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Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald is a research physician and biotechnology investor based in New York. He spends much of his time directly involved with the management of biotechnology oriented hedge funds.

Rosenwald holds a degree in finance from Penn State and a Doctor of Medicine degree from Temple University. He completed his internship at Abington Memorial Hospital and later ran his own private medical practice. He then shifted his focus to Wall Street where he worked as a physician/analyst. Notably, Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald was one of the first physician/analysts in the country to work on Wall Street.

Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald has founded a number of biotechnology companies. These companies have licensed more than 100 developmental-stage medicines, many of which have been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Lindsay Rosenwald is perhaps best known for his role in the development of abiraterone acetate, a drug that has been used successfully to treat pre-and post-chemotherapy prostate cancer in the United States. Rosenwald has also been a key figure in getting drugs approved for infant respiratory distress syndrome, influenza, fibromyalgia, obesity and schizophrenia.

Lindsay Rosenwald founded Cougar Biotechnology-the company that managed the development and research of abiraterone acetate. During the early clinical testing phase of the drug, Cougar Biotechnology was purchased by Johnson & Johnson for nearly $1 billion. Abiraterone acetate is on target to become a multibillion-dollar medication in the coming years. Its trade name is called "Zytiga". Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald is also credited for the conception of Trisenox, an arsenic trioxide injection used to promote the remission of acute promyelocytic leukemia.

In 2009, Rosenwald and his business partner founded Investment Partnership, a company that invests in life sciences and health-care companies. Lindsay Rosenwald established the company on the belief that health care is an ever-changing field and that returns can be generated by identifying undervalued, publicly traded biotech companies. For his advancements in the field of biomedicine, Dr. Rosenwald was featured in 2002's edition of Genetic Engineering News as No. 1 in its Top 100 Molecular Millionaire lineup.

Throughout his career, the contributions Dr. Rosenwald has made to medicine have saved thousands of lives and improved the quality of life for countless more. He has been significantly involved in founding a number of organizations in the field including Cypress Biosciences, Javelin Pharmaceuticals, BioCryst, and Titan Pharmaceuticals. Prior to his current role at Investment Partnership, Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald held the distinction of serving as director of Cougar Biotech,and Keryx Biopharmaceuticals. Dr. Rosenwald serves on the Columbia Presbyterian Health Sciences Advisory Council.

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Q: Who is Lindsay Rosenwald?
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