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Who is Fabio Cannavaro?

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Fabio Cannavaro (born September 13, 1973) is an Italian soccer coach and former player on the Italian national team. He played on the winning Under-21 European Championship team in 1994, and on Italy's winning FIFA World Cup team in 2006.

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Q: Who is Fabio Cannavaro?
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How tall is Fabio Cannavaro?

Fabio Cannavaro is 176 cm.

What nicknames does Fabio Cannavaro go by?

Fabio Cannavaro goes by Canna.

When was Fabio Cannavaro born?

Fabio Cannavaro was born on September 13, 1973.

Who is the person named Fabio Cannavaro?

The person named Fabio Cannavaro was a great football player and also a captain, there were several people named Fabio Cannavaro. They all seemed to be nice people.

What is the nationality is football player fabio cannavaro?

The nationality of Fabio Cannavaro is that he is a Italian.He is the only defender to win the world footballer of the year.

How old is Fabio Cannavaro?

36 yrs

How is Italy's football captain?

Fabio Cannavaro.

Does Fabio Cannavaro have Twitter?

Yes, @fabiocannavaro

What number does is fabio cannavaro wear?


What is Fabio Cannavaro's birthday?

Fabio Cannavaro was born on September 13, 1973.

Where does Fabio Cannavaro live?

Right before the start of the World Cup 2010, Fabio Cannavaro signed a 2 year contract with a football club in Dubai. So until 2012 the Cannavaro family will live in Dubai.

Who is the captain of the Italian national side?

Fabio Cannavaro.

What is Italy soccer team captain?

Fabio Cannavaro

What teams does Fabio Cannavaro play for?

Juventus and Italy.

Who is Italy's football teams captain?

Fabio Cannavaro

What are celebrity names starting with f?

Fabio Farrah Fawcett Frank Langella Fabio Cannavaro

How tall is Cannavaro?

According to, Fabio Cannavaro is 1.76 meters (5 feet, 9 1/2 inches) tall.

Who is the captain of the 2009 Italian national soccer team?

Fabio Cannavaro

Who is the captain of Italy team in World Cup 2010?

Fabio Cannavaro

When was Fabio Cannavaro capitan of the famous Italian soccer team?

Fabio Cannavaro took over as captain from Paolo Maldini after the 2002 world cup, and has been the captain of the Italian team ever since.

Who won the FIFA World Player of the Year Award in 2006?

fabio cannavaro

Napoli Parma Inter Milan Juventus Real Madrid?

Fabio Cannavaro.

Who was out with an injury from the Italian team during the 2008 euro cup?

Fabio Cannavaro

Who is the captain of team Italy in the FIFA World Cup 2010?

Fabio Cannavaro

How long did cannavaro play for juventus?

Fabio Cannavaro played roughly for two years with Juventus, then juventus were demoted due to a scandle , he then went to Real Madrid.