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Helen Keller

Who is Helen Kellers family?


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April 09, 2011 11:38PM

Helen's dad name was Arthur H Keller 20 years older then his wife Kate. Kate Adams Keller was Helen's mom. When Helen was 5 she had a baby sister Mildred which stopped getting attention from her parents. When Helen was about 7 In March of 1887 she met someone who could help her live a life Annie Sullivan. Helen graduated Radcliffe College in 1904. IN 1896 her father died from a heart attack. In 1910 Helen became popular. By 1923 Helen took a trip to Amierca with Anne and so many other trips. In 1936 of October 20 Anne died. By 1938 Polly Thompson i think was there name helped Helen after Anne passed away. By 1952 of September Helen learned to take care of herself on her own. In 1957 Helen was asked about her childhood by producers for movies. In 1961 Helen met Producers and Presidentsshe treated them like brothers and sisters. On May 24 of 1968 Helen became very frail. On June 1 1968 Helen Keller passed away in her sleep.