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Who is Stanislavsky?

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Konstantin Stanislavsky was a Russian theatre and acting innovator.

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What has the author K S Stanislavsky written?

K. S. Stanislavsky has written: 'Stanislavski's legacy'

Why did Stanislavsky use subtext?

Stanislavsky used subtext because he wanted to show what he really thinks and believe.

What is Konstantin Stanislavsky famous for?

Konstantin Stanislavsky is famous for developing the Stanislavsky method of acting training, whereby actors use their experiences to develop and give depth to a character. He is also famous for co-founding the Moscow Arts Theater.

What style of theatre did Constantin Stanislavsky develop?

He used naturalistic acting

Where was Stanislavsky born?

stanislavski was born in moscow on January 17th 1863

What has the author David Magarshack written?

David Magarshack has written: 'Stanislavsky; a life'

When was Stanislavsky work taking place and in which country?

When was stanislavski's work taking place and in which country?

What was Constantine Stanislavsky famous plays?

Sweeney Todd demon barber of fleet street

Who composed music for Stanislavsky Ballet's La Esmeralda?

The Esmeralda Ballet (Stanislavsky) music is a reworking of Pugni's score by the eminent Soviet composer Reinhold Gliere, with several additions to the score by long-time Moscow Conservatory professor Sergei Vasilenko.

What acting method did stanislavsky create?

Method Acting. He created the fundamentals of it after much trial and error.

What was Marilyn Monroe's favorite book?

Marilyn Monroe's favorite book is "How Stanislavsky Directs" by Micheal Gorchakov.

What has the author K S Stanislavskii written?

K. S. Stanislavskii has written: 'Iz zapisnykh knizhek' 'Konstantin S. Stanislawski Briefe 1886-1938' 'Stanislavsky on the art of the stage' -- subject(s): Acting, Stanislavsky method 'My life in art' 'Rabota aktera nad soboi'

Who said there are not small parts only small actors?

Milan Kundera said that Actually, Milan was quoting Constantin Stanislavsky. Who taught Method acting.

What has the author Christine Edwards written?

Christine Edwards has written: 'The Stanislavsky heritage, its contribution to the Russian and American theatre' -- subject(s): Theater, History 'The Stanislavsky heritage' -- subject(s): Theater, History 'Management control and union power' -- subject(s): Coal miners, Coal trade, Coal-miners, History, Industrial relations, Management, National Union of Mineworkers, Trade-unions

How did Stanislavsky died?

Ummmm... well I'm doing this for homework at the moment and as far as I can tell he died from old age. He was 75 when he died - You do mean Konstantin Stanislavski right? XD Hope I helped :)

What is physical theater in drama?

Physical theater involves movements around the stage. Physical theater incorporates the movements described by Stanislavsky to create a mood. It is an abstract art form and has many forms.

What does stanislavsky mean?

Konstentin Stanislavski was a Russian actor and director who created the style of 'naturalistic' acting, most commonly used in soaps =]More information is available on wikipedia:

What is the name of the oldest teacher at the Moscow Art School Theatre?

Vladimir Nemirovich-Danchencko was the founding father of the Moscow Art Theatre in 1898. I know my spelling of his name is wrong but it was he who started it and then Stanislavsky developed his acting techniques by way of the productions through the MAT.

Who is credited with writing the first important book on acting?

Whereas it may not have been the first book on acting, Constantine Stanislavsky wrote the most influential set of books on acting: An Actor Prepares, Building a Character, and Creating the Role. Richard Boleslawiski's Acting: the First Six Lessons may have preceded it.

What did Stanislavsky do?

As founder of the first acting "System", co-founder of the moscow art theatre(1897-), and an eminent practitioner of the naturalist school of thought, Konstantin Stanislavski unequivocally challenged traditional notions of the dramatic process, establishing himself as one of the most pioneering thinkers in modern theatre.thanks I hoped you liked my answerfrom jay x

What are the twelve parts of Stanislavski's system?

Stanislavsky had a fear that fairy tales and make believe would brainwash so he did things like putting the orchestra on stage instead of hiding them underneath the stage, he brought all the hidden stuff on stage to make sure you come in to watch the play not fantasize over it and forget your own life.

What actors and actresses appeared in Talking to Stan - 1999?

The cast of Talking to Stan - 1999 includes: Alexander Blaise Michael Colby Jones Martina Lotun as Nina Paul Marcarelli as Director Brian Porzack Michael Schwartz III as Stanislavsky Sara Sloves as Young Angela Mathieu Varet Simon Wooley

How was shakespeare much ahead of his times?

Shakespeare was very much a part of his times. England between 1585 and 1625 was teeming with playwrights who pushed the genre forward by improving the poetic quality of the dialogue, the tightness of the plot structure, and the plausibility of the characterization. As a group they invented drama as we know it now, which you can discover if you compare plays written in 1560 with those written in 1640. But Shakespeare was the best of the lot, especially in the realm of characterization. As his career continued, he explored ever more deeply the motivations that make people do what they do, especially in the period 1600-1608 where he created a lot of darkly motivated people: Macbeth, Angelo, Iago and so on. After 1608 or so he became less interested in characterization, so that character development and motivation in a play like The Tempest give way to spectacle and discussions about metatheatre. Did Shakespeare in his study of motivation anticipate Stanislavsky? Did he in his exploration of self-aware theatre anticipate Brecht? Well, possibly, but on the other hand maybe Stanislavsky and Brecht went through doors which Shakespeare opened for them.

What actors and actresses appeared in Natalka Poltavka - 1937?

The cast of Natalka Poltavka - 1937 includes: Lydia Berezovska as Mariyka Fedir Braznick as Peasant Dimitri Creona as Petro Olena Dibrova as Terplykha Peter Kushabsky as Terpylo Mykola Novak as Landlord Thalia Sabanieeva as Natalka Michael Shvetz as Vyborny Michael Skorobohach as Office Clerk Andrew Stanislavsky as Lirnyk Theodore Swystun as Mykola Shirley Ulmer as Peasant girl Mathew Vodiany as Vozny Vladimir Zelitsky as Palamar

What has the author James Roose-Evans written?

James Roose-Evans has written: 'Experimental theatre' -- subject(s): Experimental theater, History 'The return of the Great Bear' 'Directing a play' -- subject(s): Production and direction, Acting, Theater 'The inner stage' -- subject(s): Spiritual life, Christianity 'Passage of the soul' -- subject(s): Ritual, Rites and ceremonies 'Experimental theatre from Stanislavsky to today' -- subject(s): Experimental theater '84 Charing Cross Road' -- subject(s): Drama, In literature 'Odd and the Great Bear' -- subject(s): Children's stories 'Passages of the Soul'