Who is Elizabeth Gilbert's David?

I do not know his name, but here are some clues I have come up with myself:

1.) He was in a play based one of EG's books, and they met during the production of this play.

2.) They met in 2001, according to the time line in Eat, Pray, Love.

3.) Also according to Eat, Pray, Love, the play was based on a collection of EG's short stories, which had to have been Pilgrims (Stern Men was published in 2000 but is a novel).

4.) The movie Eat, Pray, Love shows the play taking place at the 14th Street Y.

5.) The 14th Street Y is home to the Hypothetical Theater Company, so it is possible is has been a member of that ensemble (assuming this is where the play actually took place).

6.) (Purely conjecture): It is possible his first name is Robert, based on an interview James Franco gave where he mistakenly says his character in the movie Eat, Pray, Love is named Robert. It is possible EG told him David's real name, and he let it slip.