Southie (Michael Evans Southland)---- === === * Vampires and the Undead: Tujiro XIV (Pope Innocent XLII; vampire) * Norse mythology: Thor* Vampires and the Undead: Captain Cadaver (Mr Swartzburg; vampire), Porter Scott (vampire)---- == == == == * God* Earth/Wiccan mythology: Mother Nature * Angels and Demons:* Demons: Ariman's demons* Vamipres and the Undead: * Zombies== == ---- * Vampires and the Undead: Mandu, Nocturna, Sinestra----== == * Vampires and the Undead: Becky Burdock (vampire), Sergeant States (Nathan Hart ; vampire), The Slasher (vampire), Templar Richard (presumed dead)---- == == === === * Vampires and the Undead: * Vampires: Angel (Angelus/Liam), Darla, Drusilla, Harmony Kendall, Larnia, Lilith, Lothos (presumed dead), The Master (presumed dead), Selke (presumed dead), Slayer-Vampire (Yuki Makimura), Spike (William)* God * Greek/Roman mythology: Hecate, Hercules (presumed dead) * Hyperborian mythology: The Golden People (Thoth (presumed dead)), Heca-Emem-Ra the Black Goddess * Angels and Demons: Astaroth, Crooked Man, Gruagach, Hellboy (?), Iron Shoes (presumed dead), Ualac, The Watchers * Ogdru Hem: Conqueror Worm (presumed dead), Katha-Hem (presumed dead), Urgo-Hem (presumed dead), Sadu-Hem * Ogdru Jahad:Amon-Jahad, Adad-Jahad, Beuu-Jahad, Irra-Jahad, Namrat-Jahad, Nergal-Jahad, Nunn-Jahad* Supernatural: Abe Sapien, Baba Yaga, The Daoine Sidh, Grigori Rasputin, Jenny Greenteeth, Koschei the Deathless, Roger the Homunculus (presumed dead) * Vampires and the Undead:Countess Ilona Kakosky (vampire; presumed dead), Johann Kraus (spirit), Lobster Johnson (ghost), The Penanggalan, Vampire of Prague (presumed dead) * The Almighty (The Almighty One)* Norse mythology: Belldandy (Verdandi), Chrono, Ere, Ex, Peorth, Skuld, Urd (Urdr) * The Valkyrie: Lind* Angels and Demons: Blue-Lance* Angels: Cool Mint, Gorgeous Rose, Holy Bell, Noble Scarlet, Spear Mint, World of Elegance* Demons: Hagall, Hild, Marller (Mara), Senbee, Velsper (Welsper), Tsukaima* Mechanical: Banpei-kun RX, Sigel----* The Creator (Allah/God/Lord of the Hosts) Incarnations:* The Hand * The Presence * The Source * The Voice * Shadow of God (Antigod/Decreator/Eye of Horus/Unmaker) * Wally the God-Boy?* The New Gods: Uni-Friend, Highfather, Metron, Black Racer, Orion, Himon, Mister Miracle, Big Barda, Oberon, Lightray, Aurakles * The Forever People: Beautiful Dreamer, Vykin, Mark Moonrider, Serifan, Big Bear, Infinity Man* Thanagarian mythology: Falomer, Ga Venon, Gae Deon, Haani * Tamaranean mythology: Auron, X'Hal * Shazam mythology: Marvel (Billy Batson, Cece Beck, Mary Batson), Shazam (Jebediah of Canaan), Teth Adam (Black Adam/Theo Adam) * Shazam's Elder Gods: Marzosh, Arel, Ribalvei, Voldar, Elbiam, Lumiun* Norse mythology: Balder, Odin, Thor * Mesopotamian mythology: Enkidu (presumed dead), Ishtar (Istar/Innanna/Astarte/Belili/Mother of Heaven/Lady of Battle; presumed dead), Ishtar II (Sala Nisaba), Mamitu, Tammuz (presumed dead) * Maltusian mythology: Daalon (presumed dead), Predator,* The Triarch: Archor the Sustainer, Quarra the Creator, Tzodar the Destroyer* Kryptonian mythology: Lorra, Mordo, Rao, Telle, Yuda * Judeo-Christian mythology: David (Davy Tenzer) * Indian/Hindu mythology: Brahma, Durga, Ganesh, Hanuman, Kartikeyya, Mahadevi, Rama, Shiva, Vishnu * Greek/Roman mythology: * Titans of Myth: Coeus, Crius (presumed dead?), Iapetus (presumed dead), Mnemosyne, Oceanus, Phoebe (presumed dead), Rhea (presumed dead), Tethys (presumed dead?), Themis * Children of Titans: Athyns of Karakkan, Atlas, Eos, Lilith Clay (?), Wonder Girl I (Troia/Donna Troy)(?), Xanthi of Ozyron (presumed dead) * Parents of Titans: Gaia (Mother Earth), Uranus (Father Sky, presumed dead)* Olympian Gods: Aphrodite/Venus, Artemis, Demeter/Ceres, Dionysus/Bacchus, Hebe, Hephaustus/Vulcan, Hera/Juno, Hermes/Mercury, Hestia, Pallas Athena/Minerva, Phoebus Apollo, Poseidon/Neptune, Sol, Zeus/Jove* Demigods and Children of Gods: Harmonia (presumed dead), Herakles/Hercules, Wonder Girl II (Cassie Sandsmark)* Heroes, Witches, and Legendary Creatures: Charon, Ferdinand the Minotaur, Lamia, Pegasus* The Amazons (on Themyscira): Aella, Antiope (presumed dead), Artemis of Bana-Mighdall, Cydippe, Clio, Euboea, Helene, Hippolyta, Mala, Melia, Menalippe, Mnenosyne, Nu'Bia, Penelope, Philippus, Polycasta, Pythia, Timandra, Venelia, Wonder Woman (Diana Prince, may be mortal)(?) * Centaurs: Chiron * The Furies (Kindly Ones): Alekto, Megaera, Tisiphone * Immortalized Heroes: Achilles* Egyptian mythology: Aton, Atum, Horus (Heru), Isis, Mehen, Neith, Osiris, Ra (Amon), Sekhmet, Shu, Thoth (Zehuti) * Babylonian mythology: Nabu the Wise (Lord of Order; presumed dead) * African mythology: Ale, Mawu, Obatala, The Orishas, Shango * Atlantean mythology: Deedra, Jheryl, Weaver * Angels and Demons: [see Vertigo section] * Lords and Agents of Chaos and Order: Chaos (abstract), Order (abstract); Amethyst, Arion the Immortal, Doctor Fate, Gemimn, Gray Man, Jakk, Kid Eternity, Pantagones (presumed dead), St'nn, T'Charr and Terataya (Unity), Tynan * Supernatural: Baron Winters, Deadman, Doctor Mist (Nommo/Maltis), Doctor Occult, Madame Xanadu, Merlin, Nightmaster (Jim Rook)(?), Phantom Stranger, Prince Ra-Man (Mark Merlin; presumed dead), Rama Kushna, Rose Psychic, Sentinel, The Shade, Talon (shaman), Xavier Nihilo * Golems and Humunculi: Monolith (golem), Witchfire (humunculus)(?)* Vampires and the Undead:* Ghosts and Spirits: Yellow Peri (spirit/psychopomp) * Vampires: Andrew Bennett, Jonah (presumed dead), Looker (Emily "Lia" Briggs), Screamqueen (of Scare Tactics) * Zombies and Undead: Frankenstein* Aliens and Cosmic Entities: Kismet, Lobo, Martian Manhunter (J'onn J'onzz; near immortal)(?), Monitor, Pariah, Shattered God, Superman (?), Timeless Ones, Vext, Waverider (presumed dead) * 5th Dimension Beings: * The Aurakles: Halo* Thunderbolts: Yz the Thunderbolt* The Maltusians:* Guardians of the Universe: Appa Ali Apsa (presumed dead), Ganthet, Herupa Handu Ho (presumed dead), Sayd, Scar, Sodam Yat * Zamarons: Aga'po, Dela Pharon, Lianna, Mother Zed (presumed dead), Nadia Safir, Teisho* The Risen: Augera, Awl, Miss Materna Minxx, Mistos, Sacrosannt, The Word* Mechanical: Metal Men (?) (Gold (presumed destroyed), Iron, Lead, Mercury, Platinum, Tin, Veridium), Hourman III (Matthew Tyler) (deconstructed), L-Ron (?), Robotman (?), Tomorrow Woman (?) * Super-powered Beings/Metahumans:Celsius (Arani Desai, of Doom Patrol) (?, presumed dead), Element Girl (Urania Blackwell; ceased being immortal with the help of Death; presumed dead), Element Lad (Jan Arrah; presumed dead), Eternity Man (Milo Mobius), The Forever Man (Doctor Reno Franklin), Immortal Man (Klarn; presumed dead), Iron Munro (son of Hugo Danner)(?), Metamorph the Element Man (?), Plastic Man * Energy Beings: Captain Atom (Nathaniel Adam; potential nuclear elemental), Negative Spirit/Rebis (Dr. Eleanor Poole, Larry Trainor, Valentina Vostok), Ray (Ray Terrill) (?), Wildfire (Drake Burroughs/Wild Flame)* Altered Mortals (permanent): * The New Guardians: Betty Clawman, Extrano, Floronic Man (Dr. Jason Woodrue/Floro/The Plant-Master/Wood-rue), Gloss, Jet, Ram (presumed dead), Thomas Kalmaku* Altered Mortals (temporary): * Limbo: * Phantom Zone captives (while captive): Christopher Kent, Mon-El* Possession of Objects: * Magical: Super-Chief I (Flying Stag/Saganowahna; possessing the Saganowahna meteorite amulet) * Technological: Resurrection Man (Mitch Shelley; uses nanites)* Great Evil Beast (Ultimate Darkness) * The New Gods: Anti-Life Equation Entity (presumed dead), Darkseid, Desaad, Glorious Godfrey, Kalibak (presumed dead), Kanto, Steppenwolf, Virman Vunderbar * Deep Six: Gole, Jaffar, Kurin, Shaligo the Flying Finback, Slig (presumed dead), Trok * Female Furies: Artemiz, Bernadeth, Bloody Mary, Gilotina, Granny Goodness, Lashina, Mad Harriet, Malice Vundabar, Speed Queen, Stompa, Wunda* Thanagarian mythology: Seven Devils (Beska, Irble, Kokh, Onimar Synn (Sin Eater), Shekkel, Shoggoth, Vorox), Icthultu, Mar Rhigan * Norse mythology: Gudra (of Axis America), Loki, Surtur * Mesopotamian mythology: Bull of Heaven (presumed dead), Enki, Enkimdu, Enlil (presumed dead), Ereshkigal (Allatu/Irkalia; presumed dead), Gozer, Kingu (presumed dead), Lugal-Irra, Meslamta-Ea, Milissu, Nergal II (presumed dead), Tiamat, Utu * Kryptonian mythology: Cythonna * Japanese mythology: Izanami * Irish mythology: Morrigan * Greek/Roman mythology: * Titans of Myth: Cronus (presumed dead), Hyperion, Thia * Children of Titans: Sparta of Synriannaq (presumed dead) * Cyclopes * New Titans of Myth: Arch, Devastation, Disdain, Harrier, Oblivion, Slaughter, Titan * Giants of Myth * Hekatonkheires: Briareos (turned to stone), Cottus (presumed dead)* Olympian Gods: Ares/Mars, Diana (presumed dead), Hades/Pluto, Hecate * Demigods and Children of Gods: Deimos (presumed dead), Duke of Deception, Earl of Greed, Eris (presumed dead), Eros, Lord Conquest, Lya, Lyta, Pan (presumed dead), Phobos (presumed dead), Triton* Heroes, Witches, and Legendary Creatures: Cerberus, Circe, Decay (presumed dead), Echidna, Lamai (presumed dead), Mormolykeia* Egyptian mythology: Hath-Set * Canaanite mythology: Baal * Aztec Mythology: Mixcoatl, Tezcatlipoca, Zaltec * Angels and Demons: [see Vertigo section] * Lords and Agents of Chaos and Order: Chaon, Child, Gorum, M'Shulla, Mordru, Pythia, Typhon, Vandaemon, Ynar * Supernatural: Blackbriar Thorn (?), Blackheart, Chang the Lord of the Green Dragon Tong (presumed dead), Enchantress, The Forever Woman (presumed dead), Lo-Lanke, Monsieur Stigmonus, Morgaine le Fey, Philip Burton, Queen of Fables * Vampires and the Undead: * Ghosts and Spirits: Gentleman Ghost, Squire Shade * Vampires: Azzarene, Crucifier (presumed dead), Dracula (Count Rominoff), Esteban Cruz, Jugula, The Monk (Richard Rallstone; presumed dead), Omikel, Roderick (presumed dead), Ruthven * Zombies and Undead: Solomon Grundy (Cyrus Gold; failed plant elemental), Un-Men* Aliens and Cosmic Entities: The A, Bizarro, Agamemno, Anti-Monitor, Black Flash, The Candlemaker, Dark Angel, Doomsday, Evil Star, The Immortal (Prester John of the Cadre; presumed dead), Imperiex (?), The Infernal One, King of Tears, Osira, The Overmaster (presumed dead), The Time Trapper (?) * 5th Dimensional Beings:* Imps: Bane-Mite, Bat-Mite, Kiku, Mr. Mxyzptlk, Ms. Gsptlsnz, Mixyezpitellik, Quisp/Qwsp * Thunderbolts: Lkz* 6th Dimensional Beings: ID * The Blight * The Empire of Tears: Qull of the Five Inversions * The Maltusians: Krona * The Controllers:* Mechanical: Manhunters, Amazo, Brainiac, Djinn (of Jihad) * Super-powered Beings/Metahumans: Cicada, Damien Darhk, Deathstroke the Terminator (Slade Wilson), King of the Royal Flush Gang (Joe Carny; presumed dead), Kulak, Mister Freeze (?), Multi-Man (of the Injustice League), Per Degaton (?), Proletariat, Scavenger II, Vandal Savage (Vandar Adg), Vigilante VI (Adeline Wilson/Kane; presumed dead) * Energy Beings: Chemo (?), Doctor Bedlam, Major Force, Nebula Man (Neh-Buh-Loh; ?), Pulsar Stargrave, Solaris* Altered Mortals (permanent): * Immortality Potions: General Immortus (presumed dead), Kyle Abbot (lycanthrope), Professor Ivo (Anthony Ives/Libra), Queen Bee (Zazzala; immortality reversed), Whisper A'Daire (lycanthrope)* Altered Mortals (temporary):* Limbo: * Phantom Zone captives (while captive):General Zod, Non, Ursa, White Martians* Possession of Objects:* Magical: Bison-Black-As-Midnight-Sky (existing inside the Bison Cult Talisman), Felix Faust (possessing the Hermes Trismegistus), Super-Chief II (Saganowahna II; possessing the Saganowahna meteorite amulet)* Lazarus Pit: Kobra, Nyssa Raatko, Ra's al Ghul, Talia al Ghul=== === === === * The Endless: Death/Teleute, Delirium/Delight, Desire, Destiny, Despair, Destruction, Dream (Daniel, Morpheus/Oneiros (presumed dead)) * The Dreaming:Abel, Brute and Glob, Cain, Corinthian, Cuckoo, Dream's Gate Keepers (A wyvern, a griffin and a hippogriff), Dream's Raven (Aristeas, Dechtire, Francois, Hatshepsut, Jehuda, Jessamy, Lucien, Matthew, Ming-Ti, Tethys, Vivien) Eve, Fashion Thing, Gilbert (Fiddler's Green), Goldie, Gregory, Hector Hall (Scarab/Doctor Fate), Lucien, Lyta Hall (Fury II), Mervyn Pumpkinhead, Prez Rickard, Rover (lycanthrope), Ruthven, Taramis, Tempto (Serpent of Eden) * Elementals: Brother Power the Geek (failed elemental/puppet elemental)(?), (an) Information Elemental (presumed dead), Norfulthing (Terror Elemental; presumed dead), Pestilence (Virus Elemental), Sila (first Elemental Essence), Spore (Fungus Elemental from The Grey), Thunder Petal (flower elemental) * Parliament of Flames: (presumed dead) * Fire Elementals: Corona, Firestorm I (Professor Martin Stein)* Parliament of Stones: (presumed dead) * Stone Elementals: Earth-Thing* Parliament of Trees: (presumed dead) Bifa, Bog Venus, Canan Kax, Eyam, Fields-That-Stalk, Ghost-Hiding-In-The-Rushes, Great Phoenix, Great Url, Hart-In-The-Trees, The Heap, Holland-Father (Alec Holland/Swamp Thing/Monster of the Fens/Bog God), Jack-in-the-Green (Alfred "Alf" Oldland), Kettle Hole-Devil, Lady Jane (Alicia Huston), Matango, Misk, Ohtehrah (Gangmi/Yeti/Raksa/The Abominable Snowman), Saint Columba, Sarga, Swamp Knucker, Yggdrasil * Earth Elementals (The Green):Black Orchid (Susan Linden-Thorne, Flora Black, Suzy) (?), Hyathis (of Alstair), Swamp Thing (Aaron Hayley, Alan Hollman, Alex Olsen, Alec Holland), The Sprout (Tefé Holland)* Parliament of Vapors: (presumed dead) * Air Elementals: Red Tornado II (Tornado Champion)* Parliament of Waves: (presumed dead) * Water Elementals (The Blue): Naiad (Mai Miyazaki), Water Spirit* Parliament of Worlds: Mars, Oa, (Jupiter, Mercury, Neptune, Saturn, Uranus, Venus; assumed members)* Winathian mythology: Validus (Lord of Lightning) (?) * Norse mythology: Angerboda, Baldur (presumed dead), Bergelmir, Fenrir the Sun-Eater, Freya, Geri and Freki, Hel Half-Rotted, Hodir, Hrimtursa, Hugin and Munin, Jormungund the World Serpent, Loki, Narvi (presumed dead), The Norns, Odin the All-Father, Sif, Sigyn, Skadi, Sleipnir, Thor * Native American mythology: Blue Flint Girl (Mother of the Whirlwinds), Coyote-Old Man (Father Craft), Thunderbird, The Voiceless Gods (presumed dead), White-Buffalo-Woman (Brown Mary) * Mesopotamian mythology: Erishad's gods (gods of Uruk; presumed dead) * Japanese mythology: Kagutsuchi (presumed dead), Susano-O-No-Mikoto, Tsuki-Yomi (presumed dead), Yama-no-Kami (presumed dead) * Greek/Roman mythology: Calliope (muse), Cupid (Q), Euridice (presumed dead), Geryon, The Gorgons (Stheno, Euryale), The Hecatee/The Moirae/The Fates (Atropos, Clotho, Lachesis), Orpheus (presumed dead), Psyche (Fly Girl; presumed dead) * Egyptian mythology: Bast * Babylonian mythology: Ishtar * Angels and Demons: * Angels: Brotherless One (Gray Walker/perhaps Phantom Stranger), Death-Angel of the Third Heaven, The Word (Logos)* Angels of Silver City/Elysium: Casor, Chamiel (presumed dead), Enoch, Mesukiel, Sandalphon, Sariel (presumed dead), Tali, Zelah * The Archangels: Dariel (presumed dead), Gabriel, Ibriel (presumed dead), Michael Demiurgos (Michael the Archangel), Raguel (becomes Aztar after exile), Raphael, Samael (became Lucifer after exile), Saraquael, Uriel * The Cherubs (Cherubim/Second Order/The Pax Dei/Army of Heaven): Amphodel, Echielais (presumed dead), Gargonel * Bull Host: Baumiel, Rrall * Eagle Host: Heraphon, Zauriel * Human Host * Lion Host* The Divine Spirits* Divine Mercy (Radiant - past/present hosts: Sister Clarice) * Divine Vengeance (Spectre/Angel of Vengeance - past/present hosts: Aztar (former demon, resigned), Crispus Allen, Hal Jordan (resigned), Jim Corrigan (resigned)) * Divine Wrath (Angel of Wrath; replaced/merged with the Spectre Force - past/present hosts:Eclipso (deposed))* The Schechina (Earth-Born Angels): Angel of Light (Blithe), Angel of Love (Comet), Angel of Fire (Ember, Supergirl II/Linda Danvers, Twilight) * The Seraphs (Seraphim/First Order): Metatron, Kemuel, Nathanael * The Thrones (Orphanim/Third Order): Amenadiel (presumed dead)* Demons: The Beast, The Devil, Nick Slick, Old Scratch, Prince of Darkness, Satan, Shadow Dog* Demonized Humans: Anton Arcane, Blue Devil, Brother Hugh, Buzz (Marcus Gaius), The Creeper (Jack Ryder), Kid Devil (Red Devil/Edward Alan Bloomberg), The Mawzir (presumed dead), Naamah (Naomi), Nergal I (Black Nergal), Rudd (Christopher Rudd), Sabbac (Timothy Karnes (presumed dead), Ishmael Gregor), White Magician (Asquith Randolph/Mister Magik; presumed dead) * Devils, Djinn, and Minor Demons: Abraxis, Agares, Agilieth (presumed dead), Agony, The Arkannone (Lords of the Gun, presumed dead), Asmodeus, Asteroth, Azmodus (Chakara; presumed dead), Barbatos, Baytor (Lord of Insanity), Bazu, Behemoth, Bella Donna (yuppie demon), Belyllioth, Blathoxi, Bor'r'wik (presumed dead), Braid, Brosag (presumed dead), Buer, Calibraxis, Carnivore (Carl Carnivean, presumed dead), Charun, Choronzon, Chthon, Clutcher (presumed dead), C'th the Undying (presumed dead), Dag-Raith, Dalkriig-Hath (presumed dead), Demon Constantine, Devo, Dominique, Dromos, Echidna, Ecstacy, Effrul (presumed dead; transformed into a realm of Hell), Hauptman, Hellrazer, Hurmizah, Jyzyl, Kamara the Fear Monster, Keeper of the Oracle of the Styx (presumed dead), Khara, Kusornes (presumed dead), Lacewing, Leatherwing, Lurgo, M'nagalah the Cancer God, Mahakala, Merkin the Mother of Spiders, Miss Vuall, Mnemoth (hunger demon), Morax, Morgastes, The Myrmidons, N'z'rath, Nelwe'enyx (presumed dead), Oracle of the Styx, Puzzlestick, Raan Va Daath of the Pit, Raum, Rodney Bubosganglia (yuppie demon), Rosacarnis, "Satan," Shaitan, Squatterblot, Tala, Thpot, Toll, Tuma'el, Vasuki the Serpent King, Ziial (presumed dead)* Djinn: Arrakhat (presumed dead), Azazel (Arch-Duke) * Exegesis Guild:* The Forges * The Renderers* Infernal Hosts:* Howlers: Chris Puckett, Joe, Roger, Mr. Reagan, Mrs. Sanchez * Necromages: * Rhyming Demons: Bloodklott, Etrigan the Demon (Jason Blood/Iason), Neron (demoted Lord; presumed dead), Nyx (Rhyming Demon)* Oni and Shiko-Me: Kijo, Musubi, Ritsime (presumed dead)* Extra-Dimensional Demons: Dreamslayer (of Earth-8), Invunche, Nekron I, Nekron II, Parallax, Raven (?), Trigon* Demons Three: Abnegazar, Ghast, Rath * Jin En Mok: Cestis (presumed dead), Saul (presumed dead)* The Fallen: Abaddon the Destroyer (Arch-Fiend), Araquel (presumed dead), Asmodel (Arch-Fiend), Aztar, Duam, First of the Fallen, Gaudium, Lucifer Morningstar (Lightbringer/Samael), Meleos, Remiel, Second of the Fallen (presumed dead), Scabbies (captured angels), Spera (Hope), Third of the Fallen (presumed dead) * Lords, Arch-Dukes and Arch-Fiends: Adramalech, Beelzebub (Baalzebub), Belial, Duke Seviram, Lady Blaze, Lady Crone, Lady Lys, Lilith (Mother of Demons; presumed dead), Lord Arux, Lord Kakk, Lord Mephistopheles, Lord Satanus (presumed dead), Lord Scapegoat, Lord Wotan, Mordecai Smyt, Nebiros, Nergal (former Mesopotamian god), Stamma, Thing-That-Cannot-Die (presumed dead)* Minions, Familiars, and Servants: Glieve (presumed dead), Minokh (presumed dead), Prackspoor, Quell, Sirrah * Lilith's Progeny: * Incubi and Succubi: Chantinelle (Ellie), Daemon (presumed dead), Leah (Alleatha; presumed dead), Sekuba, Triskelle * Lilim: Briadach the Blind, Elokim Shaer, General Loth, General Misran, Mahu (presumed dead), Mazikeen, Ophur, Scoria* Angel/Demon Hybrids: Genesis (demon/angel hybrid; presumed dead), Nikki (demon/angel hybrid) * Children of Angels: Cal, Elaine Belloc* Legendary Creatures: Lord Kaproth, The Love Syndicate of Dreamworld (Magic Lantern, Speed Freak, Sunshine Superman), Petrefax, The Never Never Boys (Wynken, Blynken, Nod), Spirit of London, The Wild Hunt (Gou, Lord of the Hunt, Veja, Köndös (presumed dead)) * Fables: * Americana Fables: John Henry, Lady Luck, Paul Bunyan (presumed dead), Pecos Bill * Arabian Fables: Aladdin, Ali Baba, Hakim, Sinbad, Yusuf (presumed dead) * Fabletown Fables: Ambrose (Flycatcher/Frog Prince), Barbara Allen (presumed dead), Beauty and the Beast, Bigby Wolf, Bluebeard (presumed dead/ghost), Boy Who Cried Wolf, Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty), Bufkin, Cinderella, Count of Monte Cristo (Edmond Dantès), Doctor Swineheart, The Forsworn Knight (Sir Lancelot), The Frankenstein Monster, Gretel (presumed dead/ghost), Gudrun the Goose, Hansel, Humpty Dumpty (presumed dead), Ichabod Crane (presumed dead), Incitatus, Jack Horner (Jack of Fables/Jack of the Tales/Jack the Giant Killer/Jack Be Nimble/Jack Frost/Jack Candlestick/Jack O'Lantern/Wicked John), Katrinelje, Kay, King Cole, Little Black Sambo, Mary Mary Quite Contrary, Max (the Pied Piper of Hamelin), Mister Grandours, Mister Jack Sprat (presumed dead), Mister North (The North Wind), Mister Web (Spider; presumed dead/ghost), Mrs. Jack Sprat, Mrs. Muffet-Web (Little Miss Muffet), Peter Piper, Prince Charming (presumed dead), Rapunzel, Red Riding Hood, Sally Morrison (presumed dead), Sergeant Harp (presumed dead), Shylock, Snow White, Thrushbeard, Trusty John (presumed dead/ghost) * The Crow Brothers: Ephram, Joel, Vulco (nine of twelve presumed dead) * The Cubs: Ambrose, Blossom, Conner, Darien, Ghost, Therese, Winter * Fairies:Bean Nighe, Blue Fairy (presumed dead), Tooth Fairy * Magic-users: Baba Yaga, Frau Totenkinder (Black Forest Witch; immortal only through child sacrifice) * The Tourists: Feathertop, Mowgli, Woodsman* Farm Fables: Baba Yaga's Hut, The Billy Goats Gruff (Bill), Boy Blue, Chicken Little, Clarathea (Clara), Cock Robin (presumed dead), Commander Arrow, Goldilocks, Goosey Loosey, Jack Ketch, King Noble, Lion, Mary and Her Little Lamb (lamb presumed dead), Mean Little Sunflower Kid, Mersey Dotes, Mother Goose, Old Woman That Lived In A Shoe, The Owl and the Pussycat, Peter Cottontail, Puss In Boots, The Raven, Reynard the Fox, Rose Red, Stinky Badger, Swan, Tortoise and the Hare, Weyland Smith (presumed dead/ghost) * Br'er Fables: Br'er Bear, Br'er Fox, Br'er Rabbit * Hey Diddle Diddle Fables: The Cow (Bovalunaris), The Dish, Fiddling Cat, Laughing Dog, The Moon, The Spoon * Hickory Dickory Fables: Hickory Dickory Dock Clock, Hickory Dickory Dock Mouse * Jungle Book Fables: Bagheera, Ballo, Kaa, King Louie, Shere Khan (presumed dead/ghost) * Smalltown: The Liliputians (Jill, Johnny Bullhorn (John Barleycorn), Sergeant Wilfred (partnered with Corporal Rex (presumed dead))), Mustard Pot Pete, Thumbelina, Thumbelina's Mice, Tom Thumb * The Three Bears: Baby Bear, Boo (presumed dead), Mama, Papa * The Three Blind Mice * The Three Pigs: Colin, Dun, Posey (all presumed dead) * The Three Sleepers: Donnie, Lonnie, Ronny * Wind-In-The-Willows Fables: Mister Badger, Mister Frog, Mole * Wonderland Fables: The Cards, Cheshire Cat, Mister Carpenter, Mister Walrus, White Rabbit* Homeland Fables: Alice from Wonderland, Aslan (presumed dead), The Brave Little Tailor (presumed dead), Britomart (presumed dead), Captain Hinterfox, Colonel Bearskin (presumed dead), Count Aucassin de Beaucaire (presumed dead), Don Quixiote and Pancho, Gandalf the Grey, Geppetto (The Adversary), Governor General Chernomor (presumed dead), Inquisitor General Hansel, Janet, Jiminy Cricket, King of Bornegascar (presumed dead), King of Madagao (presumed dead), King Pellinore (presumed dead). Minister Muddlecock (presumed dead), Mrs. Peaspatter, Red Riding Hood's Grandmother, The Redcross Knight (presumed dead), Sir Herman von Starkenfaust (presumed dead), Snow Queen (Lumi), Snow White's Dwarves (presumed dead), Tam Lin (presumed dead), Winter * Merry Men: Friar Tuck (presumed dead), John Small (Little John; presumed dead), Robin Hood (Robin O' The Wood; presumed dead); (all presumed dead) * Oz Fables: Dorothy, The Cowardly Lion, Jack Pumpkinhead, Munchkins, The Nome King, The Scarecrow, The Tin Woodsman, Toto (presumed dead) * The Three Horsemen * The Three Knights: Bright Day, Dark Night, Radiant Sun * The Three Men In A Tub: The Butcher, The Baker, and the Candlestick Maker * Thrumbly Hares: Colonel Thunderfoot* Literals: Bookburner, Gary (Pathetic Fallacy), Kevin Thorn, Mister Revise (Cutting Man/Warlock's Bane/The Unmaker/The Master Librarian), The Page Sisters (Hillary, Priscilla, Robin), Prose Page * North Pole Fables: Mrs. Claus, Santa Claus, Santa's Reindeer * Trolls and Goblins: The Devil, Goblin Army, Grimble, Hobbes, Iron Shoes (Redcap), Ogren, Throk * Wooden Soldiers: Drew, Hugh, June (carver), Lou, Pinnochio (former), Rodney (former)* Faerie: Ava (exile), Julie (faerie bear), Verian * Brownies/Pixies: Bridie, Cluracan (Ambassador to Queen Titania), Nuala * Changelings/Gale Sidhe: Linda * Flitlings: Briar Rose, Rosehip, Thistle, Woodbine, Yarrow (Fool of the Forthing) * Fotches: Gyvv * Human Residents (repressed aging): Hamnet Shakespeare (presumed dead), Mary Hunter (potential faerie; presumed dead), Molly O'Reilly (?), Tamlin the Falconer (Tamlin Clayborne; presumed dead) * Hobgoblins: Puck (Robin Goodfellow) * Royalty/Seelie Court: King Auberon (current king), King Huon the Small (Huon the Leveller), King Magnus, Prince Taik, Queen Dymphna (transformed into a tree), Queen Mab (presumed dead), Queen Titania (as human:Rosebud/Maryrose; current queen), Regent King Obrey (presumed dead) * Royal Attendants: Amadan (Amadan-na-Briona, Fool of the Forthing; presumed dead), Mazaran, Musterseed, Peaseblossom, Skarrow, Wendel * Trolls and Goblins: Dru (goblin), Stur (troll; presumed dead), Sturm (troll), Stumpf (troll; presumed dead), Wood Goblins * The Unseelie:* Supernatural: The Archons of Nùrnheim, Basanos (presumed dead), John Constantine (Archetype) (?), The Gardener, Gwendolyn (immortal through magic), Happy (golem), The King of Birds, Mad Hettie, Merlin (Myrddin), Pharamond, Saint of Killers, The Silk Man, Tanger and Crimple, Thessaly, The Three (Mother, Maiden, and Crone/Mildred, Cynthis, and Mordred) * Lords and Agents of Chaos and Order: Kilderkin of Order, Shivering Jemmy of the Shallow Brigade of Chaos (The Lady of Cheap Coosmetics/The Queen of Wounds) * Vampires and the Undead: * Ghosts and Spirits:Charles Rowland (ghost), Crazy Lightning (ghost), Edwin Paine (ghost), Hemlock (tree spirit; presumed dead), Ikkumaâluk (fire spirit), Mona Doyle (ghost; presumed dead/sent to afterlife), Sitka (tree spirit; presumed dead), Whispering Jack (ghost) * Vampires: Cassidy (cured), King of the Vampires I (presumed dead), King of the Vampires II (Darius, presumed dead) * Zombies and Undead: John Dee (Dr. Dee/Doctor Destiny; undead from Dream Ruby?)(?), Patchwork Man (Gregori Arcane)* Aliens and Cosmic Entities: The Aleph* Altered Mortals: Children of Free Country (Daniel the Chimney Sweep (left Free Country; transformed into a dog), Jumping Joan, Marya (left Free Country)), Erishad of Uruk (Pauline Sorsky; presumed dead), Erishad's baby, Hob Gadling, Little Sisters of Our Lady of the Razor, Naram-Sin of Uruk (?), Ricthie Simpson (?), Rose Walker (?)---- * Aliens and Cosmic Entities: Wowbagger the Infinitely Prolonged=== === ---- * Hermetic mythology: Promethea, Thoth-Hermes * Angels and Demons: Andras, Marchosias * Vampires and the Undead: Dracula (presumed dead),* Residents of the Immateria: Anna, Barbara Shelley, Grace Brannagh, Little Margie, Margaret Taylor Case, William Woolcott * Aliens and Cosmic Entities: The Rumor * Mechanical: Pneuman * Super-powered Beings: Splash Brannigan * Altered Mortals: Dhalua (?), Tesla Strong (?), Tom Strong (?) === === === === * God * Judeo-Christian mythology: Judas the Betrayer, Saint George * Angels and Demons: Arcangels, Ekimus, The Grigori, Lisseth, Lucifer, Zophiel * Supernatural: Chalkydri, Children of Judas, Scarlet, Red Hoods, Sapha, Stella * Vampires and the Undead:Alex Elder (Crimson), Azzo (presumed dead), Joe the Indian, Xula === === * Norse mythology: Fenris * Vampires and the Undead: Christopher Truelove, The Eidelon, The Weavers, Zeke (Maxi) * Aliens and Cosmic Entities: * Century Babies: Addie Vochs, Alex Brass, Bret Leather, Elijah Snow, Gaia Rothstein, Jenny Fractal, Jenny Quantum (formerly incarnated as Jenny Sparks, Jenny Steam, Jenny Revolution, Jenny Plague, Jenny Inquisition, Jenny Crusade, Jenny Ra, Jenny Fire, and Jenny Stone), Lord Blackstock * Spirits: Rose Tattoo (Spirit of Murder) * Coda: Andromache (presumed dead), Artemis, Baroness Destine (presumed dead), Cassandra (presumed dead), Christina Blaze, Cordelia, Delphae, Devin, Grand Sarin (presumed dead), Lady Harmony (presumed dead) * D'Rahn: Lord Typhon (presumed dead), Pildra, Syth, Zentrue * Daemonites: Baron B'lial, Hightower, Lord Helspont, Lord Defile, Olympia Atreides, Mr. White (presumed dead), S'Ym * Kherubim: Charis (Nemesis), Ferrian (presumed dead), Kenesha (Savant), Lady Zannah (Zealot), Lord Emp, Lord Entropy, Lord Khull Imperator, Lord Majestros (Mister Majestic), Lord Mythos, Lord S'lyton, Marc Slayton (Backlash), Raven, Stratos, Yohn Kohl (Spartan)* Altered Mortals: John Stone, Mother (Establishment) === === * Super-powered Beings: Adam Monroe (presumed dead), Claire Bennet (?), Sylar (?) === === === === * Vampires and the Undead: The Confessor (presumed dead)* African mythology: (pantheon; undisclosed deities/divinities) * Aztec/Mayan mythology: (pantheon; undisclosed deities/divinities) * Buddhist mythology:Garuda?, (pantheon; undisclosed deities/divinites) * Egyptian mythology: Anubis, Set, (pantheon; undisclosed deities/divinities) * Indian/Hindu mythology: (pantheon; undisclosed deities/divinites) * Japanese/Shinto mythology: (pantheon; undisclosed deities/divinities) * Norse mythology: The Aesir (Fro (Fraujaz), Heimdallr, Loki, Odin, Thor, Tyr), The Dvergar, Hugin, Jörmungandr, The Jötnar (Ægir, Surtur, Ymir (presumed dead)), The Ljósálfar (Light Elves), Munin (presumed dead), The Nomir (Norns), The Valkyrie === === * Vampires and the Undead: Alan Frog, Arlington Coven, Black Widow of Santa Carla, Chloe (presumed dead), Congressman Barlowe (presumed dead), David, Redcoats, Senator Lucard (presumed dead), Shane Powers (presumed dead) === === * World of Warcraft mythology:* Gods and Demi-gods: Agamaggan, Aviana, Cenarius, Earthmother, Etune, Lord Xavius, Malorne the Waywatcher, Old Gods, Queen Azshara, Ursoc, Ursol * Loa* Titans: Dark Titans (Sargeras)* Elementals: Elemental Lords (Ragnaros the Firelord (fire elemental), Therazane the Stonemother (earth elemental), Al'Akir the Windlord (air elemental), Neptulon the Tidehunter (water elemental)) * Angels and Demons: Man'ari Eredar (Archimonde), The Nathrezim (Balnazzar, Varimathras)(?)* Legendary Creatures:* Ancient Protectors * Dragons: * Elves: * Kaldorei/The Night Elves (revoked)(?): Anessa (presumed dead), Broll Bearmantle (presumed dead), Fandral Staghelm, Telandria, Tyrande Whisperwind, Vesprystus * The Naga: Morgala Darksquall (presumed dead)* Quel'dorei/The Highborne (revoked)(?): Dath'Remar Sunstrider* Dryads * Keepers of the Grove* Mountain Giants:* Satyrs:* Supernatural: Remulos * Vampires and the Undead:Abominations, Alexandros Mograine, Anub'Rekhan, Darion Mograine, The Forsaken (Sylvanas Windrunner), Grobbulus, High Inquisitor Fairbanks, Kel'Thuzad, Lich King, Meryl Felstorm, Stasia Fallshadow,Thaddius----== == * Super-powered Beings: Silver Streak (?)---- * Vampires and the Undead: Mirza (Mirela Zamanova; vampire)---- * Vampires and the Undead:* Vampires: Cracker (presumed dead), Gdeon (presumed dead), Miranda Mastenbrook----* Vampires and the Undead: Billy, Dane, Eben Olemaun, Maggie, Marlowe (presumed dead), Norris, Thomas Ramandt, Vicente (presumed dead), Zurial* The Night Crew: Santana* Mechanical: Hardhead, Jhiaxus * Vampires and the Undead: Selene (vampire)== == ---- * God * Judeo-Christian mythology: The Disciples (Apostles; James the Less, Judas, Simn Peter), Jesus Christ (Man of Miracles/Mother of Existence)* Angels and Demons:* Angels: Angela* Demons: Abaddon, Desiccator, Malebolgia, Mammon, Phlegethonyarre, Satan, Thamuz, Violator * Hellspawn: Spawn (Al Simmons), Mandarin, Morana* Supernatural: Cogliostro * Aliens and Cosmic Entities: The Viltrumite (Omni-Man) * Super-powered Beings: Badrock (?), Blood Fist (Haemon/Wolfe; presumed dead), Christian Walker (Gor/Gora/Blue Streak/Diamond), Master Han Xian-Zi, The Immortal * Supernatural: Lord Recluse---- * Vampires and the Undead: Misty---- * Vampires and the Undead: Fiends of the Eastern Front (Captain Constanta, Corporal Gorgo; vampires)----== == * Vampires and the Undead:* Vampires: Erick Lugo, Ivan Lugo== == ---- * Elder God mythology: Fujin, Shinnok * Angels and Demons: Lucifer, Oni Daemons (Drahmin, Moloch, Quan Chi), Sereena * Legendary Creatures: Shokan (Gorbak, Goro, Mai)----* God (Hand of God/One-Above-All) * Demiurge * Elder Gods: Atum (Nun/Demogorge), Gaea (Aditi/Erce/Neith/Ninhursag), Isuus, Oshtur * Second Generation: Buri, Nun, Ouranos (presumed dead)* Aboriginal/Australian mythology: Altjira, Baiame, Daramulum, Julunggul, Marmoo, Narahdarn * Aztec mythology:Ahpuch (Mictlantechutli). Hunab-Ku, Itzamna, Mictlantecuhtli, Quetzalcoatl, Tezcatlipoca* Celtic mythology: Angus, Anpao, Arawn, Arianhrod, Badb/Andraste, Boann, Bodb (The Red Lord), Brigit, Caber, Cernunnos, Conor, Crom, Cuchulain, Cuthbadth, Dagda, Danu (Gaea), Eochaid Ollathir, Fuamnach, Niamh (Lady of the Lake), Leir, Lud, Lug, Macha, Midir, Morrigan, Nemain, Nuada/Nuadhu, Oghma, Rhiannon, Scathach, Taranis * Chinese mythology: Hou-Tou (Gaea), Shou-Hsing, Yu Huang * Egyptian mythology: Siapep (Devourer) * The Ennead: Anubis (Anpu), Geb, Horus, Isis, Nephthys, Nut, Osiris, Shu * Heliopolitans: Bast, Bes, Chons, Hathor, Horos, Khnum, Khonshu, Maat, Ptah, Seshat, Taweret, Tefnut, Thoth * The Ogdoad: Ammon Ra* Finnish mythology: Akka (Gaea), Ukko, Vammatar * Greek/Roman mythology:* Olympian Gods: Apollo, Ares, Artemis, Athena, Dionysus, Hephaestus, Hera, Hermes, Neptune, Pluto, Priapus, Venus, Vesta, Zeus * Titans: Asteria, Astraeus, Atlas, Coeus, Cronus, Dione, Hyperion, Japetus, Dione, Eprimetheus, Hecate, Leto, Menoetius, Mnemosyne, Oceanus, Ophion, Pallas, Perses, Phoebe, Rhea, Tethys, Prometheus, Themis, Thia * Demigods and Children of Gods: Hercules, Hippolyta* Hawaiian mythology: Haumea, Hiiaka, Hina, Kai-Tangata, Laka, Namaka, Papa, Pele, Polivah, Rangi, Rongo, Tame, Tangaroa, Tawhaki, Tu * Hyborian mythology: Hyborian Gods (Asura, Crom, Lir, Mitra), Sedrick, Snakes of Many Colors (Jandlinatjari) * Indian/Hindu mythology: Daevas (Agni, Ammavaru, Brahma, Daksha, Dharma, Dyaus, Ganesha, Himavat, Indra, Kali, Kama, Lakshmi, Maya, Menahka, Padma, Parvati, Prithivi, Ratri, Sarasvati, Shiva, Soma, Ushas, Vach, Varuna, Vishnu, Yama, Yudhishthara) * Japanese mythology:Amaterasu, Ame-no-Mi-Kumari, Bishamon, Ho-Ti, Inari, Izanagi, Izanami (Yo/Gaea), Kaminari, Mikaboshi, Susanoo, Takamimusubi, Tsuki-Yomi * Mesopatamian mythology: Annunaki (Anu, Saja, Tammuz) * Mongolian mythology: Erlik, Ulgen, Vaat * Native American mythology: Calumet, Haokah, Hotamintanio, Manitou, Nanabozho, Nokomis (Gaea), Owayodata, Tawa, Tomazooma * Norse mythology: Balder the Brave, Frey, Frigga, Heimdall, Hermod the Brave, Hoder, Lorelei (presumed dead), Mimir, Odin, Sif, Thor, Tyr, Vidar, Volla* Valkyrior/The Vallkyrie: Brunnhilde, Grimgerda, Helmviga, Hildegarde, Krista, Leita, Danielle Moonstar, Ortlinda, Rossveissa, Siegrina, Valtrauta * Warriors Three: Fandral the Dashing, Hogun the Grim, Volstagg the Valiant* Persian mythology: Yazatas (Ahura Mazda, Atar, Mitra), Zoroaster* Russian/Slavic mythology: Dievas (Perun, Svarog)* Angels and Demons: Cherub Thrasher* Angels: Andy, Angel of Death (Azrael/Lazaer), Apparition, Armaziel, Brandy Ash, Daniel, Darlene, Emmael (presumed dead), Hamael, Izadquiel, Janus (Golden Angel, Son of Dracula), Lusa Gregor, Jodyquiel, Harry Moran, Rudiger, Sansenoy, Semangol, Senoy, Shamhazai, Spirit of Christmas, Thrasher, Todyquiel, Tzadquiel, Uriel, Zachariah* Archangels: Esther, Gabriel (Chairman Gabriel), Metatron, Raziel, Ruth* Agents of Heaven: Ingenuity Lee, Stephen Loss* Asura:* Council of Thrones: Arcturus, Ephesus * Ephemra:Anielle (The Fallen One, the Heaven-Sent, Just-Fallen; presumed dead) * Grigori: Armaros (presumed dead), Azazel (presumed dead), Esphares (presumed dead), Ezekeel (presumed dead), Gadriel, Grigori, Hafaza, Sariel, Tariel* Angel/Demon hybrids: Deuteronomy, Sybil* Demons: * Demonized humans: Fafnir Hellhand (demonized arm), Terror (Shreck, demonized human)* Supernatural: Merlyn, Roma, Saint of Therapists * Vampires and the Undead: Barnabas Collins (vampire), Frankenstein Monster (Adam), Hannibal King (vampire)* Aliens and Cosmic Entities: Abraxas (presumed dead), Death, Entropy, Eon (He Who Waits; presumed dead), Epoch, Eternity, Galactus, In-betweener, Infinity, Korvac (Michael Korva), Kronos, Living Tribunal, Lord Chaos, Master Order, Nemesis, Oblivion, Phoneix Force * Beyonders* Celestials: Arishem the Judge, Ashema the Listener, Devron the Experimenter, Eson the Searcher, Exitar the Exterminator, Gamiel the Manipulator, Gammenon the Gatherer, Hargen the Measurer, Jemiah the Analyzer, The Monolith Gatherer, Nezarr the Calculator, The One Above All, Oneg the Prober, Scathan the Approver, Tefral the Surveyor, Tiamut, The Dreaming Celestial, Ziran the Tester, "Blue Celestial", "Red Celestial", "Red/Blue Judge"* Cosmic Cubes: Beyonder (Kosmos), Kubik, Shaper of Worlds* Elders of the Universe: Architect, Astronomer (presumed dead), Caregiver, Champion, Collector, Contemplator, Ego, Explorer, Gardener, Grandmaster, Judicator, Obliterator, Possessor (presumed dead), Runner, Trader (presumed dead) * Eternals:* First Generation Eternals (those born before the fall of Titanos): Daina, Kronos (Chronos/Chronus; presumed dead/spirit), Master Elo* Second Generation Eternals (those alive at the time of Chronus' experiment): Alars, Arnaa, Cybele, Forgotten One (Gilgamesh/Hero), Helios, Perse, Rakar, Tulayn, Valkin (All-Father/Colonel Vulcanin), Virako, Zuras (presumed dead/spirit). * Third Generation Eternals (born after Chronos' experiment): Aginar, Ajak (Ajax the Greater/Quetzacoatl/Tecumotzin; presumed dead), Arex (Ajax the Lesser), Atlo, Domo, Ikaris (Sovereign), Interloper (Will Fanshaw), Mara, Phastos, Sigmar, Thena (Azura), Veron, Zarin. * Fourth Generation Eternals (born after the coming of the Second Host, 20,000 years ago): Argos, Ceyote, Chi Demon, the Delphan brothers, Druig, Khoryphos, Makkari (Hurricane/Mercury/Major Victory), Pixie, Psykos, Sersi (Circe/Sylvia Sersi/Mesmer), Kingo Sunen, El Vampiro. * Fifth Generation Eternals(born after the coming of the Third Host, 3,000 years ago): Aurelle, Sprite, Titanis.* Octessence/Exemplars: Cyttorak, Farallah, Ikonn, Krakkan, Balthakk, Raggadorr, Valtorrm Watoomb* Watchers: Aron, Uatu* Mechanical: Caretaking Automaton (presumed dead) * Super-powered Beings/Mutants: Deadpool, Mister Immortal (of GLA), Wolverine (?) * Altered Mortals (permanent): * Magical: Ancient One (?)* Altered Mortals (temporary): * Possession of Objects: * Magical: Possessors of the Bloodstone (Elsa Bloodstone, Ulysses Bloodstone (Captain Ahab/Frank/Redstone Kid; presumed dead)* The Archenemy (presumed dead) * Elder Gods:Belathauzer, Chthon, Set * Egyptian mythology: The Ennead (Seth), Heliopolitans (Sekhmet)* Greek/Roman mythology: Nyx, Pluto * Hyborian mythology: Devourer of Souls (made mortal), Ape-Thing (presumed dead), Omm, Oranah the Stag God, The Shedu, Snakes of Many Colors (Yarralamundu), Thulsa Doom, Xuthl the Demon Lord, Yaamai * Hyborian Gods: Borri, Dagon, Erlik, Ishiti, Jergal Zadh, Zug* Judeo-Christian mythology: Gog, Magog * Mesopotamian mythology: Annunaki (Ba'al, Ereshkigal, Inanna,Lilith (Kiskillilla), Marduk, Martu, Moloch, Nergal,Sà-Bal-Bal, Tiamat, Ullikimus), The Bailiff of Inanna * Native-American mythology: (Hopi) Clowns * Norse mythology: Big Mother (Grendel's mother), The Enchantress (Amora), Grendel, Hela, Karnilla, Loki, Mogul of the Mystic Mountain, Sigyn* Etins/Giants of Jotunheim: Fafnir II, Fasolt (presumed dead), Grundroth, Hymir, Hyrm, Laufey, Siggroth, Thokk * Fire giants: Surtur* Frost giants: Hagen, Kartak, Kloroddr, Skurge (The Executioner), Utgard-Loki, Ymir * Mountain giants * Rine giants * Storm giants: Arkin the Weak, Brimer, Ghan, Grondar, Kaggor, Knorda, Nedra, Ogre, Skagg, Skoll, Snotri* Trolls: Geirrodur* Russian/Slavic mythology: Baba Yaga (presumed dead), Chernobog * Angels and Demons: * Angels: Afterlife, Emmael, ailah, Vraniel, Zadkiel * Elderspawn (Class I):Damballah, Dragon of the Moon, Ophions, Tartessus, Y'Garon, Yamato-no-Orich * Devils and Earth Demons (Class II):Agathon (presumed dead), Allatou, Asmodeus, Aqquoonkagua, Asmodiar, Bailiff of Madness, Baphomet, Basilisk, Belial, Beliar, Bitterhorn, Blackheart, Catherine, Challenger, D'Kay, Dansker (presumed dead), Dargil, Darklove (Oscuram, presumed dead), Demon Master, Demon of the Blood Jewel, Demon of the Caves, Demon of the Dark, Demon of the Diamonds, Demon of the Sands, Demon of Smoke, Demon Riders (Satan's 40 Horsemen), Diabolique, Diabolique's Mother (presumed dead), Doggerel (presumed dead), Dragonus, Derwyddon's Gargoyle (Son of Pan), Ehrthold, Erlik Khan, Fire Demon, Hrinmeer (The Flame)(presumed dead), Hyppokri, Mephista, Nicholis Eblis, Orleans Cooper, Satan (Marduk Kurios), Rigor Mortis, Spohrrinox (presumed dead) * Demonized Humans: Bat Out of Hell, Belasco, Bloodthirst (presumed dead), Boogyman, Bruno Coasta, Cameron Hodge (?), Copperhead (Lawrence Chesney), Dark Rider, Death Ninja, Demogoblin, Desmond Pitt (Darkoth the Death Demon), Devil's Heart, Exile, Jank Chapman, Legion of Vengeance (Bacillus, Mind's Eye, Strontium-90, Vesper), Lethal Legion (Heinrich Himmler (Zyklon), Josef Stalin (Coldsteel), Lizzie Borden (Axe of Violence), Lucrezia Borgia (Cyana); all presumed dead), Somnambulist * Fallen Angels: Azmodeus, Beelzeboul, The First Fallen, Lucifer, Malachi, Micah (Kazann), Olivier (Olivier Stoker), Pazuzu (Imdugud) * The Four: Karath, Raga, Ellin, Trachos/Miles Gorney (Satan) * Incubi and Succubi: Dream Demons, Satana, Zannarth (presumed dead) * Lilin: Bad Timing, Blackout, Bloodthrist, Creed, Dark Legion, Doc, Fang, Girth (presumed dead), Infinks, Lilith, Meatmarket, Nakota, Outcast, Parasite, Pilgrim, Pixel, Scatter, Short-Circuit, Sister Nil, Skinner, Skitter, Spitfire * Lords of the Splinter Realms:Brutus Klor, Dormammu, The Haemovore Kings of the Outer Dark, Hedron the Faceted, High Seers of Nox, Magik (Amanda Sefton), Malevolence, Mephisto, Molgotha, Muranai, Phemous, Siffror, Skarabrous the Stalker, Surtur, Thog, Umar, Viliven * Fear Lords: D'Spayre, Dweller-in-Darkness, Kkallakku, Lurking Unknown, Nightmare, Nox, Straw Man* Minions, Familiars, and Servants: Agathon, Army of Archangels, Beelzeboul's Servants (Ghasta, Imps, Neith,Se'irim (presumed dead), Strigae, Three-Armed Demon, Vulkanus), Conqueror Worms, D'Sprytes, December and January, Demon Steeds (Hegal, Malah, Zulum), Dryminextes, The Dykkors, Exiter (presumed dead), Gnit I (presumed dead), Gnit II (presumed dead), The Khats, Mount Avarice, The Nightbeast, Orleans Cooper's Servants (Okraas, Malonch, Cephyr), Rzh'Arr, Saturnine,* Orffyreus Wheel and the Demon Lords * Realm of Madness: Delusion, Dementia, Demon In Your Head, Dusk, Fetish, Megalomania, Necromancer, Neurotica, Obsession, Paranoia, Phobia, Psychosis, Tabicantra, V'Zarr, Yammuz, Yukthalok* Six-Fingered Hand: Avarrish, Fashima, Hyppokri, Maya, Puishannt, Unthinnk* Extra-Dimensional Demons (Class III): Aan Taanu, Abadon, Abysss, Aesklos (presumed dead), Alioth, All-Devourer, Angra-Mainyu, Arachne, Asmodeus (of the Enclave), Asteroth (presumed dead), Battletide, Beast the Jackal's Son, Belil, Culex, The Dark, Dark-Crawler, Demon of the Mask, Denak, Doctor Glitterlight (presumed dead), Dyskor the Purveyor, Ekl'r, Elder Demon (presumed dead), Gart and Rath, Harpy, Raksasa (presumed dead), Termagaira (Termagent and Megaira) * Minions, Familiars, and Servants: Demons of Darak, Demonswarm (presumed dead) * The N'Garai: B'Terak, Kierrok the Damned, Mabdhara, M'Drul, Y'Garon, Y'Bsgloth, Y'Griarth * Octessence: Balthakk, Cyttorak, Farallah, Krakkan, Ikonn, Raggadorr, Watoomb * Old Ones: Agents of Shuma-Gorath (Daggoth, Ebora, Ghaszash Nyirh, N'Gabthoth (presumed dead), Sligguth (presumed dead)) Azotharoth (Azathoth), Great Cthulhu, Hziulquiogmnzhah, Lloigoroth, Nigguraab (Shub Niggurath), Shuma-Gorath, Tsathoggua, Yog-Sothot * Otherplace/Limbo: N'Astirh, S'Ym * Serpent Men:Amintas, Hissarlion, Jeesala and Sekhmet Tharn, Kohattus, Nimatziis, Omeyocantli, Qutzbalaam, Russell Daboia, Ssith, Xiquiripat, Vizir* Elementals: Shokkoth (presumed dead), Water Elemental (presumed dead) * Supernatural: The Cat (presumed dead), Kaluu, Kulan Gath * Vampires and the Undead:* Vampires: Alucard Nosferatu, Baron Blood (presumed dead), Bloodscream, Dracula, Father Bordia (presumed dead), Khiron, Nosferatu, Rakses (presumed dead), Rakses' Bodyguard (presumed dead), Varnae, Verdelet* Aliens and Cosmic Entities: Chaos (of Titan), Demon of the Della Gems (presumed dead), Exo-Mind, Ulluxy'l Kwan Tae Syn (presumed dead) * The Elementals: Hellfire, Hydron, Magnum, Zephyr* Super-powered Beings/Mutants: Absorbing Man (?), Horde, Seth the Immortal, Yi Yang* The Externals: Absalom (presumed dead), Apocalypse, Burke (presumed dead), Candra (presumed dead), Cannonball (?), Crule (presumed dead), Gideon (presumed dead), Nicodemus (presumed dead), Saul (presumed dead), Selene* Altered Mortals (permanent): * Magical: Comte (Count) de Saint Germain * Technological: Master of the World (?)* Altered Mortals (temporary): * Magical: Mister Jip, The Creators* Possession of Objects:* Magical: Juggernaut (Cain Marko) (?), Users of the Darkhold's page for the Chameleon Worms Spell (Donald J. Walsh, The Dwarf) * Pool of Blood:* The Immortal Nine: Aged Genghis, Al-Tothas (presumed dead), Cagliostro, Fu Manchu, Orphelus, Yellow Claw * Pool of Knowledge: * The New Immortals: Analyzer (Deus Ex Machina), Count Tagar, Juvan, Nobilus, Zon* Russian/Slavic mythology: Yarillo (Bielbog The White God) * Russian/Slavic mythology: Baba Yaga, Chernobog, Vij, Zaltys the Black Serpent * Angels and Demons: Lyissa's demons * Angels and Demons: Demon Sun, The K'Kylthri * Angels and Demons: Shreck---- === === === === * Greek/Roman mythology: Asclepius, Harpies (from the Detritus Belt around the Infernal Moon of Bravo 11 Zebra), Prometheus, Zeus * Angels and Demons: Hajor, Melancius (presumed dead), Spring-heeled Jack* Legendary Beings: Santa Claus * Supernatural:Merlin (High Evolutionary/Matrix Lord) * Vampires and the Undead: Count Dracula (vampire; presumed dead), Marwood (vampire; presumed dead) * Aliens and Cosmic Entities: The Funhouse (?), The Gaijin (presumed dead), Seth (Varley Gabriel), Shayde (?), Timewyrm (Ishtar/Ishtar Hutchings/Qataka)(?) * Caretakers of The Glory (Heart of the Glory) (?) * Esterath the Gatherer (presumed dead) * Kroton (former Cyberman)* The Cybermen* The Daemons (?)* Azal (presumed dead), Bonjaxx, Commander Azai* The Eternals (?)* The Guardians of Time:* Black Guardian (Entropy)* White Guardian (Structure) * Crystal Guardian (Dream)* Old Ones: * Fenric (Hastur the Unspeakable/Aboo-Fenrán) * Nestene Consciousness * The Great Intelligence (Yog-Sothoth)* Time Lords: ("live forever, barring accidents")* The Doctor/Doctor Who * The Master (presumed dead)* Rassilon (as High Evolutionary/Matrix Lord)* Mechanical: K-9, Vesuvius (robot)* Altered Mortals (permanent): * Possession of Objects: * Technological: Katsura Sato (Cardinal Morningstar; uses nano-drones; presumed dead), Lord Rikushira (uses nano-drones; presumed dead)* Altered Mortals (temporary): * Time Loops and Warps: Crew of The Flying Dutchman II (Cassandra, Krylic, Leonart, Rolf, Willoughby; all presumed dead) * Limbo: Magog (Malevius)(see also: BBC Magazines, Tundra Publishing, TV Comic) * Native American mythology: Clown Demons, Iktomi (Ksa), Kokyangwuti (Spider Woman), Sotuknang, Taiowa * Angels and Demons: Darkangel * Vampires and the Undead: Katherine Ainsley-Jones (vampire)* Altered Mortals (permanent): * Demonic pact: Dr. Johannes Faustus (presumed dead), Immortalis (Mortigan Goth), Marguerite Faustus---- * Vampires and the Undead: Fire Fang (vampire)----== == == == * Cybertronian mythology: Primus, The Spark (Lasercore), Unicron (?)* Aliens and Cosmic Entities: The Darkness, Primacron (?) * Mechanical: Optimus Prime (?), Rampage, Starscream(see also: IDW Publishing) (Note: it could be argued that all Transformers are immortal in an ideal situation--as Skydive once explained, but for the sake of brevity only those whom have a stated longevity are listed.) == == ---- * Vampires and the Undead: Rocco (vampire), Teresa (vampire)== == ---- * Aliens and Cosmic Entities: Atlan, Super-Intelligences (Bardioc, The Empress of Therm, Estartu, It, Seth-Apophis) * Super-powered Beings: Ernst Ellert (presumed dead/psionic entity), Kallia Nedrun (presumed dead), Ovaron (presumed dead/psionic entity) * Possession of Objects: Users of Cell Activators (Alaska Saedelaere, Dao-lin-h'ay, Homer G. Adams, Icho Tolot, Jen Salik, Michael Rhodan, Mila Vandebar, Myles Kantor, Nadja Vandemar, Nostradamus (Cyno Imago II), Perry Rhodan, Pucky (Mousebeaver), Reginald Bell, Ronald Tekener, Thomas Cardiff (presumed dead))----* Supernatural: Chakan the Forever Man---- * Angels and Demons: Bhokal (Alop) (angel)---- * Vampires and the Undead: Rose Black (vampire)---- == == * Celtic mythology: Cernunnos (Darrian Ashoka, The Horned God, God of Death)* Earth/Wiccan mythology: Dawn (Aurora, Gaia, Goddess of Birth and Rebirth, Isis, Kali, Mary) * Angels and Demons:Parintachin (imp) * Demons: Hellhound, Six-Tell Amlah, Three-dog Nalfashnee * Genies:* D'jinii: Anhikiahl * Efreeti:* Legendary Creatures:* Brownies* Elves: Ailwon Sann Fenlach, Cassandra (presumed dead), Cedric Sol Daldringaith, Hyena, Jace San Lanargaith (Blondie), Lirilith, Lusiphur (Luis Amerellis Malache/Benjermin Elf), Lusiphur's mother (presumed dead), Morachi (The Black Sabbath/King of Thieves), Talon (presumed dead), Tenth, Twinkle * The Black Guard * Council of Nine* Nymphs * Sylphs * Sprites== == ---- * Vampires and the Undead: Akhkharu, Azharoth, Dr Daniel Karlberg (presumed dead), Jaeger, the Nethermind---- * Angels and Demons: The Beast (Satan)* Aliens and Cosmic Entities: Captain Jack Harkness (if the Face of Boe, dies in 5,000,000,053)(?) (see also: BBC Magazines, Marvel UK, TV Comic)---- * Greek/Roman mythology: Gorgon (Earth species, not Gorgos species; presumed dead)(see also: BBC Magazines, Marvel UK, Tundra Publishing)(note: possible immortals also in the shared universe, but appearing outside the comics: Abaddon (presumed dead), Badger (robot), Bok, Borusa, Chinese Gods and Goddesses (Weing-Chiang), The Destroyer, Dratho the Immortal (presumed dead), Eve (robot), Fairies, The Great Vampires (Aukon, Camilla, Zargo; all presumed dead), Greek Gods and Goddesses (Demeter, Persephone, Hecate, Hermes, Hades, Medusa, Poseidon), Haemovores, Haitian Gods and Goddesses, The Jarakabeth, Menti Celesti, Mesopotamian Gods a nd Goddesses (Gilgamesh), Mianik'ha, Morbius (presumed dead), Morgaine, The Museum of the Last Ones Specimens (preserves the last specimen of all extinct species alive but in suspended animation), The Nimon, The Old Ones, Peri, The Players, Proamonians, Pwccm, various Transcendental Beings, The Vurosis)---- * Greek/Roman mythology: Andromeda * Irish/Celtic mythology: Lugh* Supernatural: Master Darque (?), Zero (Shadowman)* Vampires and the Undead: Nettie* Super-powered Beings: Aram Anni-Pada (The Other/Armstrong), Gilad Anni-Padda (The Eternal Warrior/Fist and Steel/Gilad Abrams), Ivar Anni-Panda (Ivar the Timewalker) * Altered Mortals (temporary): Aric of Dacia (when joined with the X-O Manowar armor) (?)---- * Chousin mythology: Tokimi-kami-sama, Tsunami-kami-sama, Washu-kami-sama---- * Judeo-Christian mythology: Lilith * Angels and Demins: Malkuth (angel), Metatron (angel)* Vampires and the Undead: Madek (vampire), Magdalene (vampire), Vampirella (vampire)----