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Who is Paris and blanket?


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Paris is Michael Jackson's daughter, and Blanket (Who's real name is Prince Michael II) Is his youngest son.


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Prince Michael, Paris and Prince Michael II (nicknamed blanket) are Michael Jackson's children

Blanket has a half brother and sister; Prince and Paris.

Yes. Prince, Paris & Blanket

His Children, Prince, Paris, and Blanket.

Paris is more shy than Blanket and Prince i think she dance only when she is alone

3 Prince. Paris, and Blanket

Paris, Prince, && Blanket. His Children.

Michaels children are called Prince, Paris and Blanket. But Prince and Blanket are only nick names.

Prince and Paris are attending regular school in 2010. Blanket is still homeschooling by Katherine.

his fav. name is prince,paris,and blanket

yes, they are named price, Paris and blanket

Blanket is 7, Prince is 12 and Paris is 11.

Prince- 1997. Paris- 1998. Blanket- 2002.

Prince and Paris and Blanket are Yellow belts.

His kids name are his favorite Prince,Paris,Blanket

Prince is 12 Paris is 11 Blanket is 7

Prince and Paris do not have ds's but Blanket has a ds XL

of corse he did he has Paris and blanket so 2 children

Yes he had three; Prince, Paris and Blanket.

His mother Katherine and his children Prince, Paris and Blanket.

Michael Jackson's three children - Prince Michael, Paris and Prince Michael II (Blanket)

Yes, Prince, Paris and Blanket along with some cousins go to karate classes a couple of times a week.

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