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Batman's enemy, The Ventriloquist's puppet.

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Q: Who is Scarface?
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=yes Scarface is on psp=

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Is there scarface for PS3?

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The Production Budget for Scarface was $25,000,000.

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Al Pacino played Tony Montana in the Scarface movie. So, the actor that played Scarface was Al Pacino.

Is scarface al Capone?

yes scarface was one of his nicknames

What is Scarface's birthday?

Scarface was born on November 9, 1970.

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Scarface was born on November 9, 1970.

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The Production Budget for Scarface was $25,000,000.

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Henry Winkler didn't act in Scarface.

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The movie Scarface came out in 1983

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Son of Scarface has 291 pages.

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The duration of Captain Scarface is 1.2 hours.

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The movie Scarface came out in 1983

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Real life story behind the movie "scarface"

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