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Who is Fred Villari?


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September 03, 2008 4:29PM

== == Fred Villari is the founder of the martial art system "Shaolin Kempo Karate". He established his style in 1968 in Waltham, MA. and is credited for being among the first to combine the strengths of various martial arts. Fred Villari believed that all styles had their strengths and his genius was in combining the best from various styles into one that enabled him to be dominant in each of the four ways of fighting, Hand Strikes, Kicking, Felling and Locks. Effectively creating America's first Mixed Martial Art. This was done at a time when the over-riding conversation in the world of martial arts had to do with which style was best. Most martial arts practitioners were steadfastly loyal to their style and it's origins, each believing that his was best, with the notable exception of Bruce Lee who was, at the same time creating his style Jeet Kune Do in Seattle. At the height of his career Fred Villari had established over 300 franchised locations. More than any other organization before or since. Today there are literally thousands of schools teaching Villari's creation under various names and banners. Fred Villari continues to teach and demonstrate his style to this day.