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Q: Who is John K Allison born in Ohio in approximately 1957?
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Where was Allison Stoner born?

Allison Stoner was born in Toledo, Ohio.

When was Allison Burnett born?

Allison Burnett was born in Cleveland Heights, in Ohio, USA.

Where was Allison Janney born?

Allison Janney was born on November 19th, 1959, in Dayton, Ohio.

What state is Ohio?

Only Ohio could be Ohio Ohio is approximately in the center of the US.

Was Allison Janney born in Dayton Ohio?

Yes i believe so.

Who was the Governor of Ohio in 1957?

Frank J. Lausche (born November 14, 1895 in Cleveland, Ohio; died April 21, 1990 in Cleveland, Ohio) succeeded Thomas J. Herbert as the fifty-seventh Governor of Ohio, serving between January 10, 1949 and January 3, 1957. Following the end of Lausche's term as Governor of Ohio, John William Brown (born December 28, 1913 in Athens, Ohio; died October 29, 1993 in Medina, Ohio) became the fifty-eighth Governor of Ohio, serving between January 3, 1957 and January 14, 1957. Following the end of Brown's term as Governor of Ohio, C. William O'Neill (born February 14, 1916 in Marietta, Ohio; died August 20, 1978 in Columbus, Ohio) became the fifty-ninth Governor of Ohio, serving between January 14, 1957 and January 12, 1959.

How many farms are in Ohio county?

Approximately 129085869375 farms are in Ohio

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How far is Fostoria City Ohio to Cleveland Ohio?

Approximately 110 miles.

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Ohio State University Press was created in 1957.

When was Ohio University Eastern Campus created?

Ohio University Eastern Campus was created in 1957.

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Approximately 100 miles.

Who is Ohio's Represenative?

john boehner is the Representative of Ohio.

What is the population of Columbus Ohio in 2011?

787,597 approximately

When did John O'Brien - Ohio politician - die?

John O'Brien - Ohio politician - died in 1985.

When did John Thomson - Ohio politician - die?

John Thomson - Ohio politician - died in 1852.

When was John Thomson - Ohio politician - born?

John Thomson - Ohio politician - was born in 1780.

When did John Leavitt - Ohio settler - die?

John Leavitt - Ohio settler - died in 1815.

When was John Leavitt - Ohio settler - born?

John Leavitt - Ohio settler - was born in 1755.

When did John Bell - Ohio politician - die?

John Bell - Ohio politician - died in 1869.

When was John Bell - Ohio politician - born?

John Bell - Ohio politician - was born in 1796.

When was John Davenport - Ohio politician - born?

John Davenport - Ohio politician - was born in 1788.

When did John Davenport - Ohio politician - die?

John Davenport - Ohio politician - died in 1855.

What is the distance between Columbus Ohio and Athens Ohio?

Approximately 77 miles (an hour and a half)

How many miles from Ohio to China?

It is approximately 6581 miles from Cincinnati, Ohio to Beijing, China.