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Dr. Steve Sjuggerud is the founder and editor of one of the largest financial newsletters in the world, True Wealth. Since inception in 2001, True Wealth readers have made money every year with safe, contrarian investment ideas.
Steve did his Ph.D. dissertation on international currencies, he's traveled to dozens of countries looking at investment ideas, and he's run mutual funds, hedge funds, and investment research departments.
Steve's investment philosophy is simple: "You buy something of extraordinary value at a time when nobody else wants it. And you sell it at a time when people are willing to pay any price to get it." It's harder than it sounds, but Steve continues to be able to do just that for his readers.

If you have any questions about True Wealth, please do not hesitate to call customer service at 1-888-261-2693. We would be happy to assist you. We are open Monday - Friday 9-5 EST.
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How do we know that Steve sjuggerud is not a fly-by-night reccommender?

If you have any questions about the True Wealth subscription, please do not hesitate to call customer service at 1-888-261-2693. We would be happy to assist you. We are open Monday - Friday 9-5 EST. He does offer a 4 month trial period. You have access to the recommendations for 4 months and, durin ( Full Answer )

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Who is Dr Steve Sjuggerud?

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud is the founder and editor of one of the largest http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Who_is_Steve_Sjuggerud# newsletters in the world, True Wealth . Since inception in 2001, True Wealth readers have made money every year with safe, contrarian investment ideas. Steve did his Ph.D. dis ( Full Answer )

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