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Who is Mrs Frank?

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Mrs. frank is the mother of Anne and Margot frank. she is the wife of Otto frank.

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What happened to Mrs. Frank when she was transferred to bergen belson?

Mrs. Frank worked in "Schindler's'' factory.

What are the characters names in the play the diary of Anne Frank?

Peter, Mr. and Mrs Van Daan , Miep ,Mr . and Mrs. Frank, Anne Frank.

Who is Mrs Frank in Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank?

Her mother, Edith Frank.

Who are the people Anne frank had to share a room with in the attic?

Margot, Mr.and Mrs. Van Daan, Mr frank, Mrs. frank,Peter Van Daan, and Dussel

How did mrs frank die?

from exaustion

When did mrs frank die?


Is it right to address a couple as Mr and Mrs Frank and Nancy Jones?

It would be more customary to use either "Frank and Nancy Jones" or "Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jones".

How many people were in the annex with Anne Frank?

8 including Anne, there was:Mr FrankMrs FrankMargot FrankAnne FrankMrs van DaanMr van DaanPeter van DaanAlbert Dussel

Who came from a wealthier family Mr or Mrs Frank in Anne Franks diary?

I would say Mrs. Frank. She entered into an arranged marriage with Mr. Frank, and would have brought a dowry with her.

How many people were in the secret annex?

Eight: Annaliese-Marie Frank, Margot Frank, Mr. Otto Frank, Mrs. Edith Frank, Peter Van Daan, Mr. and Mrs. Van Daan, and Mr. Dussel

How are mrs vaan dan and mrs frank different from the anne diary?

mrs vaan daan likes it rough and she has nice legs but mrs. frank is so nice she almost kicked out the vaan peels over a slice of cake

Who was the voice of mrs piggy?

Frank Oz

Who was frank partridge's wife?

Mrs. Partridge

Which characters can you identify with in diary of Anne frank?

Mr. Frank Mrs. Frank Anne Margot Mr. Dussel Mr. Van Daan Mrs. Van Daan Mr. Kraler Meip

What was Edith Frank's opinion of the situation her family were in?

Edith Frank became deeply depressed while living in the Secret Annex. She confided in Miep, who was a sympathetic listener. Mrs. Frank felt that none of them would survive the war. Miep said later that if anyone had a premonition of how badly it would all turn out, it was Mrs. Frank. The Frank girls were frequently criticized by Mrs. van Pels, which deeply upset Mrs. Frank. She was also disgusted at the flirtatious manner Mrs. van Pels displayed toward Mr. Frank. Even before the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands, Mrs. Frank missed her former life in Germany. She never quite succeeded in learning the Dutch language, so German was spoken in the Frank home.

Mrs Frank Henry Leigh Shanchai?

Mrs Frank Henry Leigh Shanchai Please inform on destiny Frank Henry Leigh. He lived in Shanghai in 1952. Mine E-meil:

How do Mrs Frank and Mrs Van Dan respond to this change of Anne loving Peter?


Why does Mrs Frank weep after the bread-stealing incident?

There are a few reasons why Mrs. Frank wept after the bread-stealing incident. She was very sad that someone stole.

Who were the eight people in the Secret Annex?

Anne, Margot, Mr. Otto Frank, Mrs. Edith Frank, Peter, Mr. and Mrs. Van Daan, and Mr. Dussel

What is the ending of the diary of Anne Frank?

anne margot peter mrs van daan mr van daan and mrs frank all die in the concentration camps

Who went into hiding in the secret annex?

mr. and mrs. van daan, their son petter, mr. and mrs. frank, margot (anne's sister) and of course anne frank

What is Mrs Franks first name in The diary of Anne Frank?

Her name was Edith in the diary of anne frank.

How old was Mrs Frank in the diary of Anne Frank?

she was 43 years old the first year she was in the annex.

How is Anne Frank and Mrs van Daan similar?

There Jews

What was Anne franks mothers job?

Mrs. Frank was a homemaker.