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Who is Gordon Brown?

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Electoral history

Member for Dunfermline East 1983-2005, for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath since 5 May 2005 general election

Parliamentary career

Opposition Spokesperson for: Trade and Industry 1985-87, Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury 1987-89; Opposition Spokesman for Trade and Industry 1989-92; Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer 1992-97; Chancellor of the Exchequer 1997-2007; Prime Minister, First Lord of the Treasury and Minister for the Civil Service June 2007-10

Party groups

Member, Scottish Executive Labour Party 1977-83; Chair, Labour Party in Scotland 1983-84; Former member, National Executive Committee, Labour Party; Head, General Election Campaign (Strategy) 1999-2001; Leader, Labour Party 2007-10

International bodies

Governor, European Investment Bank 1997-2007; Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (UK Branch): Joint Hon Treasurer (ex-officio) 1997-99, Former Joint Hon Secretary, Vice-President 2007-10; Special envoy for global education, United Nations 2012-

Political interests

Economic policy, employment, health, social security, Scotland

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What did Gordon Brown do?

Gordon Brown was the prime minister of the UK.

How much does Gordon Brown weigh?

Gordon Brown is 5000 LBs

What religion is Gordon Brown?

Gordon Brown is dour Presbyterian Scot

Who does Gordon Brown represent?

Gordon Brown is now retired from active politics.

When was Gordon Brown born?

Gordon Brown was born on February 20, 1951.

Who did Gordon brown kill?

Gordon Brown is the Prime Minester of the United Kingdom.

When did Premiership of Gordon Brown end?

Premiership of Gordon Brown ended in 2010.

When was Premiership of Gordon Brown created?

Premiership of Gordon Brown was created in 2007.

When was Gordon Alexander Brown born?

Gordon Alexander Brown was born in 1907.

When did Gordon Alexander Brown die?

Gordon Alexander Brown died in 1982.

When did John Brown Gordon die?

John Brown Gordon died in 1904.

Is Gordon Brown the prime minister of Germany?

No, Gordon Brown was the Prime Minister of the UK.

What CAR has Gordon Brown got?

Does Gordon Brown have a government car as an ex PM

What year was Gordon brown born?

Gordon Brown was born on February 20, 1951.

Does Gordon Brown have a glass eye?

Yes. Gordon Brown is blind in his left eye!

When did W. Gordon Brown die?

W. Gordon Brown died in 1979.

What party does prime minister Gordon Brown represent?

Gordon Brown is a member of the Labour Party

When was John Brown Gordon born?

John Brown Gordon was born on February 6, 1832.

What has the author Gordon S Brown written?

Gordon S. Brown has written: 'Toussaint's clause'

Who is Gordon Brown Married To?

Sarah Brown.

What is Gordon brown date of birth?

Gordon Brown was born on 20 February 1951 in Glasgow, Scotland.

Why has Gordon Brown not been charged with treason?

Gordon Brown has many faults but he hasn't committed treason.

Who is Gordon R England?

it is Gordon Brown and he is the UK Priminister

What is Gordon Brown's real name?

James Gordon Brown

For whom if Fort Gordon named for?

John Brown Gordon.