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Mitch Daniels is the governor of Indiana. He is currently in his second term as governor, having been re-elected in 2008.

Mitchell Elias DANIELS, Jr. was born 7 Apr 1949 in Monongahela Pennsylvania, the son of Mitchell Elias DANIELS, Sr. and Dorothy Mae "Dottie" WILKES. His father worked for Pitman-Moore Pharmaceutical Company and later, Dow Chemical Company as director of International Pharmaceutical Licensing Operations. His parents moved to Indianapolis in 1958, where Mitch attended high school. He received a Bachelor's degree from Princeton University and a J.D. degree from Georgetown University Law Center.

His grandfather, Elias Eassa "Louis" DANIELS, was born Elias Ibn Esem (or, more likely, Ibn Assa), near Homs, Syria (near the present border with Lebanon). He immigrated to the United States in 1904 and, with his cousin, John DANIELS, settled in Monessen, Pennsylvania. He probably found it easier to anglicize his cousin's patronym, "Ibn Daniel", to DANIELS.

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Q: Who is Mitch Daniels?
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How many children does Mitch Daniels have?

Mitch Daniels has 4 children.

When was Mitch Daniels born?

Mitch Daniels was born on April 7, 1949.

When will Governor Mitch Daniels' term end?

Mitch Daniels term will end in January 2013.

How old is Mitch Daniels?

Mitch Daniels is 62 years old (birthdate: April 7, 1949).

Is Mitch Daniel Democrat or Republican?

Mitch Daniels is a Conservative Republican

Who is the govener in Indiana?

Mitch Daniels

Who is the gov of Indiana?

Mitch Daniels.

How tall is mitch Daniels?


What is Mitch Daniels's birthday?

Mitch Daniels was born on April 7, 1949.

What is governor mitch Daniels office address?

Office of Governor Mitch Daniels State House Room 206 Indianapolis, IN 46204-2797

What is Mitch Daniels most known for?

Mitch Daniels is a former governor of Indiana and president of Purdue University. Daniels successfully pushed through the adoption of Daylight Saving Time in Indiana.

Where did Mitch Daniels go to college?

all of them

Is governor of Indiana Mitch Daniels a Republican?

Mitch Daniels was the governor of Indiana from January 10, 2005 to January 14, 2013. He was a member of the Republican Party.

Who was Cheri Daniel's second husband?

Mitch Daniels

Who is Indianas govaner?

currently, mitch daniels (Republican)

What is governor Mitch Daniels political party?

he is on the republican party.

What are the release dates for Book TV - 1998 Gov- Mitch Daniels?

Book TV - 1998 Gov- Mitch Daniels was released on: USA: 3 September 2011

Where does Mitch Daniels live?

There are many people in the world named Mitch Daniels. The one who is the 49th governor of the State of Indiana lives in the state capitol, Indianapolis, in the Governor's Residence at 4750 N Meridian.

Does former Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels support same-sex marriage?

No, Governor Daniels is opposed to same-sex marriage.

Who is the governor of Indiana?

The current Governor of Indiana is Mitch Daniels (R). Daniels assumed office as the 49th Governor of Indiana on January 10, 2005. His second term will expire on January 14, 2013. The governor-elect is Mike Pence.

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What position did Mitch Daniels hold under President George W. Bush?

He was the Budget Director-- head of the Office of Management and Budget under President Bush. He is now (2012) the governor of Indiana.

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