Who is Samuel l Jackson's parents?

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Samuel L. Jackson's mother was Elizabeth Jackson (nee Montgomery). Samuel was an only child. His father is not named as far as I know, but Samuel's parents were divorced and his father died of alcoholism
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Is Samuel L. Jackson a Christian?

Typically no. Though indeed, he has recently contributed to a dramatized audio reading of the New International Version Bible called "The Bible Experience," along with Denzel Washington. Samuel L Jackson reads the parts of God. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1SM4A8aa47U But a lot more to it th ( Full Answer )

Who were Samuel Adam's parents?

Samuel Adam's, the father of the American Revolution, had parents that were named Deacon Samuel Adams and Mary Fifield Adams. His father was a Merchant and Brewer. Together the two birthed twelve wonderful children. Samuel being the tenth.

Where does Samuel l Jackson live?

Samuel Jackson lives in Beverly Park, which is a very wealthy community in Beverly Hills. It is located up in the hills up by Stone Canyon Resovoir off of San Ysidro Drive. You unforunately can't get out and see his house as it is in a gated and secure community. His home address is 17 Beverly Pa ( Full Answer )

Who were Samuel Adams parents?

Samuel Adams, one of the leaders of the American RevolutionaryMovement, was born the 27 of September of 1722, his father wasSamuel Adams, Sr. and his mother was Mary Adams. He was also thesecond cousin of President John Adams.

Who were Samuel L Clemens siblings?

Samuel L Clemens had six siblings. 1. ORION CLEMENS. 2. PAMELA ANN CLEMENS. 3.PLEASANT HANNIBAL CLEMENS. 4. MARGARET LAMPTON CLEMENS. 5. BENJAMIN LAMPTON CLEMENS. (Here is Samuel Clemens). 6.HENRY CLEMENS. Samuel L Clemens had six siblings:. 1. ORION CLEMENS. 2. PAMELA ANN CLEMENS. 3. PLE ( Full Answer )

Does Samuel l Jackson have a brother?

Samuel l Jackson has a website that you can find information and be on msn.com, wikipedia.com,and you can go on starnews.com/be/en/people/Samuel l Jackson thank you for your time and go ahead and take your \ Samuel l Jackson has a website that you can find information and be on msn.com, wikipedia.co ( Full Answer )

Are Michael Jackson's parents rich?

yes because when Michael Jackson's dad Joe worked he earned lots of money cause he used to play in a band called the falcons so that how they got money also when the Jackson 5 came out they made lots of money and then having Michael Jackson as their son that made lots of money !

Stonewall Jackson's parents?

Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson was the son of Jonathan Jackson and Julia Beckwith Neale Jackson.

Who is Samuel L. Jackson?

Samuel L. Jackson is a famous actor and an occasional producer. Hehas appeared in several films such as Jurassic Park, Pulp Fiction,and One Eight Seven.

Who were Samuel de Champlain's parents?

Samuel De Champlain parents were Jimmy the 3rd, Bobert Chunks, his sister was lumpy mystery meat, and his brother jacob Champlain

When did Michael Jackson's parents die?

They didn't, Katherine and Joe are still alive. Joe and Katherine Jackson are not dead. They are alive and well (as well as can be expected) living in California.

Are Michael Jackson's parents black?

Yes both his parents are black, he was only white because of a disease called Vitiligo, which causes parts of your skin to loose its pigment and become white. So Michael decided to get a procedure done called depigimentation which makes all of the skin white. Yes MJ had vitiligo but there is c ( Full Answer )

Are Michael Jackson's parents estranged?

They are actually still married. They separated 35 years ago, when Katheryn found out about Joseph's outside child by Cheryle Terell. His daughter Joh' Vonnie and her daughter, lives with him in Las Vegas.

Does Michael Jackson's parents live together?

Joseph Jackson currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, while Katherine Jackson lives at the Jackson family estate in Encino, California. While they do not live together, they do visit each other regularly.

Who is randy Jackson's parents?

Randy Jackson of American idol was born on June 23, 1956 inLouisiana. His parent's are Herman Jackson and Julia Jackson.

Have Michael Jackson's parents died?

No, both are living. They are legally married but live separately. Katherine, his mother, resides in Encino, CA. Joe, his father, lives in Nevada.

Who were the parents and siblings of Samuel Adams?

Sam Adams, the revolutionary firebrand and Massachusetts politician was the son of Samuel Adams, Sr. (1689--1748) and Mary (Fifield) Adams. He was one of twelve children, only three of whom lived past their third birthday.

Why did Michael Jackson's Parents name him Michael Joseph Jackson?

Cause they want to... His Grandma wanted to name him Ronald. But Katherine didn't like it. So his Grandma named him Michael. ~Because when he was born and his mother Katherine saw him she thought that he had alot of his father Joseph in him and she choose to put it in his name.

What race is Samuel L. Jackson?

Born in Washington, D.C. on Dec. 21, 1948, Samuel Leroy Jackson grew up in segregated Chattanooga, TN. The only child of a former factory worker-turned-state institutional supply buyer Elizabeth Jackson, young Sam grew up estranged from his father. Raised collectively by his mother, her sister and h ( Full Answer )

Samuel Gompers parents names?

Gompers, Sarah Rood (1827-98), SG's mother, was born in Amsterdam. About 1847 she came to London to live in the Gompers household and in 1849 married Solomon Gompers . She immigrated to the United States with her family in 1863; in 1872 she gave birth to her fourteenth and last child. ( Photo ).

What were the names of Samuel Howe's parents?

Joseph Neals Howe and Patty Gridley were the parents of Samuel Gridley Howe (November 10, 1801 - January 9, 1876). Specifically, Samuel Howe's father was a leader in the economy and politics of 19th century Boston, Massachusetts. He made his money by owning ships and making cordage. He had a reput ( Full Answer )

Did Janet Jackson's parents die?

Of course not. Both Katherine and Joe Jackson, though in their late 70s (Katherine) and early 80s (Joe) are still alive and attended MJ's memorial. Katherine has custody of MJ's 3 children; Joe doesn't live with them. Prince I and Paris appeared at the 2010 Grammy Awards to accept MJ's Lifetime Achi ( Full Answer )

What school did Samuel L Kountz?

He graduated in 1952 from the Agricultural, Mechanical and Normal College of Arkansas and obtained achemistry degree from the University of Arkansas. With the backing of SenatorJ. W. Fulbright, he won a scholarship to the University of Arkansas MedicalSchool, becoming the first African-American to s ( Full Answer )

Was Samuel l Jackson in the navy?

No he wasn't. But in his early life, he was involved in the Civil Rights Movement that began after Martin Luther King Jr.'s death

What did Michael Jackson's parents do?

Before he was famous, his dad was a steel mill employee, and hismother had a part time job at Sears. Later, his dad was manager forthe Jackson 5. Afterwards, his father was involved in variousunsuccessful business ventures. Occasionally, he would make a smallprofit, however. His mother has not been ( Full Answer )

Where did Michael Jackson's parents work?

Michael Jackson's father worked in the steel mills in Gary Indiana where the Jackson family lived up until the time they signed on with Motown and moved to California. Katherine was a homemaker and raised the children. When they moved to California, Joe Jackson became the full time manager to his bo ( Full Answer )

Were Michael Jackson's parents strict?

Only his father, Joesph, was. It's widely known from Michael's autobiography and accounts from his brothers and sisters that Joseph would beat his kids whenever they disobeyed him, got into trouble, or defied him in general. On the other hand, His mother Katherine was a very sweet, understanding and ( Full Answer )

Were Michael Jackson's parents in his life?

Absolutely ... the Jackson's were, and remain, a close knit family. until he was very famous he wanted fame and his family wasnt a big part of his life any more

Who are Skai Jackson's parents?

Disney star Skai Jackson lives in Harlem with her mother, KiyaCole, who is divorced. Her father's name is currently unknown. Youcan follow Skai's mom's Twitter at @TheKiyaCole.

Were Michael Jackson's parents successful in life?

Their only success is an extension of the their children's successes in life. When mostly Joe Jackson attempted his own business ventures, with things like real estate and soft drinks they all failed to get off of the ground.