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Who is Mansa Musa?

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Mansa Musa (died 1337), king of the Mali empire in West Africa, is known mostly for his fabulous pilgrimage to Mecca and for his promotion of unity and prosperity within Mali.

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Did Mansa Musa ruled during the Golden Age of Mali?

Mansa Musa ruled the west african kingdom of Mali. Mansa Musa emphasized the wealth , power and importance of Mansa Musa

What did mansa musa believe in?

Mansa musa believed in the religion of Islam.

Is Mansa Musa a City?

No. Mansa Musa was the ruler of the Mali Empire.

What are two adjectives for Mansa Musa?

two adjectives for a Mansa Musa

When was Mansa Musa married?

Well go on mansa musa .com i tried it.

When was Mansa musa trip to mecca?

Mansa Musa traveled to Mecca,from Mali,in 1324.

How were sundiata and mansa musa similar?

Sundiata and Mansa Musa benfited Mali , because Mansa Musa expanded the Mali empire after Sundiata died in 1255.Mansa Musa derives from same social layer as Sundiata, who started this complex.

Who came after mansa musa?

Mansa Magha

Why did Mansa Musa carry so much gold?

Mansa Musa was a generous ruler who would give out gold bars to poor people. Mansa Musa was Muslim.

What hobbies did Mansa Musa have?

mansa musa loved to sell and trade his slaves for money. mansa musa loved to trade and sell his slaves for money. by: devin kitson

For what is Mansa Musa best known?

mansa musa was well know for his pilgrimage and for his promotion and his prosperity!

Who was Mansa Musa parents?

abu bakril was his father,before mansa musa died in 1337.

Where did mansa musa make a pilgrimage to in 1324?

Mansa Musa made a pilgrimage to Mecca in 1324!:

When did mansa musa perform his hajj?

Mansa Musa started his hajj in 1324. By then he had ruled for 12 years.

When did mansa musa travel to mecca?

Mansa Musa, a Muslim deep down,traveled to Mecca in 1324.

Why mansa musa wanted to explore?

cause he wanted lot's and lot's of money why mansa musa explored

What proved to be the downfall of mansa musa?

The failure to leave a plan for inheriting the throne was the downfall of Mansa Musa.

Can you use Mansa Musa in a sentence?

Mansa Musa was a famous leader of the Malian Empire in the 14th century.

How did Mansa Musa encourage becoming educated?

Mansa Musa encouraged becoming educated by studying a lot

Did mansa musa force people to become Muslims?

Mansa Musa did not force people to become muslim.

Who was mansa musa-?

Mansa Musa was the title given to the emperor or the king of kings of the wealthy Mali empire.

Why was mansa musa a good leader?

Mansa Musa was a great ruler. He made China's trade system one of the best in the world. After Mansa Musa died the people fought on who should be the next ruler. The next ruler did not expand the trade system like Mansa Musa.

What is mansa musa's tribe?

Mansa Musa was a descendent of the Mandinka people. Mansa Musa ascended the Mali throne in 1307 after a period of turmoil after the death of his predecessor, Mansa Uli.

Where did mansa musa start his pilgrimage?

He left from the city of Niani. Niani was a city south of Timbuktu in the Mali Empire, which Mansa Musa was the Mansa(or emperor) of.

What religion was mansa musa?

He was a Muslim. His religion was Islam. Although Mansa Musa was the most famous ruler of Muslim