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he doesn't have one

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Is Moises Arias' full name Moises Garcia Arias?

Yes. Moises Arias' name is Moises Garcia Arias.

Moises Arias and Mateo Arias?

Moises and Mateo are brothers

Are mateo arias and Moises arias twins?

No ! Moises is older...

Who plays rico in hannah montana?

Moises ariasMoises arias

What is Moises arias parents name?

what is Moises arias parents name

Does Moises Arias have Facebook?

what is moises arias facebook name?

How much does Moises arias weight?

Moises Arias is only 90 lbs.

What is Moises arias real name?

Moises arias real naame is unknown

When was Moises Arias born?

Moises Arias was born on April 18, 1994.

What is Moises Arias full name?

He's birthname is Moisés Arias. don't you mean his birthname is Moises arias

Are Moises and Mateo Arias related?

Moises Arias (Hannah Montana) is the older brother of Mateo Arias (Kickin' It).

Is Moises arias older than mateo arias?

Moises is 17 Mateo is 15

Where are Moises arias' parents from?

Moises Arias parents are from Paisa [Cregion of Colombia.]

What car does Moises arias have?

i want to know the name of birth of Moises arias father

Does Moises Arias Sing?

Moises Arias is a great dancer but, i don't think he sings.

What year was Moises Arias born?

Moises Arias was born on April 18, 1994.

What is Moises arias's?

Moises Arias is a actor

What nationality is Moises Arias?

Moises' parents are Colombian.

Who is Mateo and Moises arias mother?

Monica arias

How much money does Moises arias make?

moises arias makes about a little over a million bucks

What grade is Moises Arias in?

Moises Arias (not Areas) is 15 years old, which is commonly in 9th grade.

Is Moises Arias single?


Will Moises arias go out with a black girl?

You have to ask Moises.

Who is older mateo or Moises arias?

Moises is a year older.

Are Moises arias going out with Miranda Cosgrove?

Uh Noooooooooooooooooo, why would Miranda Cosgrove go out with Moises Arias!!