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Who is Oprah Winfrey?

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2012-02-20 05:29:45

Oprah Winfrey is a highly respected businesswoman and television

host, who became one of the most successful syndicated talk show

hosts in history. At the height of her television fame, she also

became one of the world's wealthiest people, as well as a major

force in popular culture. Oprah accumulated many awards and honors,

both for her highly-rated talk show and for her work as a


For more than two decades, she hosted her successful and popular

TV talk show, perhaps the first black woman to be so successful as

a talk host. She was able to introduce her viewers to new books,

new fashions, and new fads. She was so influential that several

political candidates used her show to announce their intention to

run for president. Oprah currently operates her own TV network,

called OWN (the Oprah Winfrey Network).

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