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Lonnie Senstock is a professional film maker, actor, musician and tour director of National dance and music acts. Lonnie is directing the Lew Hunter story, movie. The film has such big stars in it from Lew Hunter, Patty Duke, Oliver Stone, (Marilyn Monroe's director-Billy Wilder), and over 52 more stars and celebrities. He's a movie director and made the film/doc (not out yet until this year 2010-Once in a Lew Moon.)

Lonnie has toured with Tommy Lee, has a deal with H-wood Hilltop records for his single Eyes Wide Open, and is in the midst of editing "Once in a Lew Moon." His latest film he did cinematography for "Lucky" is heading to the largest most prestigious film festival in the world, The Sundance Film Festival started by Robert Redford.

Lonnie did some camera work on the doc/feature "LUCKY" for the Nebraska story. The film was created by Oscar nominee film makers Jeffery Blitz and Sean Welch who made "Spellbound documentary" and Sundance best director for their film "Rocket Science." He's noted as an actor before turning director for starring leads in the WB national winning film "Going Down To Neverland" starring "Radio", "The Notebook", "Surface" star Leslea Fisher. He played lead in the true 1912 ax murder house, famous now on Steven Kings list at number one, "Haunting Villisca" house. The true ax murders of 1912 went unsolved involving the paranormal, and hosted by Linda Blair of (The exorcist.) The film is now in national distribution where Lonnie plays prosecuting attorney in the film as "Oscar Wendstrend."

Currently Lonnie is working with model actress Whitney Perry in a new jewerly line he's working with "The Jewelry Box" and is continuing his filming in LA for Once in a Lew Moon film/documentary. He's been linked with a few Hollywood starlets and is into nature, ocean cruises, and just enjoying those who are real. Currently he's directing a large documentary/feature called "Once in a Lew Moon" and just added "Varsity Blues" film star Ron Lester-aka "Billy Bob" from Varsity Blues film to the roster of "Lew Moon."

Recently Mr. Senstock was hired to produce and assistant direct with award winning writer Meg Gifford of UCLA film school, a film called "Paint It Black." Senstock signed a one year contract with Hilltop Records in Hollywood for his singing/writing/composing of his hit song "Eyes Wide Open." The song is the theme song to his hit doc/film "Once in a Lew Moon" starring over 75 of the top stars, directors, writers, producers in Hollywood.