Who is Stanislavsky?

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Konstantin Stanislavsky was a Russian theatre and acting innovator.

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Q: Who is Stanislavsky?
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What has the author K S Stanislavsky written?

K. S. Stanislavsky has written: 'Stanislavski's legacy'

Why did Stanislavsky use subtext?

Stanislavsky used subtext because he wanted to show what he really thinks and believe.

What is Konstantin Stanislavsky famous for?

Konstantin Stanislavsky is famous for developing the Stanislavsky method of acting training, whereby actors use their experiences to develop and give depth to a character. He is also famous for co-founding the Moscow Arts Theater.

How many sisters and brothers did stanislavsky have?

He had 9 :)

Where was Stanislavsky born?

stanislavski was born in moscow on January 17th 1863

What style of theatre did Constantin Stanislavsky develop?

He used naturalistic acting

What has the author David Magarshack written?

David Magarshack has written: 'Stanislavsky; a life'

When was Stanislavsky work taking place and in which country?

When was stanislavski's work taking place and in which country?

What was Constantine Stanislavsky famous plays?

Sweeney Todd demon barber of fleet street

What influenced Anton Chekhov to write?

I'm guessing Stanislavsky. I'm just guessing.

What acting method did stanislavsky create?

Method Acting. He created the fundamentals of it after much trial and error.

Who composed music for Stanislavsky Ballet's La Esmeralda?

The Esmeralda Ballet (Stanislavsky) music is a reworking of Pugni's score by the eminent Soviet composer Reinhold Gliere, with several additions to the score by long-time Moscow Conservatory professor Sergei Vasilenko.

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