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Who is George Lopezs wife on George Lopez?

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Constance Marie is her real name

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Who is George Lopez hero?

george lopezs hero is Freddie Prinze

What nationality is George Lopez wife?

George Lopez wife is Cuban.

How many kids does George Lopez have?

yes, George Lopez does have kids and a wife

Does George Lopez have a wife?

Yes, George Lopez Has a Wife.They got married in 1979.

Who is Angie Lopez?

She is the wife/mother character on the show George Lopez.

Is george Lopez GAY?

No, George is not gay he has a wife and kids

Who is George Lopez wife?

her name is Ann Lopez AND THEY GOT MARRIED IN 2002

Does George Lopez have a son?

No, George Lopez does not have a son. George Lopez has a daughter with his now former wife Ann Serrano. He has a pretend son named Max on his television show.

What is george Lopez wife on the real name?

George Lopez's wife in real life is Ann Serrano.

When did George Lopez get divorced?

Because He Was Cheating On Her Wife With Prostitutes

What is George Lopezs catch phrases?

no it's WAPPAHHAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What year did George Lopez marry his wife?

George married Ann in September on the 18th and the year was 1993

What happens in the last episoid of George Lopez?

What is george,s wife angie,s real name?

Did George Lopez die?

no he almost did but his wife donated a kidney to safe his life

What happened to George Lopez?

He is a person who is Hispanic and he also has a, Website, wife, and he is a comidean.

Who plays the wife on George Lopez?

Constance Marie Lopez, who also played the mother of Selena in the movie Selena Marcelina Quintanilla.

Is George Lopez kin to Mario Lopez?

no George Lopez is noy related to Mario Lopez

How old is Constance Marie?

Constance Marie Lopez is 51 years old (birthdate: September 9, 1965). (she is not related to George Lopez, but played his wife "Angie Lopez")

Who is Jennifer Lopezs dad?

Jennifer Lopez's dad is named David Lopez he was born in Ponce,Puerto Rocio

Where is George Lopez origin?

George Lopez is from Mexico

George Lopez family?

Max is his son, Carmen is his daughter, Benny is his mother, and Angie is his wife.

Are Jennifer Lopez and George Lopez related?

No. Lopez is a common name. Jennifer Lopez is Puerto Rican and George Lopez is Mexican.

Is George Lopez cool?

Yes George Lopez is cool

Is George Lopez Puerto Rican?

George Lopez is Mexican.

Who created the George Lopez Show?

Robert Borden, Bruce Helford, and George Lopez created the George Lopez Show.

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