Who is Moushi and what happened to him?

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Mouschi was Peter Van Daans cat.

Mouschi was a stray cat that Peter found and adopted.

Mouschi ran away during the night.
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What happens when a CMEs happens on the sun?

A magnetic pulse is released and the force pushes the magnetic feild of the Earth.. Oh and by the way I am 11 years old makes you feel stupid doesn't it!

Explain What happens to the heart and why this happens?

The more you exercise and the harder you push yourself, the harder your body has to work. Your heart rate will increase to increase the flow of blood throughout your body. This keeps you functioning. Your lungs will try to take in more and more air, providing you with more oxygen. The more oxygen an ( Full Answer )

Where did the Darfur genocide happen and what happened?

The conflict is very complex, but the basic information is the following: African Christians and Animists in the Darfur region of Sudan were relentlessly attacked, raped, and butchered by the Arab Janjaweed militias in a systematic way and were endorsed by the government of Sudan to engage in thi ( Full Answer )

If there is no will what happens?

Dying without a will is called "intestacy." The intestacy laws of your state will apply. These laws vary from state to state, but they generally decide who gets what, based on the heirs' relation to the testator (the deceased).

What happened in history when the crusaders happened?

The Crusades happened almost a thousand years ago-why do they still provoke an argument? Osama bin Laden has used them to attempt to rally the Islamic world to his cause; President Bush has called the war on terrorism a "crusade." But what is the truth about the Crusades? Were they motivated by sava ( Full Answer )

Communism when did it happen where did it happen and why did it happen?

I assume you are talking about Soviet communism. A German Socialistnamed Karl Marx wrote a series of books on the subject. The firstCommunist government was started in Russia. Vladimir Lenin led theCommunist Bolsheviks in revolt against the Russian monarchy aroundthe time of WW1. This as you might k ( Full Answer )

What happens when frostbite happens?

You become very cold. You arms will go purple with orange dots on.You will get goosebumps. You could get hypothermia. Eventually yourfingers and toes will go black and if you don't get warm very soonthey will drop off. If you go to hospital and arrive a bit too latethey might have to amputate your f ( Full Answer )

What is the happening about?

When human populations become too dense and adverse the plants start to excrete nerve toxins killing millions.

What is happening with me?

if your a girl your probably having your first period. if your a guy.... get a girl its your puberty kicking in.

What happens or has happened in anorexic genetically?

There is reserahc being done on links between eating disorders (especially mental disorders, like anorexia) and genetics. Though it is not 100% guarenteed or fool-proof, there seems to be a fairly strong link. People who had an older blood relative (not marries or adopted in) who suffered from ano ( Full Answer )

What happens when you do it?

Meaning sexual intercourse. The man puts his penis up the womans vagina firmly. This is also known as "making love". . You could have a baby but if you use a condom you are more safe.

What happens to rock when metamorphism happens?

The rocks constituent minerals can become perpendicularly aligned from pressure, they can change from hydrous minerals to non-hydrous minerals, or they can recrystallize into larger crytals from from heat. In the case of contact metamorphic rocks, there can also be a transfer of elements from the pl ( Full Answer )

What happens if?

You just have to deal with it,man - If it happens there's a reason so live life with the glass half full and party!

What happened to the humans when the bushfires happened?

If you are referring to the February 2009 bushfires in Victoria, the people who were known to be at risk were told to evacuate. However, many of them chose to stay and try to fight the fires. They were the one who were caught in the conflagration and killed. Others were killed when trying to evacuat ( Full Answer )

What happens when you get a A?

You become immortal. if it is your first time to get an A then your teacher made a mistake if it isn't then your mom made a mistake.

What happens to the environment when an earthquake happens?

In an earthquake the plates on the earth move and if they scrape past each other then a shock wave will be generated. If the crash into each other then they can sometimes form mountains and also let out a shock wave also one plate is forced under the other and that rock is melted down. If they pull ( Full Answer )

What happens after when a tornado happens?

•The day he came was the day he left, it was as fast as lightning yet as effective as your feelings.. •Everything froze for merely a second the tornado stormed through, destroying our shelter.. •Through the Dark the twister appears, killing fast it brings great fear.. •Then he ( Full Answer )

What is the biggest has ever happened and where and when did it happen?

The biggest hurricane in terms of damage size was hurricane Carla in 1961. Carla made landfall in Texas as a category four hurricane and caused 2.34 billion dollars in damage and killed only 43 people despite the strength of the storm. Now the largest and most destructive typhoon was typhoon Tip tha ( Full Answer )

What happens when a flood happens?

A flood happens when water over flows from to much rain and over flows the city/village/etc........ also, when it rain for so long and rain so hard

If you pray for snow to happen will it happen?

God does not necessarily give you what you want. What you pray for may be the opposite of what others are praying for. You should pray for such weather as may be beneficial and pleasing to your community. They weather will do what weather does, but you may pray for anything not harmful that please ( Full Answer )

How did the March on Washington happen and why did it happen?

The March on Washington happened because the lack of racial equality and discrimination around the world, It happened with the help of six civil rights organizations called the "Big Six" You can learn more about it here: http://www.infoplease.com/spot/marchonwashington.html Hope this helps!

What damage happens when a tornado happens?

it is a air funnel and it has to touch the ground to start a tornado if it starts then it would probably have to be a lot of wind to destroy something. B Answer two ----------------------------------------------- maismog says: It Can Destroy Houses And Kill People... I Recommend You Stay In the Ba ( Full Answer )

Do tsunamis happen when a cyclones happen?

No. Cyclones are weather, tsunamis are geological. Sometimes if the hurricane is big enough and starts out way deep in the ocean then there is a good chance it can cause large waves, but a wave generated by a hurricane is not the same as a tsunami.

What happens to people when a tornado is happening?

They aren't the MOST affected, as all smaller animals than humans can be more easily lifted and thus are more affected than people are. The exception to this being birds, because they fly and are usually able to avoid the path of a tornado. Large animals on the other hand, like cows or giraffes, ( Full Answer )

What will happen to animals when the rapture happens?

Another answer from our community: The answer is simple, nothing will happen to anyone because therapture will not occur, we live in the 21st century where scienceis a big part of life, there is virtually no possibility that aperson who might not have existed would fly in the sky and killeveryone, ( Full Answer )

What will happen to us when revelation happens?

There are many revelations to humans by religious figures. It depends upon which revelation and which religion you are talking about. Answer: Tornadoes are going to sweep the Christians away into Heaven and leave the pagans behind. ANSWER: Christians will be snapped up into heaven, one second ( Full Answer )

Why do road accidents happen and where do they happen?

Sometimes the aliens shoot nasty beams that make our cars/buses/bicycles/trucks/trains/unicycles swerve and occaisionally hit something. This is also the answer to you second question. We can predict the exact time and place of these beams by folllowing the moon each night with your middle finger. T ( Full Answer )

What is a happening?

A happening is something that happens, an event. This term was used in the 1960's and 1970's to mean a seemingly spontaneous or artistic or musical or otherwise unusual or interesting event that occurred in a public park or on the streets.

What happens when you do not have a will?

The jurisdiction will probably have an intestacy law. That specifies how the estate will be distributed if there is anything remaining after settling debts.

What happen when big bang happen?

When big bang happened as we all know it was believed that proton and neutron combined and form atom and that time energy was converted into the mass of the universe. And at beginning the universe was very hot then gradually it began to expand and temperature falls down very quickly.

What happened or what's happened in Beijing?

idk.. well what is this in the beginning .. and im awesome didnt you already know that..lolol hahhahahah dont say anything rude on this commet please..ha..not whateve..im a cool kid.right..YES

What will happen if a f100 tornado happen?

They would get every body out but that will never happen because the scale only go"up to f-5 but if the winds are over 312that would be f-6 winds

What happens to them?

When they wake up from their beds, drenched in a cold sweat... theyglance over towards their door. It slowly opens. The door creakslike a old chair. Then the creature comes in. Before you blink, itwraps you in rags and throws you into vehicle. You can't see, it'spure darkness all around. You're lead ( Full Answer )