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Q: Who is Katrina Kaifs mother?
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Katrina Kaifs religion?

Katrina kaif is a Muslim and a christian because her father is Muslim and mother is british christian

What is Katrina Kaifs mother tongue?

English is her mother tongue. It is due to her place of birth, She was born and raised in London.

What is Katrina Kaifs favourite drink?


What is Katrina Kaifs dressing style?


What is Katrina Kaifs brothers name?

i think.............. WAZID :-|

What is katrina Kaifs name in movie patner?


What is katrena kaifs ID?

i want Katrina kaif id

What is Katrina kaifs orignal breast size?

size is 38.

Is Katrina Kaifs mum turning into a Muslim?

she is both christain and Muslim but Katrina is Hindu and Muslim'

What is Katrina Kaifs current waist size?

As of August 2014, Katrina Kaifs estimated waist size is 25 inches. She is approximately 5 feet 7 inches. Her estimated measurements are 35 26 37 inches.

What was the name of Katherine Kaifs fathers name?

Mohammad Kaif. And by the way its katrina not katherine!

Who is the biggest sister from jatrina Kaifs sisters?

Katrina kaif is the biggest among her sister. The big is used for age as Katrina is the eldest. She has 8 siblings.

Is Katrina KaifS brother and sister from one dad?

yes, they are from one dad only. They are 7 sisters and 1 brother, Katrina was born in Hong Kong.

What religion is Katrina Kaifs dad?

I am not sure but I think he is a Muslim. I am not sure but I think he is a Muslim.

What is Katrina Kaifs first movie?

boom is her first debut movie

How do you get teeth like Katrina Kaif?

you have to be really healthy and drink loads of water you have to brush your teeth everyday to make them more whiter and cleaner i am trying it and it is working i have got Katrina kaifs teeth

Who is Katrina Saunders?

Saunders is katrina's mother

Who is Katrina Kaifs boyfriend?

Im quite sure ita SALMAN KHAN.i love salman khansalman khansalman khanOne & Only One Salman Khan.

Who is Katrina's mother?


Is mr mystery Kaifs dad?

yes mr mystery is kala kaifs dad

Is Katrina Kaif mother?

no katrina kaif is not mother. she is a actress of bollywood.she very beautiful girl of bollywood.

Who is Katrina Kaif's mother?

Her mother is Suzanne Turquotte.

What is Katrina Kaifs house in Mumbai called?

Bollywood is a very famous industry. It has many celebrities like shah Rukh khan. These celebs are given the respect they deserve yen.

What is the name of Kaitrina Kaif's mother?

Katrina's mother's name is Susanna Turcutte.

Katrina is a Christian?

Katrina Kaif could well be a half christian on her mother side.