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Dr. Seuss is one pen name for Theodor Seuss Geisel (1904-1991), a renowned writer of children's books. He received a special Pulitzer Prize in 1984 for his work in the field. His books are known by millions worldwide and continue to be popular.

Dr. Seuss was a best-selling author of childrens' books, spanning from 1937-1990. He helped children learn to read in the 1950's with his creation of the Beginner Book Series and it's first book "The Cat In The Hat", starring an outrageous character that children around the world have come to love. There are books, movies, tv shows, musicals, and Broadway shows surrounding the Seuss books.
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Where was Dr. Seuss buried?

"... as Ted had instructed, his body was cremated; there was no funeral service, nor any grave or marker." Source: Dr. Seuss & Mr. Geisel: A Biography , page 289.

Did Dr. Seuss have any kids?

No, Dr. Seuss had no children and, despite authoring children'sbooks, he was neither fond of nor comfortable around children. Hewould brag about a daughter, Chrysanthemum-Pearl, but she was awork of fiction. For more on his imaginary children, see Dr.Seuss: American Icon, by Philip Nel, p. 115.

What else did Dr. Seuss want to be?

Dr Seuss attended Oxford University before pursuing his career as a cartoonist/ author/illustrator. He wanted to become a college professor but got bored with the studies so he decided to go on a tour around the world

Did Dr. Seuss like school?

Dr. Seuss, whose real name was Theodor Seuss Geisel, did well inschool. He attended Dartmouth College and worked as an editor forthe school's humor magazine. He began using the name "Seuss" afterhe was fired as editor for participating in a drinking party oncampus. Later, he attended Oxford Universi ( Full Answer )

Which awards did Dr. Seuss win?

Dr. Seuss won many awards during his lifetime. Some of the awardshe won were two Peabody awards, an Academy award, and a Pulitzerfor lifetime achievement.

Why did Dr. Seuss die?

He had a heart attack then fell off a cliff then he swam with sharks then he tripped on a roly polly and hit his head and died.

Who's Dr. Seuss?

Dr Seuss is a famous/ well known author/cartoonist/illustrator. he has written over 44 books in his time. his books have been passed down through generations so it brings families together

Who is Dr. Seuss and he do?

Dr. Seuss was a cartoonist in world war II and an author of children's books.

What about Dr. Seuss?

Theodor Seuss Geisel (a.k.a. Dr. Seuss, Ted Geisel, and Theo LeSieg), Seuss was born on March 2nd, 1904 in Springfield, Massachusetts near Mulberry Street. Seuss was a American writer, poet, and a cartoonist. He wrote one of my favorite books The Lorax, The Cat In The Hat, And To Think That I Saw On ( Full Answer )

Are Dr. Seuss books not written by Dr. Seuss?

If this is a question about Why Dr. Seuss books are not written by Dr. Seuss, then I have an answer for you. They are books PUBLISHED by the Dr. Seuss and written by this company's authors.

How did Dr. Seuss come up with the name Dr. Seuss?

"Dr. Seuss" was one of the pen names used by Theodor Seuss Geisel (1904-1991). It is reported that he first used his middle name as a pseudonym while at college. He was disciplined for an infraction, and did not want his work for the school paper to be removed.

Who told Dr. Seuss to pick the name Dr. Seuss?

No one told him to pick the name. His real name is Theodore Seuss Geisel. He used the name as a pseudonym while working as an author; another he used for some works was Theo Lesieg.

What did Dr. Seuss do?

He was the author of some of the most classic children's books. Several of his books rhyme to the point where they don't exactly make sense, but since it is a form of poetry it is considered grammatically correct.

Why was Dr. Seuss called dr?

because he and his family liked the ring "doctor" put to his name and he mocked his former college classmates who made fun of him by voting him "least likely to succeed" because they assumed a man cant doodle for a living.

Who was the first person to call Dr. Seuss Dr. Seuss?

He was. It was his pen name until he got a good book published. He wanted to be considered a serious author but he didn't want his REAL name (Theodore Geisel) to be tarnished with children's books. Seuss was his middle name as well as his mother's maiden name and his father wanted him to be Doctor; ( Full Answer )

Did Dr. Seuss get married?

Theodor "Dr. Seuss" Geisel married his first wife, Helen Palmer, in 1926. She died in 1967. Geisel married his second wife, Audrey Stone Dimond, in 1968. Geisel had no children by either marriage.

Was Dr. Seuss an only child?

Theodoe Seuss Geisel (1904-1991), better known as "Dr. Seuss", had a sister a year older (Margaretha, or "Marnie"). He had a younger sister, Henrietta, who died as an infant.

How do you draw Dr. Seuss characters?

Go to DragoArt (website listed below) for a great variety of subjects, tutorials, links, etc. It should be of great help to you. So far, I could only find only The Cat in the Hat and the Grinch!!

What is Dr. Seuss birthday?

Dr. Seuss birthday is March 2,1904 and died September 24, 1991. I felt really bad

Why was Dr. Seuss titled Dr?

When Theodore Seuss Geisel went to Darthmouth, he became editor-and-cheif of the school newpaper. He was put on probabtion after throwing a party so he began to write publications and submit them under the name Seuss. He then added Dr. a few years later. Legand has it that his father had always wa ( Full Answer )

What is the best Dr. Seuss book?

Dr Seuss's most celebrated books are the bestselling Green Eggs and Ham , T he Cat in the Hat , and One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fis h

Why is Dr... Seuss name Dr... Seuss?

He chose it for his pen name. He was born Theodor Seuss Geisel. He made this alias name after getting caught drinking at a party when alcohol was NOT permitted. So they said he had to stop writing for the paper so he made up the fake name Lesieg, which is Geisel backwards.

Where did Dr. Seuss attend school?

Dr. Seuss attended high school at Springfield Central High School. He then went on to attend college at Dartmouth College and Oxford.

How did Dr. Seuss impact the world?

He interested a lot of children in reading, at an earlier age than would otherwise have been likely. he wrote books

What was Dr. Seuss occupation?

He was some type of Psychologist before turning to writing. In World War II he was a military intelligence officer in the ETO.

What country does Dr. Seuss travel?

He was in the Army as an Intelligence officer in G-2 in the German occupied zone of the ETO. He had access to top secret documents and was once either taken prisoner by the SS men or narrowly escaped. None of this martial background figures in any of his kiddy tales.

When did Dr. Seuss become a cartoonist?

It's what he wanted to do ever since he was a child. He went to school afterwards and became a cartoonist, thus leading to the epic invention of Dr.Suess' amazing books.

Did Dr. Seuss get married twice?

Yes, Dr. Seuss got married twice. His first marriage was to Helen Palmer and his second marriage was to Audrey Dimond.

What were Dr. Seuss books mainly about?

I don't know i need to know the answer my self. so if you find out the answer come tell me okay= ota!!!! hehehehe keep up the good work with your biography's or poem books (that is what we had to do back the) hehehehe

Did Dr Seuss have a wife?

Theodor Seuss Geisel was married twice. Once to Helen Palmer and the last time to Audrey Stone who now runs Dr. Seuss Enterprises. He never had children though

Dr. Seuss pen name?

"Dr Seuss" was the pen name of Theodor Seuss Geisel. He also sometimes used the name Theo LeSieg (for books he wrote but did not illustrate).

Was Dr Seuss married?

he had married twice in his life .First with Helen Palmer but in 1967 she died. Next married an older friend named Audrey. She was supportive just as Helen.

What is an interesting book by Dr. Seuss?

Hand, Hand, Finger, Thumb . Mr. Brown can Moo can You? . There's a Wocket in my Pocket . Green Eggs and Ham . One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish . The Cat in the Hat . Oh The Places You'll Go . The Birthday Book . Oh Say can You Say? . Go, Dog, Go

Who does Dr. Seuss influence?

Dr Seuss actually influences more adults than children. Through the illustrations and texts, the metaphors being used relate to many life situations that adults go through. Therefore it has more meaning to adults, as many children just enjoy the pictures, then it is forgotten soon after.

Did Dr. Seuss get his Ph.D?

Despite the "Dr." in front of his name, Seuss did not get his Ph.D. He was pursuing his Doctor of Philosophy in English literature at Lincoln College, Oxford, but he never finished his schooling.

How was Dr. Seuss inspierd?

He got inspierd by his mother, henrietta, because she used to sing them (her brother and sister) rhymes until the would fall asleep. c:

Did Dr.. Seuss have a fun childhood?

I think he did but others disagree he liked to play games with the other children and was good in school and had lots of friends

Where did Dr. Seuss get his inspiration?

he was a cartoonist who also enjoyed writing. one day on a train, he was listening to the incessant rhythm on the train, and decided to write a book to it. ( and to think that i saw it on mulberry street) . he published it, and people asked him to write simple books for children beginning to learn. ( Full Answer )

Why did Dr.. Seuss call himself a Dr.?

Theodor Geisel called himself Dr. Seuss because his father always wanted him to be something big in life like a doctor or a dentist but he became a writer. He got Seuss from his mothers maiden name which is also his middle name.

Where did the ''Seuss''in Dr. Seuss come from?

Dr. Seuss birth name is Theodor Seuss Geisel. AT Dartmouth College he wasn't allowed to write for the magazine anymore so he used fake names. After using many fake names he decided to use his middle name, Seuss. He added "Dr." because his father wanted him to be a doctor .

Where did the ''Seuss'' in Dr. Seuss come from?

Dr. Seuss birth name is Theodor Seuss Geisel. AT Dartmouth College he wasn't allowed to write for the magazine anymore so he used fake names. After using many fake names he decided to use his middle name, Seuss. He added "Dr." because his father wanted him to be a doctor.

Why did Dr. Seuss take the pen name Dr. Seuss?

He'd been caught drinking, and lost his position as editor of the college's humor magazine. He wanted to continue, so he started out with the pen name Seuss. For more information, see the related link listed below: