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Who is Hidan?


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October 06, 2010 2:12AM

Hidan is a foul-mouthed person who is a member of Akatsuki. His partner is named Kakuzu, a very greedy person who helps Hidan. Hidan is devout in the doctrine of Janshin, a blood-thirsty god. Hidan then becomes an immortal (so he can't die) and can separate his body parts but still, he's alive. Kakuzu then helps him by stitching his body back together!!! Hidan fought Asuma and Shikamaru. Hidan killed Asuma by using a curse which makes the victim suffer the same physical injuries as the user (this is a ritual which proves Hidan's loyalty to Janshin), but Shikamaru avenged Asuma's death by buring Hidan's body by himself! REMEMBER! Hidan cannot die, but then, he can't move, see, talk and even breathe (since he was buried). He was no longer considered a living member of Akatsuki and was never found by Kakuzu because Kakatshi Hatake killed him.

(Actually Naruto killed Kakuzu.Naruto used his Shadow Clone Jutsu and the real Naruto hid in with the shadow clones.The false Naruto used the Rasen-Shuriken and Kakuzu thought that was the real Naruto and left the clones behind going after what he thought was the real Naruto.When the Shadow Clone was destroyed the REAL Naruto came behind Kakuzu with the remaining Shadow Clones and killed Kakuzu with the Rasen-Shuriken also destroying and finishing Kakuzu's final and 3rd heart.Yeah, so what I heard was that Kakuzu had 3 hearts.Sorry if this didn't have anything to do with Hidan.Just clearing things up on who really killed Kakuzu.)Respects to the one who answered my question on who Hidan was.Thank you, from BPMPJPAP.

Kakuzu actually had 5 hearts, Kakashi killed the first one, Hidan accidentally killed the second, Naruto killed 2 with his rasen Shuuriken, then Kakashi took out the last heart.