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Mickey Mouse is the most famous Disney character ever. He was created in 1928 by Walt Disney, Ub Iwerks, and Les Clark. Mickey has appeared in 131 animated shorts, several films, and video games. He is also a meet-and-greet characters at the Disney theme parks.

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Is Mickey Mouse a cat?

Mickey Mouse is not a cat. He is a mouse.

What was Mickey Mouse name before Mickey Mouse?

Mortimer Mouse prior to being renamed as Mickey Mouse .

First is in mickey but not mouse?

mickey was not a mouse

What is Mickey a rabbit or what?

Mickey is a Mouse Mickey Mouse is what they call him

What is Mickey Mouse's name in German?

Mickey Mouse :-) Mickey Mouse :-)

What animal is Mickey Mouse?

mickey mouse from Walt Disney is a mouse

What Mickey Mouse character is the oldest?

Mickey mouse

What movie and television projects has Bret Iwan been in?

Bret Iwan has: Played Mickey Mouse in "Wheel of Fortune" in 1983. Played Mickey Mouse in "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" in 2006. Played Mickey Mouse in "Kingdom Hearts Re:coded" in 2010. Played Mickey Mouse in "Epic Mickey" in 2010. Played Mickey Mouse in "Kinect Disneyland Adventures" in 2011. Played Mickey Mouse in "Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion" in 2012. Played Mickey Mouse in "Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two" in 2012. Played Mickey Mouse in "Disney Infinity" in 2013. Played Mickey Mouse in "Castle of Illusion" in 2013.

Who is Baby Mickey?

The younger version of Mickey Mouse. He is also the son of Mickey Mouse. He was in the show before Mickey Mouse Clubhouse came out.

Is Mickey Mouse married?

No, Mickey Mouse is only dating Minnie Mouse.

What is the difference in a orange Mickey Mouse fish than a yellow Mickey Mouse fish?

male mickey mouse fish can be mistaken for female orange mickey mouse fish

Who loves Mickey Mouse?

I do love Mickey mouse. my love for mickeynever ends

When was Mickey Mouse copyrighted?

Mickey Mouse was made in 1928.

Is Mickey Mouse Asian?

Believe it or not, Mickey Mouse is Asian.

Does Mickey Mouse have a family?

yes mickey mouse does have a family

Who was the first person to dress as Mickey Mouse?

Mickey Mouse

Is Mickey Mouse A hero?

Yes, Mickey Mouse is a Hero.

How do you spell mikey mouse in french?

Mickey, or Mickey mouse

What does Mickey Mouse like to do?

That is what Mickey Mouse looks like :)

What do you get if you cross Mickey Mouse with mickey mantle?

a mouse mantle

Who is Mickey married to?

miney mouse is married to mickey mouse

Who is more famous Shrek or Mickey Mouse?

Mickey Mouse.

Who is more famous Mickey Mouse or Shrek?

mickey mouse

Who is more famous Mickey Mouse or superman?

mickey mouse

What is Mickey Mouse and Minie mouse real names?

mickey and minnie mouse are mickey and minnie mouses real names