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Who is Romeo dating?

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Who is Jessica Romeo currently dating?

as of March 2010, Jessica Romeo is dating Jason Corn.

Who was dating ciara first romeo or bow wow?

lil romeo

Who is lil mama dating?

hi i am a lil mama fan and she is dating the one and only pliesShe's dating Romeo aka Lil Romeo [Master P's son]

What are Romeo and Juliet's full names?

Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet

Who is romeo miller dating in 2010?

He is dating a girl named Tyesha in hollywood.

Is romeo miller dating anyone?

Yes, He's Dating A Model Named Jana ____

Is Romeo dating?

I don't know ask Juliette

Is Romeo dating Brandy?

no cuz I am stay away

Is Justin bieber dating lil romeo?

yes he is

Is Romeo and ruby dating in real life?


Is lil' romeo dating Jojo in 2008?

JoJo is dating joe from the Jonas Brothers

How long was romeo and Jamie Lynn Spears dating?

She didn't date romeo. she dated casey aldridge.

Who is diggy simons dating?

he is datng lil romeo sister !

Did romeo get Jamie Lynn pregnant?

yes, she was dating him and he got her pregnant

Who is rebecca breeds dating?

I have heard a lot about her dating Luke Mitchell, co-star on Home and Away as Romeo Smith

Does lil Romeo have a kid?

they say that lil romeo was dating jamie lynne and they had sex with out protection and jamie lynne doesn't know who the father is so lil romeo might have a baby

How does Juliet respond to difficult circumstances in Romeo and Juliet?

Juliet has to hide her and Romeo dating and in love so she has to go through many different challanges like not telling her parents, dying, and and being separated from Romeo.

Does romeo miller have a girlfriend?

As of 2011 he is currently rumored to be dating American Idol winner Jordin Sparks

Who is jela the girl romeo miller is dating?

Jemela Pepoles is a ordinary person.Romeo currently doesn't have a girlfriend.

How old is lil romeo in 2009?

lilromeo is 19 his birthday is in august lilromeo is cute and he's dating me

Are Romeo and Indie from home and away together in real life?

Yes. Bec and Luke are dating in real life :)

Who is Lil Romeo dating?

Lil' ROMEOHE IS DATING A GIRL NAMED SHAINA MAIGNAN [AND HAS BEEN FOR 2 YEARS]. THEY KEPT IT UNDER WRAPS SO THAT IT DIDNT MESS UP HIS CAREER AND/OR REPUTATION. LIL ROMEO IS DATING JAMIE LYNNE THEY HAD SEX AND DIDN'T USE PROTECTION AND LIL ROMEO MIGHT HAVE A BABY. SO LIL ROMEO IS NOT DATING SHAINA MAIGNANFor the person that wrote this above me is compeletly WRONG lol ROMEO did not NEVER have a girlfriend by that name lol.. O and by the why romeo Never had sex with Jamie Lynn Spears, Romeo even said it his self lol they were very good FRIENDS that's all so you needs to get yo facts straight and stop lien..Ro Ro have a very busy life he's a college student as we all know now. He is more than focusd on his career. And if he did have a GRILFRIEND he would say it out his own mouth because he a G like that.So ladies keep thuggin..G's up til da world freeze up.well sorry ladies romeo is datin me we go to da same school and he been in my dorm every night he also talks to me about his problems and ask me will i be his girlfriend i said yes we have been datin for 4 months he's very coolRomeo is dating me and he is so sexy he don't nobody but me! Romeo will always love me and we are planning a wedding in June at the plaza in New York and then fly on our private jet back to our hometown of New Orleans and have a big reception with all of our family! YA DIG!

Who was romeo dating before Juliet?

Nobody. He kept asking Rosaline out and she kept saying no.

What year did Shakespeare write the play of Romeo and Juliet?

Dating of Shakespeare's plays is somewhat hit-and-miss, since nobody kept a record of when the plays were written or even when they were premiered. The best guesses about Romeo and Juliet have it written about 1594 or 1595.

Famous Quote from Romeo and Juliet?

"Romeo, Romeo where art thou Romeo"