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If you mean Da Vinci he was never married and had no children.

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Did Leonardo da Vinci had a wife?

No, leonardo never had a wife

Did Leonardo have a wife or kids?

Leonardo da Vinci did not.

Was Mona Lisa the wife of Leonardo da vinci?

No, she was the wife of a wealthy banker who commissioned Leonardo to paint her portrait.

Did Leonardo da Vinci have a wife and kids?

Leonardo da Vinci did not have a wife and kids. But his closet relationship was with two of pupils. The relationship was known to be in a sexual nature. Da Vinci and 3 other men were charge with sodomy but later acquitted. From then Leonardo was presumed homosexual.

When did Leonardo da Vinci's wife die?

Leonardo da Vinci never married. It is unknown if he was ever in any sort of romantic relationship at all.

Did Leonardo da Vinci have a wife when he died?

No, and not while he was alive either.

Did Leonardo da Vinci have a wife and children?

No, he did not marry, or have any children.

What was Leonardo da Vinci's wife's name?

he never had a wife he was gay

Who is Mona Lisa to Leonardo da Vinci?

She was the wife of a Florentine merchant.

Did Leonardo da Vinci have a wife?

Da Vinci never married according to all available records and biographies.

Who invented the push bikes?

Leonardo da vinci Leonardo da vinci Leonardo da vinci

Did Leonardo DA Vinci propose to his wife in a Morse code?

Da Vinci cut off his ear to show how much he cared.

Is da in Leonardo da Vinci capitalized?

No, because da in Leonardo da Vinci basically means of.

When was Marcello Pisas born?

Marcello Pisas was born on 1977-09-04.

What was Leonardo da Vinci collection?

what was leonardo da vinci's collection

What is Leonardo da vini's grandfather?

Leonardo da Vinci's grandfather was Antonio da Vinci.

What is the birth name of Leonardo da Vinci?

Leonardo Da Vinci's birth name is Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci.

Is it Leonardo da vinci or Leonardo di vinci?

Da. Da means 'of' in italian. He was born in Vinci.

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