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Paula Deanda is dating Sean Kingston. The rumors about Paula dating rapper Lil Wayne is false, because Lil Wayne is engaged to be married to actress Lauren London and she is also pregnant with his baby.

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Q: Who is Paula Deanda dating?
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Who id dating Paula Deanda?

Paula Deanda is not dating nobody.

Who bowwow dating?

Paula deanda

Is paula deanda dating bow wow?


Is baby bash dating paula deanda?

Paula DeAnda is an American singer, known for her song "When It Was Me". She and Baby Bash had an encounter in 2007, but are not currently dating.

Is Trina dating Wayne?

No he seein Paula Deanda

Who is weezy f baby dating?

Paula DeAnda

Are Trina and Lil' Wayne still dating?

No! He dating Paula Deanda

Is Bow Wow dating anyone?

He is back to dating Paula DeAnda

What is the birth name of Paula DeAnda?

Paula DeAnda's birth name is Paula Dacia DeAnda.

What nicknames does Paula DeAnda go by?

Paula DeAnda goes by Pauly.

When was Paula DeAnda born?

Paula DeAnda was born on November 3, 1989.

What is Paula DeAnda's birthday?

Paula DeAnda was born on November 3, 1989.

Is Lil Wayne dating both Trina and Laura London?

neither! Paula DeAnda

Who has bow wow dated?

Paula DeAnda, Ciara he still dating Paula DeAnda Here a link to a pic of them kissing!

Is Lil Wayne dating paula deanda?

not any more she with her former boyfriend bow wow!

Do you have a picture of paula deanda?

Many. or just go to and typein Paula DeAnda.

When was Easy - Paula DeAnda song - created?

Easy - Paula DeAnda song - was created in 2006.

Does paula deanda have a kid?


How old is Paula DeAnda?

Paula DeAnda is 28 years old (birthdate: November 3, 1989).

How tall is paula deanda?


Is paula deanda pregnant?

i think no

What is Paula Deanda race?


How old is paula deAnda its 2010?

Paula Dacia Deanda her Birthday is November 3rd 1989 so she has just turned 22

What race is Paula DeAnda?

She Mexican-American.

Who does lil wyane go with?

paula deanda