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Who is New York named after and why?


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New York is named after the city of York in England. the city was first established as a Dutch colony named New Amsterdam; but was conquered by the English in 1664 who renamed it New York.


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New York was named after the Duke of York in Britain after the British took New Amsterdam (later named New York) from the dutch.

The British named new york, New York in honor of the Duke of York.

Yes Henery Hudson named New York. He named it for no reason too!

New Netherland was named New York after James, the Duke of York in the 1664. Since he was the proprietor, he named it New York and gave the rest of the land to two friends ( John Berkeley & George Carteret ) for free.

The british named the new york,new york in honor with duke

The capital of New York is probaly Albany.

New Amsterdam and the duke of york is why they named new york new york

New York city because all of the other teams are named after cities not states

New York is named after the Duke of York and it soon became New York instead of the New Netherlands.

New York was named after James, The Duke of York

the dutch were the first to settle New York but after they surrendered to the English it was named New York

It was named in the honor of The Duke Of York it use to be called Netherlands but when the Duke Of York took over Netherlands he named it New York

New York City was named for the Duke of York, who received the colony as a gift from his brother, King Charles II of England.

The Reggie bar, which was named for New York outfielder Reggie Jackson in 1978.

It was named after himself, the Duke of York.

First, the Dutch and then the English. New York is named after the Duke of York.

The British named it "New York" after the Duke of York in England.

It was named for the Duke of York.

It is named for the Duke of York.

It was named to honor the Duke of York.

The Duke of York captured New Netherlands and named it New York.

There's the New York in NY state and a New York in TX.

There is only one New York City and it is found in New York State.

It became new york cause when Charles II gave duke of york the colony he named it after him . Which is ....York ..

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