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Who is David Thomson?

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He is the founder of New Hampshire.

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When did David Coupar Thomson die?

David Coupar Thomson died in 1954.

When was David Gideon Thomson born?

David Gideon Thomson was born in c. 1938.

When was David Thomson - writer - born?

David Thomson - writer - was born in 1914.

When did David Thomson - writer - die?

David Thomson - writer - died in 1988.

What has the author David Patrick Thomson written?

David Patrick Thomson has written: 'Evangelism in the modern world'

When was David Thomson - film critic - born?

David Thomson - film critic - was born in 1941.

When was David Thomson - bishop - born?

David Thomson - bishop - was born on 1952-02-02.

Why did david Thomson found Portsmouth?

David Thomson founded Portsmouth because he wanted a good soiled area for farming.

When was David Coupar Thomson born?

David Coupar Thomson was born on May 23, 1861, in Dundee, Scotland, UK.

When did david Thomson die?

in 1894

Who was the leader of Portsmouth?

David Thomson.

Who was the leader of the Portsmouth colony?

David Thomson.

What is the birth name of David Torrence?

David Torrence's birth name is David Torrence Thomson.

What settlement did David Thomson start?

New Hampshire

What was the purpose of David Thomson founding New Hampshire?

David Thomson did not found New Hampshire. He was one of the leaders of people who settled there for the purpose of making money fishing.

What colony did david Thomson become a part of?

new hampshire

Who wanted his settlement to be seen as an example of Christian?

david thomson

What has the author David C Thomson written?

David C Thomson has written: 'Three sets of task factor benchmark scales for training priority analysis' -- subject(s): Testing, Ability

Who founded Strawberry Banke?

David Thomson founded Strawberry Banke.

Why did David Thomson settle in Portsmouth?

i dont know blah blah

Who was the leader of Settling Portsmouth and became which colony?

The leader was David thomson

What has the author David B Thomson written?

David B. Thomson has written: 'A guide to the nuclear arms control treaties' -- subject(s): Nuclear arms control, Nuclear weapons (International law)

What Colonist wanted their settlement to be seen as an example of Christian living?

david Thomson

Who was the puritan minister who disagreed with the way the leaders of Massachusetts ruled?

david Thomson

Did david Thomson settle providence?

He dissagreed with the with the way the leaders of Massachusetts ruled.