Who is John E Numbers?

John E Numbers is a rapper/lyricist from Chicago Illinois. He has 2 mixtapes out and can be heard via his myspace page. His rhyme style is a cross between the true hip-hop icons of the early nineties with the lyrical wit of a guy who has nothing to lose. In one of his verse he said: Numbers is hott, the stove's on

Ya boy spit OZONE, boiling points, thermometers, jupiters and andromeda's but I'm tha, same young stunna from tha chi that smoke all day and stay gettin high, my verses fly, from Kackalacka to NY

Haters feel my metephors like priests fell on little kids and then lie The boy is sick! He has worked with several emerging artists from Chicago and now resides in the Dirty South and is making a name for himself through rap battles at the MONDAY NIGHT FIGHTS at the Carribbean Grill hip hop spot. He goes by the name John E. Numbers but I believe he is changing his alias to John R. Cadian