Who is Robert Mawson?

Robert Andrew Mawson - Born September 4, 1993 in an American base in Australia to the Parent of William and Lisa Mawson. Robert Mawson is a Triplet. His brother are Benjamin Alfred Mawson and Gabriel Adam Mawson. Robert is the youngest, he also has 2 older siblings aside from Ben and Gabe. His sister is Crystal Lynn Mawson and Jack Mawson. This family is Related to Douglas Mawson, the founder of Antarctica . Jack is currently in Washington DC. Crystal is in El Paso County Jail and the family currently lives in Colorado.

Robert Mawson made an Album with his band Sacred Redemption, along side with another Group called T-CIT. Robert went under the name of TCM. Sacred Redemption has cut off all deals and recording time with T-CIT due to negotiation problems. The band has found another recording studio. They are almost done with the album. A few of the songs included covers of Crazy Train, Second Chance, and Closing Time. they do have papers saying they may make remakes of the songs. Another song is an original by TCM and the lead guitarist. It is called "Civilized Foundation". They send every thanks to their good friend who helped with the lyrics to the song Brandon Minich.

Original lyrics written by Brandon Minich to the song "Civilized Foundation" were:

Always told we lived in a civilized foundation, but now the buildings all around, are coming down/ deep down into the ground, when will they come back up? in the same age we lived in, that was long ago/ now its time for no more war, no more hate, no more scorn/ its time to get back up and see, the civilized man you were made to be

In 2010 Robert was having a very rough time going to bed during the nights. since his parents were starting to get worried. They took him to the hospital to get him tested. as of February 11, 2010 Robert was diagnosed with Restless Leg Syndrome.

The band Sacred Redemption split. Band leader Kenny went with another band because he is stupid. Jared is just doing school and chilling with friends. Co-Leader Robert was still "in the band". He eventually went solo on his own christian rap, thus starting his new musical era which he calls Mawson Mayhem. He immediately started on an album which he calls "2-B-Me". He is asked why he has 2-B-Me written all over him and why he likes that phrase. Robert says, "2-B-Me means this: To Be Me is something nobody can live through. Nobody can live the same exact life and the same stuff I do. So to be me... Is something no one can experience".