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Who is Franklin P Jones?

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Franklin P. Jones (1908 - 1980) was a Philadelphia reporter, public relations executive and humorist. He wrote quips and quotes that entertained readers of major publications for years.

Mr. Jones was known nationally during the 1940s and 50s for his column "Put it this Way" in the Saturday Evening Post. "Put it this Way" set a record as the longest continuously published feature in the Saturday Evening Post.

He was an accomplished "paragrapher" - a writer who condenses humorous or thought provoking ideas into paragraph form. His quips and quotes were published (often anonymously) in numerous publications, including Reader's Digest, the Wall Street Journal, Changing Times and Quote magazine.

Born in Saratoga, NY, he moved to Philadelphia, PA at an early age. He graduated from Haverford College in 1933 with a Bachelor of Science degree.

He began his writing career at the Philadelphia Record in 1934 as a police reporter and rose through the ranks working as a general assignment reporter, rewrite man and features writer. He was on the editorial board when the paper ceased publication in 1946. From 1941 through 1946, he was also a Philadelphia correspondent for the now defunct New York newspaper PM.

In 1947, he joined Gray and Rogers Advertising Agency, one of Philadelphia's largest advertising and public relations firms as director of publicity and became a partner in 1954. He created ad programs for major clients and headed the 40-man public relations staff until he sold his interest in the firm and retired in 1960 to work full-time as a humor writer.

Mr. Jones continued his freelance writing, producing more than 35,000 paragraphs, epigrams, anecdotes, gag lines and definitions in the years before his death.

He was a member of The Committee of 70, Philadelphia Public Relations Association and the Pen and Pencil Club.

Franklin P. Jones died December 29th, 1980 of cancer in his home in Wayne, PA. He was 72.

Some additional quotes:

"The only thing that will really prevent baldness is hair."

"The best way to keep a man is in doubt."

"The only problem with having nothing to do is you can't stop and rest."

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