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Who is Shake Anderson or Sam Shake Anderson?



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Shake or Sam Shake Anderson is a singer/songwriter/producer from Louisville KY.He is most noted for his work with Curtis Mayfield and The Impressions. As a multi- instrumentalist he has worked with artists as varied as The Indigo girls, Bruce Hornsby Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles. At last I heard he was living In Fort Worth Texas?

He recently produced and arranged a live CD for Ruben Stoddard and several other artists at the Dallas Convention Center. He was also a writer for Warner Bros and Chappel music. You can find him on many movie soundtracks, such as Dr Doolittle, Boys On The Side and Blue Streak and his web pages are under

He slowed his pace quite a bit after spending upwards of 9 months in the hospital after a series of illnesses in 04 and 05. At last check he was working with Victor Wooten and several other major artists in the Dallas Fort Worth area.