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Who is Scarface?


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Batman's enemy, The Ventriloquist's puppet.


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=yes Scarface is on psp=

Scarface The World Is Yours is a PS2 game and Scarface Money Power Respect is a PSP game

yes scarface was one of his nicknames

Scarface was born on November 9, 1970.

The Production Budget for Scarface was $25,000,000.

The ISBN of Son of Scarface is 9780615156651.

Scarface Charley was born in 1851.

Definetely, the Godfather. Without a doubt. He could get Lenny on Scarface and Scarface will never be able to move his face again. HAHa Scarface that's what you get!!

Al Pacino played Tony Montana in the Scarface movie. So, the actor that played Scarface was Al Pacino.

The movie Scarface came out in 1983

Son of Scarface has 291 pages.

The duration of Mister Scarface is 1.5 hours.

The duration of Captain Scarface is 1.2 hours.

Henry Winkler didn't act in Scarface.

Scarface grossed $44,942,821 worldwide.

Scarface Charley died on 1896-12-03.

Sosa's chief kills Tony Montana in Scarface. The Name Of The Hitman That Kills Tony Montana In Scarface Is Called The Skull.

Real life story behind the movie "scarface"

probably depends if the girl wants to be called scarface,

Scarface grossed $44,942,821 in the domestic market.

Al Pacino was 43 when Scarface was released in 1983.

Yes. The original was released in the 1930's, and Scarface was based on Al Capone

Music Inspired by Scarface was created on 2003-09-16.

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